HTC ‘All New One’ is one step closer to release

by Robert Nazarian on
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Every year we see a lot of smartphones get released here in the U.S., and one thing they all have in common is they receive FCC approval before consumers can get their hands on them. It usually happens within a month or two of the actual release. The “All New One” is no exception and is one (no pun intended) step closer to release now that it has received FCC approval.

Documents show that not only the international version has cleared, but all four major U.S. carrier versions as well. The FCC IDs are as follows….

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HTC M8 dual camera gets starring role in latest PR image

by Jeff Causey on
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Undeterred by the appearance over the weekend of a leaked video of the HTC M8, HTC’s marketing team released a new teaser image today that highlights the device’s dual camera. The image is a collage of images of items appearing in pairs. HTC’s message to go with the image is “Life is about to become twice as beautiful. Coming March 25th.”

The capabilities of the camera were revealed to some extent at MWC 2014 by Corephotonics. According to the company, the dual lenses will provide better zoom capabilities for users and permit adjustments to depth of field after the image is captured.

source: HTC Source

“All New HTC One” teased in 2nd promotional video

by Christian de Looper on
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HTC created a couple of promotional videos for the “All New HTC One” in order to create some hype for the device. Unfortunately for them, the device was leaked in a 12 minute long video yesterday. Despite this, the video was pretty light on details, so there is still a lot to find out about the 2014 HTC One M8.

The latest video in the promotional series focuses on the phones metal body, and of course we see a pixelated version of what’s supposed to be the device itself. Check it out after the break!

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HTC One KitKat update pulled in the UK because of “difficulties”

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The over-the-air update for Android 4.4 KitKat on the HTC One in the UK has been pulled back because of difficulties that HTC is experiencing in the update process.

HTC has said that they are aware of the problems, and are working towards resolving the issue quickly. We don’t know exactly what the problems were, but we do know that HTC USA managed to update fairly quickly and without problems.

Source: Android Central

Apple hiring HTC engineers to help product development in Asian markets

by Jared Peters on
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Android handset manufacturers typically don’t only release one flagship device per year, which Sony recently told us all in pretty blunt terms. Sony releases Xperia Z successors pretty quickly, and that’s not counting things like the Xperia Z Ultra. Samsung tick tocks their product launches with a Galaxy S in the early part of the year and a Galaxy  Note towards the end of the year. It’s a fairly common practice now.

However, one company that hasn’t bitten on that concept has been Apple. According to the Wall Street Journal, though, Apple may be looking into a way to launch multiple products per year (we’ve already seen them dabble in it with the launch of the 5C, anyway) to help boost their growth in Asian markets, specifically in China. To accomplish this, Apple has been hiring on tons of engineers in Asian markets, many of them from HTC. Some of these engineers are put to work with supply chain logistics as well as product development. » Read the rest

HTC’s Watch service reaches its finale

by Jack Holt on
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Users of HTC’s Watch service may have already received a notice that at the end of the month, the service is calling it quits. Up until 3/31/2014 users will still be able the service like normal, but as of April Fool’s Day, users will no longer have access to the service or their libraries. HTC does recommend that any movies that you may have purchased through the app, be downloaded if you still want access to them.

Of course, users can take solace in the fact that there are a number of options waiting for you after the service has its finale. Google Play and Amazon are just a few options in a long list of streaming services. When support was pulled for the service in May of last year in six countries, it wasn’t a good sign for the service in general.

So if you’re a user of the Watch service, you have about a month to download any purchases made, after that, you’re library is gone.

source: PhoneArena

The all new HTC One for Verizon leaks in gray

by Justin Herrick on
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Shortly after leaking the AT&T model of HTC’s upcoming flagship smartphone, @evleaks posted Verizon’s. And this time around, the device is in gray. Verizon opted to put its logo on the back of the device like AT&T; however, Big Red also threw in its 4G LTE logo. Also, Verizon’s 4G LTE icon is present in the status bar. Nothing else has changed between this device and the one from the AT&T leak from before. Just stay tuned because there is a very good chance that we see the Sprint or T-Mobile models leak in gold.

The all new HTC One will be announced on March 25 in New York City. » Read the rest

Drew Bamford from HTC hints at features on new HTC One and new HTC smartwatch

by Christian de Looper on
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We’ve been getting a couple hints from HTC about upcoming devices, and now Drew Bamford, who’s the lead software designer at HTC, has given a few hints of his own at Mobile World Congress this week.

When Drew was asked about what’s to come in the next few years, Bamford had this to say about HTC’s plans for their upcoming March 25th announcement:

“I think the great thing is that you won’t have to wait three years or even a year. On March 25th, we’re going to have a lot more to talk about with some new experiences that you’ll be very excited about. And really, what we’re doing there is capitalizing on the experiences that have been successful in HTC Sense 5 and 5.5 and really taking them to the next level. faster Access to the information that’s important to you, a more responsive experience that understand you and anticipates your needs and more ways to express yourself with your phone.”

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LG takes shots at HTC and Apple while hinting at metal phones in the process

by Justin Herrick on
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LG’s Chul Bae Lee had plenty to say when being interviewed by a Russian technology site. Lee is the company’s leader over at the design center, so he is a pretty credible source to be saying all of this. On the subject of metal phones, Lee questions why HTC has not been very successful if metal is a huge demand. Also, he claims LG is considering the introduction of metal; however, no time frame is provided. Lee then switched gears to Apple and metal. He says that Apple’s iPhone has poor reception due to metal interfering with the wireless signal. And finally, Lee assures everyone that LG will not produce a very thin metal smartphone like Huawei since battery life would take a huge hit.

Lee also talked about the success of the LG G2′s design. In a pre-release survey, about 50% favored the placement of the volume and power buttons on the backside. In return, LG was very happy and continued to run with the design (as if they had a choice at that point). Lee also feels that reviews for the G2′s design have been respectable.

Via: Phone Arena

The all new HTC One for AT&T leaks in silver

by Justin Herrick on
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As we get closer to its March 25 announcement in New York City, new information continues to surface about The all new HTC One. This time around, @evleaks gives us a look at the AT&T model of HTC’s 2014 flagship. It looks like the only truly noticeable branding is on the backside where AT&T has opted to stamp their logo. Also, the carrier has its 4G LTE icon in the status bar; however, that is a common change among all carriers.

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