Hands-on with the HTC RE Camera


Along with the HTC Desire EYE, HTC finally released its GoPro-esque RE camera at its Double Exposure event and we’re still not sure about it. The periscope style camera is both bluetooth capable and works on Android and iOS. The waterproof device comes in a 16 MP variety and like the Desire EYE, we’re not sure about availability or pricing. That being said, we have a hands-on that gives us a good look at the RE. Check it out after the break.

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Hands-on with the HTC Desire Eye and the Eye Experience software


Earlier this afternoon, HTC finally unwrapped their latest smartphone. The selfie-oriented HTC Desire Eye offers a premium feel in a plastic design that’s both waterproof and colorful. The 5.2-inch HD display is accompanied by BoomSound and a 13MP front and rear camera. As we already know, we’re not sure how much it’ll cost or when it’ll be available but our very own Robert Nazarian had a little hands-on time with the new Desire. Here’s hoping that it’ll keep you satisfied in the mean time. Hit the break to see it in action.

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HTC RE camera gets made official, offers a portable way to capture wide-angle HD video and photos

htc REHTC’s rumored portable camera has been made official at their Double Exposure event today, and it’s a weird little device. The camera looks like a long tube that bends into a camera lens, and there is no viewfinder or anything aside from the handle and camera.

The RE camera features a 16 megapixel lens that can shoot full HD video, and to get around not having any type of viewfinder or screen, it shoots extremely wide angle videos to make sure that it captures everything you’re pointing it at. You won’t miss anything in the video this way, but it also means you won’t be able to keep the subject perfectly centered, either. However, the device can be used in conjunction with an Android or iOS device so you can get a better view of what you’re shooting. It doesn’t sound convenient, but it’s certainly functional.
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HTC’s Zoe exits beta and reaches version 1.0, update will be available on the Play Store

htc_zoe_beta_app_iconAlongside the Desire Eye, HTC announced some improvements to Zoe, the automatic photo-and-video-mashup app that ships on Sense devices. Today, Zoe is finally ditching its beta tag and moving up to version 1.0, and that’s bringing a few new features and some wider device compatibility.

Zoes can be made shorter now, which was something that was apparently highly requested while Zoe was in beta earlier this year. HTC has also added in social sharing into the app where users can share and collaborate with their photos and videos. Perhaps the biggest new addition, though, is that multiple devices can install the app, so it isn’t just limited to HTC’s own devices anymore.

The update won’t show up for everyone immediately, but keep an eye out for it if you’ve wanted to test out HTC’s software without buying one of their devices.

HTC announces “Eye Experience” with tons of new camera features


HTC already has one of the most feature-packed camera suites on the market, but today they are bringing it to new heights with a new camera software suite they’re calling the “Eye Experience”. Among new features include the ability to shoot photos from the front and rear cameras at the same time, an “auto-selfie” feature that takes the photo once the phone is held steady for a couple seconds and voice commands that allow you to start shooting automatically.
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HTC unveils the Desire Eye, a plastic, waterproof device focused on photos and videos

htc desire eyeAfter many, many leaks, HTC has finally taken the wraps off of their latest smartphone,. As expected, the major selling features of the brand new HTC Desire Eye are taking great photos and videos, and there’s quite a bit of emphasis on selfies, as expected.

The Desire Eye doesn’t feature the same sleek aluminum design as the HTC One, but instead opts for a plastic unibody frame. The design still looks slick and a little more “premium” than some other devices, but for those of you that loved the aluminum of the One, you might be a little disappointed here. Fortunately, this new design also includes waterproofing, which is a big plus.
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HTC returning to the tablet market following Nexus launch this fall


The next six months for HTC could be the most important time in the company’s seventeen years of existence. Leading up to this fall, reports claimed that the company would be launching a new version of the One (M8) will boosted specifications and a smartwatch powered by Android Wear. The phone was canceled and the smartwatch has been delayed to next year. Instead, HTC will have selfie-centered phones and a camera as we near the holiday season.

The most important part of HTC’s next step, however, is the manufacturing of the next Nexus tablet. It will be the start of HTC’s return to the tablet market after a break that lasted three years.

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Front panel of an HTC device leaks with slim bezels but no one knows what it belongs to


Later today, the Double Exposure event hosted by HTC will take place. It will be focused on cameras as the company is expected to introduce the One (M8) Eye, Desire Eye, and RECamera. But just before anything takes place and the curtain is lifted, the image above leaked. It shows a front panel belonging to an HTC device. The angle of the photo is a little odd, but it seems like the display is rather large. Also, the bezels are pretty slim and that is something HTC has not yet done with any device.

The source that obtained the image, VNTech, claims that this panel does indeed belong to a future handset. Which one? We do not know. Chances are we will not be seeing it today.

Source: VNTech
Via: Phone Arena