HTC One sales doubled in May, but expected to decline by July

HTC_One_Back_HTC_Logo_TAAfter receiving news of strong revenue numbers for HTC in May, sales estimates of the HTC One by CitiGroup Global Markets reveal that sales doubled from April to May, to 1.2 million units sold. The One is estimated to have accounted for around half of HTC’s total sales in May. 1.2 million sales is great, but it pales in comparison to the Samsung Galaxy S 4, which had 10 million units sold in its first month.

Despite the increase, CitiGroup expects sales for the One to stay flat in June, and begin declining in July. CitiGroup says this is probably due to saturated demand in mature markets and anticipation for new devices, like a new iPhone. Could an HTC Mini, or the Google Edition HTC One help? We’ll have to wait and see.

source: Taipei Times
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HTC T6 to launch in Q3 of 2013 as the HTC One Max


At the end of last month, we heard some rumored specs for an upcoming HTC phablet, dubbed the T6. The specs were absolute top-end, including a 1080p 5.9-inch screen, Snapdragon 800 processor, and that famous UltraPixel camera. A new report is backing up the claims of that phablet, and even giving it a name; the HTC One Max. The specs in the report are similar to what the leak mentioned, and even mention that the device would launch with Android Key Lime Pie. A new HTC phablet launching a brand new version of Android, especially when we’re still waiting on 4.3 (which is rumored to still be an iterative jump within the Jelly Bean name) seems unlikely, but anything is possible, especially when OEMs like HTC and Samsung are getting friendlier with vanilla Android.

The report also states that many carriers are interested in the One Max, as it will be the only device to launch with a unibody design in the second half of this year. Can’t wait to see this holiday season heat up even more than last year.

source: Ausdroid

The latest comScore results are in folks, Android platform still reigns supreme, but Apple continues it’s quiet upward trend



It’s the first week of June gang— so it’s time for us to go through the latest comScore report with you all. Based off the the latest data, Apple continues to hold steady as the world’s largest smartphone manufacturer with a 39% market share (a minor increase from the previous month-end period), followed by Samsung at 22% and HTC at 8.9% (a 0.8% decline from the previous period). Despite Apple’s cemented status as the top dog in smartphone manufacturing king, it’s the Android platform that is still the overwhelming leader in the mobile world. Google’s popular platform currently holds over half of the overall smartphone market with a comfortable 52% share, followed by Apple (with a 1.4% increase in the market) at a 39.2% share and Blackberry at 5.1%.

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Photos of the HTC One Mini make their way to the internet, sporting a 720p display and UltraPixel camera


More photos of the alleged HTC One Mini (originally codenamed the M4) have found their way to the internet showing off the phone’s gorgeous design. As you can see it is extremely similar to the HTC One including HTC’s signature front-facing speakers and a 4.3-inch display (with a reported resolution of 720 by 1280). Also evident in the photo is HTC’s inclusion of Sense 5 on top of Android Jellybean 4.2.2.

Packed into the device is 2 GB of RAM, some sort of dual-core processor and 16 GB of internal storage. The camera is the same 4-megapixel camera as seen on the HTC One, with UltraPixel technology included. What the device’s body is made from is still a mystery, although it looks like it may be the same seamless metal design as the One. Hit the break for more photos of this exciting new device. Read more

HTC releases strong May 2013 revenue numbers


After watching HTC struggle financially during the past couple years, we have news from them today showing a nice rebound during the month of May. Unaudited revenues rose to NT$29.0B ($969M USD), following up the month of April 2013 when unaudited revenues were NT$19.6B ($655M USD). That is a 48% increase month to month. To add some context, during the first quarter of 2013 revenues for HTC were only NT$42.8B ($1.43B USD), which means HTC has already generated more revenue in just two months of the second quarter than they did during the whole first quarter of the year. Read more

HTC Operations Chief steps down, will take on executive adviser role in Europe


HTC has seemingly had a problem keeping employees lately, and now their Chief of Operations Matthew Costello will be departing from his role in the company. While Costello isn’t leaving HTC completely, he’ll be taking on a lesser role as an executive adviser in Europe. Despite strong sales of the HTC One (which will definitely get a boost whenever it hits Verizon) HTC is still facing some financial struggles, so it’s easy to see why that can cause some tension and departures within the company.

