HTC stock price hits record low


Increasingly fierce competition in the smartphone market continues to buffet HTC which saw its stock price close at a record low since its listing on the Taiwan Stock Exchange in March 2002. The stock price has been in a slide, losing 30% since the beginning of the year. However, new selling activity cranked up recently after media reports indicated HTC suppliers were cutting back on shipment forecasts based on lackluster sales projections for the HTC One M9. Those reports say HTC only expects to ship 3.2 million units in 2015, a 30% reduction from previous estimates. Read more

HTC announces yet another 2015 flagship, the One ME

HTC One MEHTC almost seems like it’s satirizing itself at this point. The company has announced another variant of the HTC One that’s slated for China later this year, adding to the flooded flagship market that the company is trying to tackle this year.

Originally we got the One M9, which was a little boring, but stuck to HTC’s simple, yet sophisticated standards. Then, the One M9+ was announced. It featured an actual upgrade to last year’s M8, with a higher resolution screen, fingerprint scanner, etc. It probably wasn’t great that HTC announced it right on the heels of the regular M9, and it definitely didn’t help that the M9+ isn’t available globally. Read more

HTC launches the dual-SIM Desire 820G+ in Taiwan

HTC Desire 820G+HTC has announced a new mid-range, dual-SIM phone for the Taiwanese market. The new device joins the Desire lineup and will be called the Desire 820G+.

The 820G+ features Android 4.4 and a 5.5-inch display that has a surprisingly nice 720p HD resolution. You’ll also find a 13 megapixel rear camera, an 8 megapixel front cam, an octa-core CPU with 1 GB of RAM, and a microSD card slot. Read more

HTC’s WF5w smartphone looks to be their thinnest device yet

htc WF5wA new HTC device was certified in China with the model number WF5w. This phone obviously isn’t official, but the Chinese certification page lists the physical dimensions at just 152 grams and 7.49 mm thin. That bests HTC’s current thinnest smartphone, the E9+, by a small margin.

The phone reportedly runs Android 5.0.2 with a 5.5-inch, 720p display. There’s an octa-core processor on board, 2 GB of RAM, 13 megapixel front and rear cameras, and 16 GB of internal storage with an SD card slot. The phone isn’t bad by any stretch, but it’s clear the thinness will be the most unique feature here. Read more

Rumour: HTC to cut component orders for One M9 by 30%


While Samsung decided to push the boat out with its Galaxy S6 and S6 edge smartphones in terms of design and construction materials, HTC were content to rely on the same formula that saw its One M8 and One M7 smartphones garner well-deserved awards and praise. Unsurprisingly to some (although not to Rob), it would seem that HTC’s apparent complacency when it came to the design of the One M9, is coming home to roost.

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