Huawei P9 to have multiple variants, dual-camera setup


When flagships are discussed, Huawei is typically left out. The most likely reason is that the company doesn’t consistently release devices for a global audience. Samsung, LG, HTC, and Motorola are all companies that send their flagships throughout the world; however, Huawei shies away from giving huge regions like North America a real flagship to get excited about. The P9, Huawei’s upcoming flagship that missed an expected MWC 2016 launch, could change the company’s direction, but Huawei is probably going to lean on the Honor brand to serve the United States and North America for the short-term. Regardless of Huawei’s decision, today we’re getting an in-depth look at the P9.

Evan Blass, the world’s biggest producer of information and images on unannounced products, has shared both images and specifications of the Huawei P9.

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Huawei’s U.S. footprint to grow with new Seattle R&D center


In another sign that Huawei is continuing its march into the U.S. smartphone market, reports are out that the Chinese company is preparing to open a new engineering facility in Seattle to conduct research and development activities. Although the company is just reaching the point where they can open their own facility, Huawei already has about 40 employees working in the Seattle area and LinkedIn has several job openings listed. The new Huawei R&D center is expected to employee around 100 when fully operational in 2017. Read more