After Costello’s leave, HTC will be forming a new quality assurance team to deal with product reliably and all product lifecycle matters. Hopefully this is just a rough patch for HTC and they can right the ship within the next few months.

source: Business Week

HTC Butterfly S expected to release in China by the end of the month

htc_butterflyWhen Asia’s HTC Butterfly evolved into the HTC DROID DNA in the United States, we thought that would be the end of the Butterfly line. Maybe not though, as ePrice is telling us that the Butterfly could be kept alive in the form of the HTC Butterfly S, scheduled to launch in China by the end of this month.

The new Butterfly S would feature the same 5 inch, 1080p display, but new features include a Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset, an improved processor, HTC’s upgraded 4MP “UltraPixel” camera, and the new Sense 5. It’s doubtful that the Butterfly S would be available outside of Asia, with the HTC One currently being their prime device, and an HTC Mini on the horizon. We should learn more on the upcoming phone in the coming weeks, so stay tuned.

source: ePrice
via: Phandroid

Verizon confirms the HTC One is coming later this summer


Well first things first, and that is that yours truly was dead wrong. I posted on Friday that I felt that Verizon wouldn’t offer the HTC One and instead opt for the Butterfly 2 as in the DROID DNA 2. Well Verizon sent out a tweet announcing the HTC One will indeed land on Verizon later this Summer. I’m still shocked because it still doesn’t make any sense (no pun intended). One thing I was right on was the fact that Verizon always has an HTC device for the summer, but why would Verizon want to offer the One later this Summer after the other three U.S. carriers get a huge headstart? Later this summer means August to me, which is well after everyone else.

This must mean one of two things: Either HTC really pushed hard for this since they really want to get their brand out there or something went wrong with the Butterfly 2. The only other thing I can think of is that the new Butterfly will be marketed  with the word “One” in the name, and Verizon won’t actually have the same One as everyone else. It would be hard to bet any money on that notion when you consider that Verizon’s tweet clearly said “HTC One”. HTC has nothing to say other than they will provide additional details as the release date gets closer. Maybe one day I will understand how Verizon Wireless operates.

source: @VZWnews

New HTC One update brings Android 4.2.2 along with additional goodies… but still keeps Sense 5.0 in the process



Those of you early adopters of the HTC One smartphone are certainly in for a special treat as a new update is being pushed to the masses as we speak. This latest update doesn’t bring an unmolested version of Android, but will bring the latest Android version to One owners… well for the time being at least. Users of the smartphone can expect to see Android 4.2.2 which includes the Quick Settings notification bar among other things, while keeping the Sense version at 5.0. Additional cool changes to the software include a new battery level indicator, as well as some minor changes to the app drawer and hopefully— some welcome performance improvements.

No word yet on how long it’ll take for the latest update to hit the general public, but hopefully it will be a relatively quick and smooth process.

source: Android Revolution
via: Engadget

Sony ‘Togari’ phablet and HTC M4 spotted in leaked picture, possibly fake


There is speculation that the Sony phone in the photo above could be their upcoming 6.44-inch Xperia device codenamed Togari, and that the HTC device above and to the right of Sony’s device could be the rumored HTC M4. It’s hard to tell the exact size of these devices to match them with their leaked specs, considering the awkward angle of the photo, but it seems about right. However, recent reports are saying that the photo is indeed a hoax, and Nokia has even released a statement saying that the blue Nokia Windows 8 device in the top right of the photo is not real. We’ll just have to wait to find out the truth on this photo. Check back for more updates.

Source: Xperia Blog