HTC promising stellar 2015, huge surprises to “blow you away”


HTC’s Senior Global Online Communications Manager, Jeff Gordon, took to Twitter today to make the claim that HTC is launching a roadmap for 2015 that will be their “best ever”. He further went on to say that there will be some huge surprises that will blow consumers away.

From what we know already about HTC’s 2015 plans, we are expecting its newest flagship successor to the HTC One (M8) to be unveiled sometime in the first quarter, but it will not likely be at CES 2015; however, HTC is almost certain to be unveiling a selfie smartphone in their Desire-line of devices during the electronics show, which may feature a 4MP UltraPixel camera.
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HTC Hima benchmarks show up online, no UltraPixel camera in sight

htc_hima_press_render_leakThe HTC Hima is making its rounds through the rumor mill today, including showing up in some AnTuTu benchmarks. The benchmark was run by a device with the model HTC6535LVW, which may end up being the Verizon version of the variant if the last two letters of the model are anything to go by.

Hardware for the Hima is exactly what we’d expect from a 2015 flagship caliber device: there’s a Snapdragon 810 on board, 3 GB of RAM, and a 5-inch 1080p screen. Personally, I’m glad HTC isn’t racing to shove a ridiculously high resolution screen in their device instead of a fantastic 1080p display, if these benchmarks end up being accurate. 
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Alleged HTC One (M9) press render and specs leak, possibly debuting at CES 2015


A new round of flagship handsets will arrive by March to carry companies through 2015. We have heard about the next handset from HTC, codenamed “Hima,” for the last few weeks. Steve Hemmerstoffer of has published a press render, debut date, and specifications for what will presumably be known as the HTC One (M9). The debut for the handset is said to be at CES 2015; therefore, the actual release date would be somewhere around late February or early March. It would be a departure from HTC’s typical March/April releases.

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HTC Gallery update includes Cloud Gallery, Face Fusion, and more


On Christmas, HTC gifted its customers with an update to the Gallery app. The update adds a slew of new features with the main ones being Cloud Gallery and Face Fusion. Cloud Gallery saves photographs and videos online for viewing from Facebook, Dropbox, Flickr, or Google Drive accounts. The thumbnail images are saved for browsing in an effort to minimize the space used. The full-size file is brought back once the photo or video is downloaded. For Face Fusion, users can swap two faces to create a new person. It works with freshly taken selfies or downloaded photos.

The following is What’s New for the HTC Gallery app:

  • Browse your photos and videos in the cloud (coming soon in some regions)
  • Face Fusion photo editor
  • Tag view
  • Tag images on your phone with keyboards
  • Search files on your phone by tag
  • See and search tags from Facebook and Flickr (coming soon in some regions)
  • Updated timeline layout for feed view and grid view
  • Improvements

Hit the break for the gallery and download links.

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Patent portfolio sale sign of détente for smartphone industry?


In another sign of the continuing end of hostilities between the world’s smartphone manufacturers, Rockstar Consortium, Inc. has announced the sale of 4,000 patents to RPX Corp. The portfolio was originally obtained by Rockstar in a bidding war that took place during 2011 between Rockstar and Google to obtain the intellectual property from Nortel Networks. Rockstar is a consortium made up of Apple, Microsoft, Blackberry, Ericsson and Sony. RPX licenses patents to companies that join their syndicate, including Google and Cisco Systems.
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HTC offering 20% off any phone for today’s Hot Deal


Many people are looking forward to the Christmas holiday later this week and trying to wrap up last minute shopping and HTC hopes to help them out with this week’s Hot Deal. Hot Deals are announced every Tuesday and this week HTC is offering a 20% discount off the price of any phone purchased through the web site. In the past the Hot Deals have sold out quickly, but HTC has structured this one to last a little longer. Buyers can use the code HTCHOLIDAY20 when they checkout anytime until 9:00 PM PST on January 2, 2015. HTC does limit the offer to one per customer.

If you want to start your HTC shopping experience now, just hit the source link below.

source: HTC

Top 6 Reasons Why Android OEMs Should Expect Dismal Growth In 2015


As we close on 2014, and approach 2015, it doesn’t hurt to take a step back and reflect on what was accomplished and what didn’t work out so well during the year. 2014, without a doubt, showed off some great new tech like Android Wear, and virtual reality is finally showing tangible signs of life. Even Apple decided to finally do something new (for itself) and make a reasonable phone size.

2014, as it’s winding down, is also showing some rather dangerous indications of what might be in store for Android OEMs in 2015. Sharp declines in sales, market stagnation and ridiculous patent warfare may bleed over into the new year, and I doubt anyone is going to come out victorious in the end.
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