Huawei uses fun video to tackle own name


As an official sponsor of the Arsenal Football Club of the English Premier League, Huawei has some unique access to football, er soccer, players for advertising purposes. The result is a fun video from Huawei’s “School of Pronunciation” that ends with an explanation of how to pronounce the company’s name. Presumably this is to help clear up any confusion as Huawei moves to get in front of a larger audience around the world. Read more

Huawei Nexus device to have a 2K display and Snapdragon 810, analyst says



Fans of Google’s upcoming Nexus device are clouded in it. Will it be manufactured by LG or Huawei? Could two be on the horizon–one from both companies? The prospect of a Huawei made Nexus device is exciting, but what’ll put a grin on every Nexus fan’s face is what’s inside. Now, Chinese analyst Pan Jiutang is divulging what hardware could be inside Google’s next big thing.

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