Huawei, Best Buy, and Newegg join Amazon in selling the GX8


At the end of last week, Huawei’s somewhat new GX8 became available in the United States through Amazon. Now, the phone, which costs $349 off-contract, can be bought through an additional three retailers as Huawei is expanding their reach in the country. Huawei itself along with Best Buy and Newegg are joining Amazon in selling the GX8 to U.S. consumers.

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Huawei launches the GX8 in the United States for $349.99

huawei_gx8_front_and_backLast month, Huawei announced it was planning to launch a revamped model of the G8 in the United States. This was pretty significant news as it would only be the second smartphone the manufacturer has released in the region. Unfortunately, the firm failed to supply a date for the device to hit the shelves. However, the GX8 made its debut on Amazon earlier today in three gorgeous colorways — Horizontal Gold, Mystic Champagne and Space Grey — with a $349.99 price tag attached.

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Huawei teases the Honor 7 Premium, coming to Europe later this year (Updated with specs)

20160204_152048 (2)Fresh from launching the Honor 5X in Europe today from just €229/£169, Huawei is not content to rest on its laurels. With the Honor 7 having proven popular in Europe, the Chinese electronics manufacturer has today announced it will be launching a new version of the handset, called the Honor 7 Premium. It might not be an entirely original name, but if it follows in the footsteps of its predecessor, Huawei could be on to another winner. Read more

Huawei’s Honor 5X is now available in Europe from €229/£189

Huawei_Honor_5X (6)

Today is February 4th, which means it’s the day that the European launch of Huawei’s Honor 5X at an event held in Munich, Germany. In the States, the handset launched with a budget-friendly $199 price tag, while in Europe it has been announced that the 5.5-inch Honor 5X is priced at €229 in Europe, or £189 in the UK. Join us after the break for a brief rundown on the handset’s hardware.

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Apple focusing on yet another Android “innovation”


Apple fans will soon have a new “innovation” to crow about according to new reports coming out of China. Sources are reporting that Apple has requested their largest camera supplier, Largan Technology, to provide dual-lens camera samples. Reportedly Apple is asking other camera manufacturers in Japan and China to also provide dual-lens camera samples. The dual-lens setup is believed to be targeted at a version of the next-generation iPhone Plus. Android fans will quickly recognize that use of dual-lens cameras was pushed heavily by HTC in the past and more recently companies like Lenovo, ZTE and Huawei are adopting the technology. Read more