Specifications of Huawei’s new Kirin 940 and 950 leaked; Could feature on the rumored Nexus smartphone


Huawei is known for its custom range of SoCs that are currently running on its smartphones. Reports from a few days ago mentioned that the company’s rumored Nexus handset could feature the Kirin 930 SoC. However, new reports seem to suggest that the company might use a more powerful Kirin 940 or 950 SoC, both of which are yet to be unveiled by the manufacturer. Read more

Huawei Watch won’t be cheap, but it won’t be super expensive either


The rumors of the Huawei Watch going for $1,000 was obviously insane. Now that everyone is back to earth, we are starting to get an idea of how much this thing of beauty will cost.

It has already shown up with a price of €349 ($370) for the silver and black versions on a German site called Billinger. They are offering the gold version for €399 ($424).

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The Huawei Watch is mischievously priced at €999/$1083 on Amazon Germany pre-order page

Huawei Watch silver  Amazon.de  ElectronicsA few days ago, we ran a story refuting the rumour that the Huawei Watch might be retailing for $1000. However, Amazon Germany now has the Huawei Watch available to pre-order for €999 ($1083), which is an eye-watering amount to spend for an Android Wear smartwatch. As you can probably tell though, all is not as it seems. Read more

Base model of the Huawei Watch will not cost $1,000


Earlier this week, a rumor began to spread that stated Huawei would charge $1,000 for its upcoming smartwatch. Having such a high price disappointed and shocked many people as other Android Wear devices stay around $300 and below. The Huawei Watch does feature a premium look and feel; however, $1,000 seemed far too high.

Fortunately, it will not cost that much for consumers to bring home the Huawei Watch as the company commented on pricing concerns.

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Rumor pins the price of Huawei’s Android Wear Watch at $1,000

huawei_watch_officialA new rumor has surfaced regarding the price of Huawei’s upcoming smartwatch, and it’s pretty ridiculous. If these rumors end up being true, Huawei could price the watch at $1,000, which is significantly higher than any other conventional Android Wear watch we’ve seen. Apple likely wouldn’t even attempt to pull off that price tag with their products. Read more

Huawei planning to take on the U.S. market


Huawei has managed to stake a claim as China’s second largest smartphone manufacturer, yet it is a name most U.S. consumers have probably never heard. If they are aware of Huawei, there are decent odds it stemmed from action by Congress a couple years ago to label Huawei a national security threat amidst concerns they would use network hardware for spying purposes. Despite that incident and the potential stigma of being seen as a producer of cheap Chinese goods, Huawei is indicating they have plans to step up marketing and try to make a push into the U.S. market during 2015. Read more