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The HTC 10 Lifestyle comes to India with a Snapdragon 652 processor and 3GB RAM


You may have read something about the HTC 10 being announced yesterday, but the Taiwanese handset maker also launched another, albeit very similar handset as well, called the HTC 10 Lifestyle. It’s aimed at the Indian market, and while it shares many of the same components as the HTC 10 that is available in the west, the HTC 10 Lifestyle differs in some important areas.  Read more

The HTC 10’s features get shown off in these official promo videos


The HTC 10 launched yesterday, and so far? Well, HTC’s obsession would appear to be paying dividends with its latest flagship. The HTC 10 has matched the Galaxy S7 Edge in the camera rankings, and as usual with HTC, it’s a beauty to behold. As is often the case with flagship launches, HTC has released a slew of official promo videos showing off the 10’s features and we have them embedded for you after the break. Read more

HTC 10 scores the same as Galaxy S7 Edge in DxOMark’s camera rankings


Whenever a new smartphone is launched, one of the most important questions you can ask is how good is its camera? The question becomes even more relevant when it comes to HTC, because of its hit and miss record with cameras on previous flagships. This time round, though, initial reports suggest that the Taiwanese handset maker has got it right, with DxOMark scoring the HTC 10‘s camera the same as the much-praised Galaxy S7 Edge, achieving 88 out of a possible 100. Read more

Carriers are leaving HTC without support worldwide


The HTC 10 was officially announced earlier today, and so far at least, the reception has been quite positive. While it’s a little early to say that HTC has the ball out of the park with its latest flagship, it’s definitely off to a good start. Unfortunately, it seems like the carriers in both the UK and the U.S. aren’t quite on the same page, with two major carriers confirming that they won’t offer the HTC 10 (specifications here) and others seemingly non-committal. Read more

HTC 10 specifications


Many new things are going on with the HTC 10 despite the phone resembling its predecessors, but we’ve sorted it all into an organized table so that you know exactly what’s inside. The aluminum unibody is familiar, but HTC the exact specifications are entirely new for the Taiwanese company. The HTC 10 is, at least on paper, ready to compete with the Samsung and LG’s flagships.

Hit the break for the spec sheet.

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HTC Ice View is next era for company’s flagship case


One of the more unique items HTC brought to market with past flagship smartphones was the Dot View case that permitted some limited access to phone notifications with the case closed. For the newly released HTC 10 announced today, HTC also released an updated version of a smartphone case. The HTC Ice View is the company’s next evolution in smartphone cases and expands on the capabilities of the Dot View case. Read more