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Best Buy kicks off new Chromecast promotion


Best Buy has just kicked off another great Chromecast promotion. This time they’ve knocked $5.01 off the usual $35 price tag and if you order an HDMI Streaming dongle, collect it and set it up before the end of January, you’ll be eligible to receive a $20 Play Credit voucher, together with Chromecast’s current on board offers of a complimentary subscription to Hulu Plus for 2 months and 90 days of Google Play Music All Access. Clump it all together, and you could effectively get $66 worth of free subscription/download content and a Chromecast for just $29.99.

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Hulu bringing free, ad-supported TV to mobile devices this summer


Hulu CEO Mike Hopkins spent some time discussing the future of the Hulu platform at a New York City event today. During the event and in a follow-up blog post, he indicates that the company is planning to enable free viewing of some ad-supported TV content starting this summer. Until now, Hulu only let viewers access free content on the desktop. To help make this happen, Hulu is also planning to release a new version of the iPhone version of their app. Read more

Hulu Plus adds remote control feature for gaming consoles


Have a PlayStation 4? PlayStation 3? Xbox One? Put down your controller right now and pick up your smartphone (as if you did not have it in your hand already). With the latest update to the Hulu Plus application, you can control the Hulu Plus gaming console apps from your handheld device.

To get started, all you need is for your account to be logged in on the gaming console and the mobile app. The app will then detect the gaming console and a Cast button will work with it the same way it would with Chromecast. Playing, pausing, and resuming on another device is all capable.

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Hulu Plus, Crackle, and Showtime to be added to Amazon Fire TV voice search this summer


Currently, Amazon’s Fire TV’s unified voice search feature only includes a few content catalogs, limited to Amazon’s own catalog and VEVO’s selection. The feature is great, but to be truly successful, it’s going to need more than two content providers to make it stand out. To fix that, Amazon has announced today that Hulu Plus, Crackle, and Showtime Anytime will be added to the unified voice search feature this summer.

The addition of three major content providers is nice, and since it’s happened so quickly, it (hopefully) shows that Amazon is going to work hard to get a ton of partners on board as quickly as possible.

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Amazon to include competing services on upcoming TV box


Amazon reportedly will include apps from competing services when it launches its new set top TV box. The launch of an Amazon device to compete with hardware from Roku and others has been delayed since last year’s holiday season. At that time it was reported Amazon had struck a deal to include Netflix. The latest report indicates Hulu Plus has been added to the mix. In addition, support for the DIAL protocol is apparently in the works.

With the inclusion of the DIAL protocol, Amazon’s new device will be in a better position to compete with a device like the Google Chromecast that lets users launch streams from their smartphones and tablets. The device is expected to come with its own dedicated remote as well. Like other Amazon devices, the set top box is expected to be powered by a forked version of Android. This means Google apps, including YouTube, likely would not come loaded on the device.

Does the release of a device giving you access to Amazon’s Prime Instant Video, along with other potential streaming services, interest you?

source: Gigaom

Hulu Plus for Android updated to include slide-out navigation and persistent resume bar

Hulu_Plus_UpdateHulu Plus is the latest Android app to change its look to be more consistent with Google’s design standards. The update includes a slide-out navigation panel that allows for easy access to sections like┬áTV, Movies, Kids, Originals, Latino & British, and a redesigned layout for shows that have multiple seasons. Also, there’s a persistent resume bar, which works well with Chromecast, to allow resuming playback across all devices.

You can find a download link after the break.

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Hulu Plus now supports Chromecast


Ever since the Chromecast was unveiled in July, people have been begging for more apps. Even Pandora, which was announced as supporting Chromecast, hasn’t updated their app yet.

However, today is a great day for Chromecast owners because Hulu Plus is now officially supporting it. Now we have more options for our viewing pleasure since Netflix doesn’t always offer the best selection.

The update is already in the Play Store and the Apple App Store. Hit the break for download links (Android).

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Hulu joining the Google Chromecast bandwagon


Subscribers to the Hulu Plus service, Hulu’s paid subscription service, who also own a Chromecast or have one on order, will be pleased to learn that Hulu is working to bring support for Chromecast to their Android and iOS apps. Presumably Hulu will also be building in native “casting” support to their normal player similar to Netflix or YouTube on the computer. Hulu joins several other content providers lining up to support Google’s Chromecast device.

Hulu also indicated that they do not have a problem with a workaround users are currently taking advantage of, casting Hulu content via their browser tabs using the tab casting beta feature available in Chrome. Hulu representatives said they consider this to be the equivalent of plugging a PC into an HDTV via an HDMI capable.

Although initially released with native support for only a few services, Chromecast is very quickly gaining solid support from content providers. Google’s release of the Cast SDK will help developers bring new apps to consumers in quick fashion, with some private efforts already surfacing to address other shortcomings of the device, like the inability to play local content as easily as content-provider titles.

source: Variety
via: The Verge

Hulu Plus update brings 1080p resolution to Droid DNA, Galaxy S 4, and HTC One


Hulu released an update today to its popular Hulu Plus app, which reportedly promises increased playback resolution for three 1080p devices, including the Droid DNA, Galaxy S 4, and the HTC One. Unfortunately, there’s only a small amount of content on Hulu that’s actually in 1080p so this news doesn’t come off as big as it could be. There wasn’t really any other information given about the update, so this is all we have for now. Hit the break for the link to the app in the Play Store. Read more