HTC One M9 to be available in U.S. starting April 10th


HTC announced earlier today that they were launching a new UH OH Protection program to help ease the mind of customers who invest in the new HTC One M9 smartphone. In a webcast announcing this new program, HTC Americas president Jason Mackenzie also took some time to field questions. During this stage of the webcast, he indicated April 10th is the date HTC has targeted to make the HTC One M9 available to U.S. customers.
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HTC One M9+ to launch in late March or April and won’t be limited to China


We have new information regarding the often rumored HTC One M9+, codenamed Hima_Ultra. For starters, you may have noticed that I have a “+” in the name rather than a “Plus”. Apparently HTC will be using the “+” instead of “Plus”.

If was also reported that it would only be available in China, but thankfully that information was wrong. It will also be available in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Unfortunately no word on the U.S.

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HTC UH OH program now official, U.S One M9 customers get FREE damage replacement for first 12 months


HTC went ahead and released a presser regarding today’s big announcement. As was previous rumored, HTC has unveiled a new protection plan referred to as UH OH Protection.

All U.S. customers who buy an HTC One M9 will get the UH OH Protection plan at no extra charge. UH OH will provide customers with a Free phone replacement in the event they crack their screen or drop it in water.  HTC has found that 69% of people who damaged their phone had done so in the past 12 months. More importantly, 47% of those people repaired their phone and it cost over $100.

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HTC’s “Uh-Oh” service will offer a one-time replacement of your broken device

HTC_One_M9_Gunmetal_BackHTC will be hosting an event tomorrow called “Uh-Oh,” and if it’s anything like HTC Advantage that they did last year with the M8, this will be another program to offer you a one-time replacement of your device in case you bust it up. The “Uh-Oh” program goes a bit beyond six months of cracked screen replacements, though.
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HTC Dot View app update claims to be interesting, appealing, and practical


The latest update to the HTC Dot View app makes the unique case-software combination even more special. The company claims that the update makes Dot View more interesting, appealing, and practical. Games and scrolling messages make Dot View less static and more versatile. The new animated themes certainly add some personality. And the use of the flashlight and voice recorder make Dot View an asset. In all, Dot View now has features that should have existed at launch.

Hit the break for the changelog, gallery, and download links.

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Watch HTC’s big announcement right here


Yesterday, HTC Americas president Jason Mackenzie teased a big announcement for tomorrow for U.S. customers. We have no idea what it is. It could be as simple as an official release date for the One M9 or it could be a brand new product. It’s also possible that HTC could launch some sort of special promotion to entice you to buy the One M9.

If you remember, Jason Mackenzie said earlier this month that they will announce something ahead of the M9 launch that will drive M9 sales. Whatever they are going to announce tomorrow, it’s probably something that you won’t want to miss it.

We have the live stream video right after the break so tune in tomorrow (3/18/15) at 12:00 pm ET / 9:00 am PT.

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HTC One M9 revealed to be suffering from overheating issues, blame the Snapdragon 810 SoC


The Snapdragon 810 chip is known to be suffering from overheating issues and the HTC One M9 appears to be the latest victim. One of the demo units of the handset was shown to be getting an overheating warning back during the MWC a couple of weeks ago. If this wasn’t enough to raise alarm bells, a new report certainly will.
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HTC teases big announcement for U.S. market this Wednesday


Jason Mackenzie, president of HTC America, took to Twitter this morning to let followers know the company was going to be making a “BIG” announcement regarding the U.S. market. For those working on their tourney brackets, the odds probably favor this being an announcement about availability. If HTC is able to provide a specific date, that would be welcome news, especially after the apparent snafu they have experienced launching the device in their home market of Taiwan.

For those of you looking for an upset to bust up a bracket, Mackenzie’s emphasis on the word “big” could be alluding to the HTC One M9 Plus. That device supposedly will be limited to the Chinese market according to many rumors. Mackenzie did tag his tweet with HTCOneM9, so the possibility of a Plus related announcement is a long shot.

source: @JasonMacHTC