Honor kicks off registrations for Marshmallow beta test in the UK


If you’re based in the United Kingdom and own either a Honor 4X, 6 or 6+, we have some rather exciting news we think you may like to hear. Honor, a subsidiary of Huawei, has today opened registrations for its Marshmallow beta for the aforementioned handsets, which means you could apply be one of a small group of people testing the firmware as it progresses through its development stages.

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Sketch of Huawei P9 with physical home button shows up


Yesterday an entry in the Geekbench database surfaced that many believe is the Huawei P9 smartphone. The Huawei P9 is expected to launch around March of this year as the successor to the Huawei P8. Today a sketch of a device surfaced that is believed to be of the Huawei P9, although it seems to show a different design direction for the manufacturer with the P series of devices. Read more

Huawei Watch review: A brilliant beauty


Huawei’s brand has a much stronger presence in Asia and Europe than it does in the United States, being a company that seems to launch a new product every other week in a different market with frequency equal to that of Samsung. But, in 2015, Huawei reshaped its strategy to put more focus on global products as well as ones in North America. The Huawei Watch is a real sign that Huawei is committed to being competitive in the United States just as it is elsewhere in the world. This is a premium smartwatch, powered by Android Wear, sold in every major market. Huawei announced its first smartwatch at MWC 2015 in February and then spent the next seven months refining the hardware and software to create something that finally merges smarts with aesthetics.

The Huawei Watch is meant to look and feel as good as it operates. Why else would pricing start at $349 and touch $799 at the top? Plastic, rubber, and aluminum are missing. Huawei is using cold-forged stainless steel, fine leather, and sapphire crystal on a smartwatch that mirrors a regular watch. Even 22K gold is an option from Huawei. We’ve never seen a smartwatch quite like this. And it’s met with Google’s wearable platform that has certainly matured wisely since its inception last year. So everything seems to result in the Huawei Watch being a brilliant beauty; it only takes real life use to have a definitive answer.

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Accessories readied for the Honor 5X’s U.S. release


On Tuesday, Huawei held a separate press event at CES 2016 for its Honor brand. The Honor 5x is the first sign of the company being serious about the United States and promoting a device in the country. As we all know, accessories are a big piece of buying a phone. Consumers want a phone that they can get various cases and covers for to protect their new purchase and add some personal style. Luckily for buyers of the Honor 5X, Huawei is readied with at least three accessories for its release on January 31.

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