[Deal] HTC RE Camera price slashed to $149 when paired with free accessories bundle

htc_re_camera_lineupNow could be the time for people to purchase the HTC RE Camera if they were once hesitant to do so. The RE Camera could be yours for $149 when paired with an accessories bundle through HTC’s site. The company has taken $50 off of the normal $199 price while also including the accessories bundle valued at $70.

Simply head to the site and choose between turquoise, white, orange, and blue color options. Your cart will then update with the clip-on, bar mount, and protection pack not having any price attached.

The deal runs through May 10 and includes free two-day shipping.

Source: HTC

Not surprising: HTC revenue plummeted in April due to lack of demand for the One M9


At the end of February, I wrote a little piece on how HTC was pretty much screwed with the One M9 since they failed to capitalize when Samsung was more vulnerable. Now the numbers are in proving my prediction.

The One M9 debuted at the beginning of April so you would think that HTC might have gotten a little boost, but they didn’t even get that. Their revenue for the entire month plummeted by almost 40% to NT$13.54 billion ($439.95 million US) from NT$22.07 last year. If you compare it to the previous month, the drop is 32.36 percent since March posted NT$20.02 billion. Read more

HTC Launches UH OH Protection, Mocks Stingy Competitors

HTC One M9

HTC is basically the mobile phone manufacturing equivalent of a cult television show. She is the Parks and Recreation of this space, with avid users merrily touting the quality and reliability of the product, even if not many others are taking part.

But this isn’t NBC, where low-rated critical darlings survived despite all ostensible logic. The mobile industry is hyper-competitive, and HTC does not have the luxury of awards and fan campaigns to keep it afloat. It needs actual users.

It’s latest effort to court consumers away from defending champ Samsung and reborn hotshot LG is the all-new, cheekily named “UH OH” protection service that comes free with the purchase of a One M9 or a new One M8. A letter from HTC president Jason Mackenzie elaborates on UH OHs offerings, including a complete phone replacement within the first 12 months of ownership if a M9 or M8 suffers water damage, gets a cracked screen, or if the owner decides to switch carriers. No questions asked.

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Plastic variant of HTC One M9+ spotted


Recently spotted in the TENAA certification database, China’s equivalent of the FCC, a new device from HTC appears to be a plastic version of the HTC One M9+. The HTC One M9+ is a slightly larger and more powerful version of the HTC One M9. Inexplicably, HTC only makes the bigger device available in Asian market despite interest from Western market buyers. The device that was spotted in TENAA carried the model name “M9e” and it is unclear where it may land. Read more

HTC posts $11 million profit in Q1 of 2015, expects higher revenue in Q2

HTC_One_M9_Back_HTC_Logo_TAHTC has posted their quarterly earnings for Q1 2015, and things look decent for the company. Revenue sat around $1.36 billion, up from $1.08 billion last year, and HTC actually managed to turn a profit instead of a loss like they did in the first quarter of 2014.

They only pulled in $11 million in profit, which isn’t massively successful, but anything is better than their $66 million loss from their previous first quarter. Read more