HTC’s Under Armour-connected Grip fitness band is experiencing delays


Remember that fitness watch HTC unveiled alongside its HTC One M9 flagship back in March? Let me refresh your memory.

At Mobile World Congress, HTC unveiled a fitness watch with a partnership with Under Armour called “HTC Grip.” The HTC Grip had a design similar to the Nike FuelBand and was to be targeted towards athletes or just anyone who remains active. The device wasn’t going to have a dedicated heart rate sensor, but it did promise built-in GPS.

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HTC’s Jeff Gordon claims all OEMs shipping Snapdragon 810 phones are using v2.1 of the processor

jeff gordon tweetQualcomm’s Snapdragon 810 processor is arguably the most controversial component for mobile devices ever designed and released. Before any devices actually hit market with the flagship CPU there were rumors and accusations about overheating problems with the chip, and we’ve seen a ton of damage control to try and play down those issues.

The latest twist in this mobile phone soap opera is that all manufacturers are reportedly using an updated version of the Snapdragon 810 processor. OnePlus says they’re using v2.1 of the processor in their upcoming device, and Sony has mentioned that their Xperia devices are using the slightly improved version of the chip. This newer version supposedly fixes the overheating problems and doesn’t have as many issues with clock speed throttling, but according to HTC’s own Jeff Gordon, every OEM that’s offering a Snapdragon 810 device is using v2.1 of the processor. That includes the HTC One M9. Read more

HTC is bringing its mid-range Desire 626/626s, 526 and 520 to the U.S.

HTC has announced today that it’s bringing a selection of affordable, mid-range Desire smartphones to the US, available from a variety of carriers. The handsets include the Desire 626 and 626s, the Desire 526 and the Desire 520. Whilst the specifications may differ slightly from handset to handset, they do share the same polycarbonate, construction and the requisite HTC design cues. As is customary with HTC, they are all available in a variety of colours. We have the specifications after the break. Read more