Talk Android Staff Picks: Best Android Phone of 2015


Every year, Google is proud to see companies big and small release phones with their mobile operating system at the core. Choice is among Android’s best qualities, allowing consumers to choose exactly what they want. Android is found on high-end devices with cutting edge specifications, but it’s also powering the phones in the hands of millions in emerging markets. And, of course, mid-range devices with Android are roaming the world as well. Android is for everyone.

With so many Android devices out there, naming the best is quite the task. There really isn’t any phone that can be named the best. Why? Too many of them exist to pick just one! So each member of the team at Talk Android is going to tell you their pick for the best Android phone of 2015.

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HTC Vive passes through the FCC


With CES just around the corner, manufacturers all over the world are gearing up to unveil their latest smartphones, tablets and wearables — and HTC is no different. Earlier today, the Taiwanese company’s Vive Virtual Reality (VR) headset made its debut appearance at the United States of America’s official cellular certification authority, the FCC, where it gained the right to be sold in North America.

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Despite delays, Audi agrees to partner with HTC to use HTC Vive for test drives


A few days ago HTC CEO Cher Wang revealed that the company had something really big in store for their HTC Vive virtual reality headset to be revealed at CES 2016. The technological development for the device is supposedly so big that it caused HTC to decide to delay release of the device until April 2016 so the company could jump right in with this new version. The latest rumor does not shed any light on what exactly HTC may have in the hopper, but apparently Audi thinks enough of the virtual reality device to have signed an agreement to use the HTC Vive in their flagship dealerships so that customers can go on virtual test drives and get other information in a fully immersive environment. Read more

HTC One X9 images surface showing details from several angles


Earlier this week a couple images surfaced of HTC’s latest device that appears to be in their pipeline, the HTC One X9. Unfortunately, those images did not reveal much detail about the forthcoming smartphone. Now, only a couple days later, more images have surfaced, this time some good quality images showing the HTC One X9 from different angles and showing some details. Read more