Hulu’s deal with AT&T brings free content to customers


The reach of Hulu will continue to grow as the video streaming service has a deal in place to provide AT&T customers with free content. The wireless carrier’s customers can watch Hulu content through their site and apps from anywhere. Also, the two companies are exploring the possibility of bring Hulu to televisions with a dedicated app.

A start date for the partnership’s benefits was not specified by either company but we do expect it to be active by the upcoming fall television season.

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New streaming video service may be offered by Amazon


New reports indicate Amazon is preparing to rollout an ad-supported video streaming service next year that is different from the Prime Video service included with their Prime membership offering. The new service will supposedly be aimed more at competing with Hulu and Netflix in that it will be based on a monthly subscription fee for access. Analysts think Amazon will undercut the monthly prices offered by other services through the use of ads. Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter thinks this would make the new Amazon offering a “Netflix killer.” Read more

Hulu bringing free, ad-supported TV to mobile devices this summer


Hulu CEO Mike Hopkins spent some time discussing the future of the Hulu platform at a New York City event today. During the event and in a follow-up blog post, he indicates that the company is planning to enable free viewing of some ad-supported TV content starting this summer. Until now, Hulu only let viewers access free content on the desktop. To help make this happen, Hulu is also planning to release a new version of the iPhone version of their app. Read more

Hulu Plus adds remote control feature for gaming consoles


Have a PlayStation 4? PlayStation 3? Xbox One? Put down your controller right now and pick up your smartphone (as if you did not have it in your hand already). With the latest update to the Hulu Plus application, you can control the Hulu Plus gaming console apps from your handheld device.

To get started, all you need is for your account to be logged in on the gaming console and the mobile app. The app will then detect the gaming console and a Cast button will work with it the same way it would with Chromecast. Playing, pausing, and resuming on another device is all capable.

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Samsung now giving away up to $600-worth in freebies to tablet buyers in US

Samsung Rewards

If you weren’t sure whether you were going to buy that new Nexus 7 (or even a Nexus 8) or a Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014 edition), there may now be a reason to sway you to the Samsung side of the debate.

Samsung is now giving away up to $600-worth in freebies to those who purchase a Samsung tablet in the United States— the list of tablets includes the Galaxy Note 8.0 Wi-Fi, Galaxy Tab 3 Wi-Fi, Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 Student Edition, Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 edition and finally, Galaxy Tab 3 Kids (and Samsung HomeSync).

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Hulu Plus now supports Chromecast


Ever since the Chromecast was unveiled in July, people have been begging for more apps. Even Pandora, which was announced as supporting Chromecast, hasn’t updated their app yet.

However, today is a great day for Chromecast owners because Hulu Plus is now officially supporting it. Now we have more options for our viewing pleasure since Netflix doesn’t always offer the best selection.

The update is already in the Play Store and the Apple App Store. Hit the break for download links (Android).

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DIAL support from Netflix, YouTube helping merge content delivery devices, take on AirPlay

In case you haven’t noticed, in the world of consumer electronics there is a continual effort going on to enable consumers to share content between their mobile devices and non-mobile devices like TVs. An example of this is Apple’s AirPlay system that gives users the ability to mirror iPad or iPhone content to their Apple TV. Apple’s solution enables some other features as well like initiating playback of remote content. Key to this is the ability to discover AirPlay capable devices. Great if you are part of the Apple ecosystem, not so great if you use other solutions or have hardware from other manufacturers. Netflix and YouTube hope to provide an alternative for non-Apple consumers and have launched DIAL with the backing of several other parties. Companies like Samsung, Sony, Hulu and the BBC are backing the effort to develop and implement the DIAL protocol. Read more