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Hulu has eyes set on new cable-style service


For the cord-cutters of the world, one of the big challenges has been getting around limitations on shows broadcast via traditional outlets and popular cable TV channels. Even when services like Netflix and Hulu were able to get access to some of this traditional programming, they often had to do so via a delay and sometimes through extra charges. Sources familiar with what Hulu has in the works indicate the online platform is planning to roll-out a new streaming service that would provide feeds of broadcast and cable TV channels placing them in competition with pay-TV providers and some other new entrants to the market on the digital, streaming side. Read more

Hulu’s ad-free plan hasn’t hurt ad sales


Last summer, Hulu started working on Project NOAH after realizing people want to stream video without advertisements dropping in during binge-watching sprees. Then, in September, the video streaming service introduced commercial-free viewing by hiking up subscriptions to $11.99 per month. While it still exists, the $7.99 per month option doesn’t remove commercials. So premium subscribers were given the option to decide whether or not an addition $4 per month is worth not having to sit through the stuff that really generates Hulu’s revenue.

Hulu’s owners — Comcast, 21st Century Fox, and The Walt Disney Company — all have a deep history in the television industry. The ad-free plan was met with resistance by those companies because of the value they see in advertising sales; therefore, removing commercials, at least to them, was seen as a big potential threat to Hulu’s core business. But it turns out the ad-free plan hasn’t damaged Hulu’s ability to sell advertisements.

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T-Mobile tempts Verizon customers to switch with a year’s free Hulu and 50% off selected accessories

It would seem that T-Mobile is once again gunning for Verizon. Back in May, it was with the #NeverSettle promotion that allowed Verizon customers to experience the Un-carrier network via a trial. Now it’s enticing Verizon customers with the lure of a year’s subscription to Hulu and a 50% discount on financed accessories if they switch to T-Mobile’s Simple Choice postpaid plan. With no trade-in necessary. Read more

T-Mobile’s next Uncarrier move might be called BingeOn for streaming video from services

Birmingham Alabama T-MobileWe’ve been hearing plenty of rumors about T-Mobile’s Uncarrier X move that’s set to be unveiled on November 10th, and we know it’s got something to do with video streaming. Now it looks like Evan Blass, better known as @evleaks on Twitter, has uncovered more details on exactly what that initiative entails. Read more

Advertisements could be no more on Hulu with looming premium subscription



Video and music streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Spotify, and Apple Music all have something in common. None of them feature advertisements along with the content. Subscriptions are meant to unlock access to exclusive content and offer a high-end, ad-free experience where users get what they want. Hulu has operated both its free and paid tiers with ads attached to content, especially irking customers that are paying $7.99 per month. The amount of Hulu subscribers sits at 9 million and ads could be what is preventing that number from booming.

With Project NOAH, that could change and provide Hulu with millions of additional subscribers at a quicker pace.

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Hulu discounting Showtime’s standalone streaming service for customers


Video streaming services are only as good as the television shows and movies offered. Customers want content and a lot of it. Companies like Netflix and Amazon spend aggressively to secure streaming rights for properties. Hulu, on the other hand, has always been in a strange position since it focuses heavily on television shows. Next month, Hulu’s catalog is set to grow as it will offer content from Showtime to subscribers for an additional, though discounted, fee.

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Hulu’s deal with AT&T brings free content to customers


The reach of Hulu will continue to grow as the video streaming service has a deal in place to provide AT&T customers with free content. The wireless carrier’s customers can watch Hulu content through their site and apps from anywhere. Also, the two companies are exploring the possibility of bring Hulu to televisions with a dedicated app.

A start date for the partnership’s benefits was not specified by either company but we do expect it to be active by the upcoming fall television season.

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