HTC One (M8) in black leaks without Harman Kardon branding

by Justin Herrick on
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black_htc_one_m8_rear_evleaksWe all love some choice, especially when purchasing a smartphone or tablet. And we all love being able to narrow down a particular device by its color choices. When the HTC One (M8) launched, there were three colors: Gunmetal Gray, Amber Gold, and Glacial Silver. Shortly after, HTC and Sprint partnered with Harman Kardon to release a muscially-targeted version. And just a few weeks ago, Verizon added a Glamour Red color to its selection. Now, it seems HTC wants to make at least one of those exclusive colors available to more people. Above is an image of a black One (M8) and it does not carry any branding from Harman Kardon.

Could this be that an exclusive window with Sprint and such has ended? We’ll just have to wait and see. Are you interested in the black color or prefer something else?

Source: @evleaks (Official site)

HTC “plans” to update its flagship devices (M8 and M7) within 90 days of receiving Android L from Google

by Harrison Kaminsky on
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So now that Android “L” has been officially announced (although we do have some big questions about it, still — including its real name), everyone is of course wondering when it’ll arrive on their devices after its released in the fall.

Well HTC doesn’t want to keep its customers waiting. The company has already updated its official upgrade process page with a note for all HTC One (M8) and HTC One (M7) owners, seen after the break.

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HTC speculates what Android ‘L’ will be called

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Lady Fingers? Or Lollipop? Maybe Lava Cake? What about Licorice? Perhaps Lemonade? Alright, Lemon Meringue? No, we’re not offering you snacks. We’re telling you the names that HTC is thinking Google will name its next version of Android. These six names are what HTC came up with. We have less than twenty-four hours to go, so the wait is not much longer for Google I/O.

What do you think the next version of Android will be called? Don’t forget, it has to start with the letter ‘L’. Let us know in the comments.

Source: @HTCUSA


HTC’s Butterfly 2 4G gets certified for Taiwan

by Jared Peters on
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It’s been awhile since we’ve heard anything about HTC’s Butterfly 2, but according to Taiwan’s FCC equivalent, the Butterfly 2 4G has been certified for sale. The certification proved a lot of the rumors that we’d previously heard, including the 1080p 5-inch screen, 2.5 GHz Snapdragon 801 processor, and 13 megapixel camera.

Since the device is now fully certified, it will probably go on sale in Asian markets pretty soon. Since the original Butterfly didn’t make its way to the US (outside of landing on Verizon as the Droid DNA) don’t expect this one to be much different.

source: Sogi
via: Phone Arena

HTC UK to give away 24k gold HTC One (M7)

by Jeff Causey on
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It may be a generation old now, but the HTC UK team thinks the HTC One (M7) is still something special, especially after being named the “Best Phone of 2013″ by an unknown source. To celebrate, they have had a 24k gold plated version of the device made and will be giving it away via a Twitter-based contest.

The full rules are available on their Facebook page. Entrants are only allowed one entry, accomplished by retweeting a specific tweet. The winner does have to be a resident of the U.K. If you are interested, you have until the end of the day on June 29th to get your entry in.

source: @HTC_UK, HTC UK on Facebook (rules)

Nexus tablet Volantis manufactured by HTC leaks: 8.9-inch display, NVIDIA Tegra K1, and more

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Waiting for the Nexus 8? So are we. But the next tablet from Google could actually be called the Nexus 9. The alleged device has leaked, a tablet with an 8.9-inch display that has a 2048×1440 resolution. The aspect ratio for such would be 4:3. It is believed to be manufactured by HTC and therefore an aluminum zero-gap construction would be obvious. The leak does claim that stereo front-facing speakers will be present, but the device in the image does not appear to have them. This could merely be a placeholder image.

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Sprint pushing software update to HTC One (M8), improves network connectivity

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Sprint owners of the HTC One (M8), head over to the Software Update menu. The carrier is currently pushing an update the HTC’s 2014 flagship. The update improves upon network connectivity, for both voice and data connections. The software version is 1.54.651.10 and Sprint says the update is being deployed in batches. In other words, this is another staged rollout.

Source: Sprint

HTC One (M9) Prime to launch prior to One (M9) next year

by Justin Herrick on
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With the One (M8) Prime reportedly kicked to the curb, HTC is setting its sights on its next project. It is expected that there will be an One (M9) Prime to compliment the One (M9), but interestingly the former could arrive first. The device is said to be arriving in the first quarter of 2015 and the Prime will lead the way. So it looks like we have got some times before we see HTC’s next piece of hardware, unless it does release a smartwatch.

Source: @evleaks (Official site)

HTC updates HTC Gallery app to enhance UFocus blur function, other tweaks

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HTC has updated their HTC Gallery app to add user adjustability for the UFocus Blur effect. Owners of the HTC One (M8) with HTC’s new Duo Camera know they can just tap on an image to change the focal point. By changing that focal point, the rest of the image is blurred to create a bokeh effect. The new feature adds a slider so that users can customize not only the location of the focal point, but the level of blur that is applied to the rest of the image. Users can now increase the level of blur even more than what the HTC thinks the default should be or decrease it so no additional digital blur is added. » Read the rest