Huawei condemns NSA for snooping


Huawei made a statement on Sunday saying that they would condemn the NSA for snooping if reports of the agency doing so proved to be true. According to documents leaked by whistleblower Edward Snowden, the NSA may have been monitoring executives at Huawei and their communications.

According to the New York Times, a goal of one of the NSA operations, code-named “Shotgiant”, was to find connections between Huawei and the Chinese People’s Liberation Army. Apparently the NSA also wanted to exploit Huawei’s technology and use telephone networks that Huawei sold to conduct surveillance.

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Huawei will not release a Dual OS smartphone


A few weeks ago, Huawei’s Chief Marketing Officer, Shao Yang, said that the company is planning to release a Dual OS smartphone powered by Android and Windows Phone and that it would be available in Q2. However, according to a recent report made by FierceWireless, Huawei said that the company has no plans to release a Dual OS smartphone denying a recent statement made by its executive.

“Huawei Consumer Business Group adopts an open approach towards mobile operating systems to provide a range of choices for consumers,” the company said in a statement to FierceWireless. “However, most of our products are based on Android OS, [and] at this stage there are no plans to launch a dual-OS smartphone in the near future.”
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U.S. panel rules that HTC, ZTE and Huawei did not violate FlashPoint patents


A U.S. panel ruled today that HTC, ZTE and Huawei did not violate digital camera patents made by FlashPoint, an Apple spinoff. FlashPoint originally filed the complaint in 2012, and accused all three of the companies of infringing four patents related to phone cameras. One of those patents was dropped as the case moved forward.

In September 2013, a judge found in a preliminary decision that the HTC Vivid and HTC Droid Incredible 4G LTE infringed upon one of the patents, while both ZTE and Huawei were cleared. The panel ruled in a final decision that none of the companies infringed on any patents made by FlashPoint.

Source: Reuters

Huawei’s Dual OS smartphone will be available in Q2


Huawei is working on a handset with Dual OS powered by Android and Windows Phone together.

As reported by TrustedReviews, Huawei’s Chief Marketing Officer, Shao Yang, said that the company is still committed towards producing Windows Phone smartphones. He said “Compared with Android, the priority of Windows Phone is much lower but is still one of our choices of OS. We are definitely using a multi OS strategy.

Yang said that a Dual OS smartphone powered by Android and Windows Phone together will garner a wider consumer base. “With Windows Phone, one direction for us – and one that we are now following – is dual OS. Dual OS as in Android and Windows together“.
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AnTuTu benchmark suggests Huawei’s octa-core Kirin 920 is as fast as the Snapdragon 805 processor


Qualcomm’s upcoming Snapdragon 805 processor may not be the biggest and baddest one on the market in the future. According to a new AnTuTu benchmark, Huawei’s own octa-core Kirin 920 processor performs just as good. The processor is arranged with four Cortex-A7 and four Cortex-A15 CPU with ARM big.LITTLE architecture and Mali-T624; however, it is unknown if all eight cores can actually run at the same time. While the Snapdragon 805 earned 37,780 points, Huawei’s Kirin 920 came scored 37,363. Not too bad right?

It is becoming increasingly clear that Qualcomm is gaining some competition, even beyond Huawei. Samsung continues to release new Exynos processors (for part of the world) and even LG is working on Odin for future devices. Then there is NVIDIA, who is still working on gaining some of the attention Qualcomm stole from them in the mobile market. If not 2014, 2015 will be a year for secondary processors to become more prevalent.

Source: AnTuTu
Via: VR-Zone

Huawei’s new MediaPad M1 tablet looks strikingly similar to an HTC device

huawei_mediapad_m1_announcementThe MediaPad M1 is the mysterious Huawei device that leaked last night. And as I noted yesterday, it looks like an even bigger HTC One Max. One thing Huawei did not do, though, is give this tablet excellent specifications like its MediaPad X1. The 8-inch display has a 1280×800 resolution. The rear camera is 5MP and the front camera is 1MP. And there is a 1.6GHz quad-core processor. Huawei did keep thickness in mind. The MediaPad M1 is just 7.9mm thick and there is a 4800mAh battery inside. The tablet will be available in select regions later this quarter.

Huawei Ascend G6 is the company’s newest affordable smartphone


Huawei has given us a little bit of everything today. We have already seen the TalkBand B1 and MediaPad X1. Now we have the Ascend G6. In short, it is the lesser version of the Ascend P6. While looking almost identical, the Ascend G6 has ‘affordable’ specifications. The 4.5-inch LCD display has a 960×540 resolution. A 1.2GHz quad-core processor is powered by a 2000mAh battery. There is a respectable 8MP camera on the back and a 5MP one up front. A 3G model will arrive this quarter followed by a slightly thicker 4G model in April. And of course Huawei is pushing LTE Cat 4 connectivity.

Huawei’s MediaPad X1 is an impressive 7-inch tablet that doubles as a phone


Huawei has finally made the MediaPad X1 official. This 7-inch tablet weighs just 139 grams and is 103.9mm wide. That makes it both the lightest and narrowest 7-inch tablet around. As for its thickness, it remains slim at 7.18mm. Despite being so thin, a 5000mAh battery managed to find its way into the device.The display boasts an impressive 1920×1200 resolution for your eyes to gaze upon. But what is really interesting about this tablet is that it has LTE Cat 4 support; therefore, it can act as a very large smartphone.
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Huawei announces its TalkBand B1 smartband


Huawei has officially entered the wearable market today by announcing the TalkBand B1. The device, available in six different colors, has a 1.4-inch flexible OLED display. Present here is the run-of-the-mill tracking feature set: steps taken, traveled distance, and calories burnt. Also, it can monitor sleeping patterns to wake up the user at just the right time. Then there’s a very interesting hardware feature. The TalkBand B1 has an earpiece that can be detached and used for phone calls. That is why people have been questioning its thickness. The 90mAh battery will net six days of use after taking two hours to fully charge. While there is no official price just yet, Huawei’s smartband will be available in China (next month), Japan, the Middle East, Russia and Western Europe later this year.

Mysterious Huawei handset leaks, smartwatch sitting right beside it


No, that is not the ‘HTC One Max 2′ you are looking at. That is an unidentified Huawei phablet sitting next to the company’s upcoming smartwatch. The reason I say unidentified is because while the MediaPad X1 is coming, its design doesn’t quite match this. Above is a premium aluminum device that is almost identical to what HTC’s devices look like. The MediaPad X1; however, looks like the front is all plastic.

The image, posted by @evleaks, was attached with a comment saying “WOW-wei” and I agree with that proclamation. If Huawei keeps up this kind of design language, people will certainly give them a look (as will HTC when they serve Huawei with a lawsuit).
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