HTC One A9 versus Google Nexus 5X


Both the HTC One A9 and Google’s Nexus 5X, made by LG, feature high-end specifications in a compact size at a price that’s relatively affordable. The Nexus 5X stirred up lots of hype this year given how great the original Nexus 5 was. The One A9 brings a new taste of design and looks to put the company back on track after a devastating year.

Let’s see how the two devices stack up.

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Want the HTC One A9 from Verizon? It’s coming in December


The HTC One A9 can be bought directly from HTC for $399, a price that will soon increase. Among the Big Four U.S. carriers, Verizon is the only one without a dedicated variant; however, the handset will work on the carrier’s network and likely its 4G LTE network alone. Still, as of right now, you cannot buy the One A9 from Verizon. The wait to get the new HTC flagship from Verizon will a bit longer.

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HTC One A9 review: This is not Android’s iPhone


Forget about waiting around until February or March 2016 to see what the next flagship from HTC brings. The One A9 is here and it wants to be everything in a slim, compact piece of aluminum. Actually, if you ask HTC what the One A9 is meant to be, the company will tell you that this is the pinnacle of brilliance. That last word is defined by HTC as bringing personal control, function, and innovation into a single product, one that goes against the grain of popularity. Oddly though, the One A9 seems like a familiar device. Once again is HTC implementing an all-metal unibody design, its HTC Sense overlay, a seamless photo experience, and high-end audio. The original One M7 donned an incredible aluminum frame; the One (M8) packed serious stereo speakers; the One M9 refined the entire package. All pieces for HTC to draw upon. So it all comes down to execution for the One A9.

This is what’s supposed to lift HTC out of the dark and place it in the spotlight.

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HTC One A9 fails to impress financial analysts


The HTC One A9 is prepared to hit the market in the coming weeks and with a price point significantly lower than flagship devices. HTC is hoping the combination of a “good enough” device from a hardware standpoint combined with affordability in a package designed to emulate another market winner will be a win for them. Unfortunately, it does not look like any positives the new HTC device brings to the market is going to be enough to reverse the pessimistic view of the company that financial analysts have. Read more

Don’t expect to see the HTC Grip in 2015


At the start of 2015, Under Armour formed a strategic partnership with HTC that would task the hardware manufacturer with designing products to work with UA Record. Both companies would be moving into the connected health and fitness sector that’s already crowded with offerings from Fitbit, Nike, Apple, Jawbone, and many more. The original release date for the partnership’s first product, the Grip, was scheduled for February; however, HTC continuously delayed the device and commented in July that a launch was coming “later this year.”

Nine months after the activity tracker debuted, we now know that the HTC Grip will not arrive in 2015.

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