AT&T HTC One X gets root method for latest OTA update

The latest OTA update for AT&T’s HTC One X broke the current methods for rooting the device, but of course it never takes the folks over at XDA too long to find another work around when it comes to rooting. This method will use two different exploits to modify your CID and allow you to unlock your bootloader and root the device.

Of course, as with anything that has to do with rooting, this procedure is can be harmful for your device so please read up before you attempt to do this! Check out the source link if you’re interested!

source: XDA

HTC Droid Incredible X emerges with Verizon branding, could launch as the DLX

The elusive Droid Incredible X has been making the rounds over the past few months, and with the recent announcement of the HTC J Butterfly for Japan, it looks as though we could potentially be seeing a variant of the 5-inch smartphone make its way to the US. The long-rumored Droid Incredible X has been finally been spotted in the flesh, thanks to a set of leaked photos, ultimately revealing its suspected Verizon branding and red accents.

Interestingly, the device could make its American debut as the HTC DLX (pronounced “deluxe”) if the Taiwanese manufacturer has its way. This same DLX reference was also spotted in the bootloader menu of the J Butterfly, denoting the device as the Deluxe J. Regardless, the new Verizon-bound smartphone would mark HTC’s first attempt at a 5-inch device and also signify the newest major addition to the company’s One line since its introduction at Mobile World Congress in February. Read more

HTC reveals J Butterfly smartphone for Japan with 5-inch 1080p display and Android 4.1

Wait, can it be? Yes, HTC has finally revealed its long-rumored 5-inch smartphone, and it’s quite a device. The HTC J Butterfly is the company’s newest feat, sporting a Super LCD 3 1080p panel (440ppi), a Snapdragon S4 Pro quad-core processor, LTE and Android 4.1 Jelly Bean . Users will also receive 16GB of internal storage, 2GB of RAM, a MicroSD slot, 2020mAh batter, as well as an 8-megapixel rear camera and a 2.1-megapixel front-facing shooter. The J Butterfly weighs in at just 140 grams and measures 9.11mm thick.

While we’ve seen this smartphone before wearing similarly-suited US attire, HTC’s J Butterfly is currently limited to KDDI’s network in Japan. Of course, there’s always a chance we could see a variant of this device announced for America (probably on Verizon), we’ll have to sit still until any more information emerges.

Regardless, HTC has crafted a magnificent device–one that boasts all of the latest hardware and specs. Are you impressed? Would you pick one up if it came to the US?

Source: HTC

Special Edition HTC One S coming to Taiwan, makes U.S. customers jealous

One of the best phones on the market is about to get a little bit better. A Special Edition HTC One S has been profiled on HTC’s Taiwanese website, packing an upgraded  1.5 GHz Snapdragon S4 processor over its S3, along with four times the storage, 64GB vs 16GB. It will only be available in Taiwan, but it’s sure to be a hot commodity for the unlocked phone market.

Source: HTC Taiwan

Leaked T-Mobile Roadmap Indicates October Will Be An Android Bonanza For Customers


As we approach the close of 2012, there’s not much left to anticipate or look forward to… unless if you’re a T-Mobile customer. Thanks to our friends at TMoNews, we now know what Android devices will join T-Mobile’s line up and when they will be released. According to a leaked roadmap, we’re all set to see the LG Optimus L9 and Huawei Summit released on Halloween (10/31), a Samsung Galaxy S II color refresh on 10/29 and a mysterious Samsung Toba device— which is possibly suspected to be a new tablet– released on November 7th.

Naturally, the major focus for the close of the year will likely be the HTC One X+ and Samsung Galaxy Note II smartphones, but it’s still nice to see additional options being available to T-Mobile customers as well.


source: TMoNews

Droid Incredible 4G LTE update brings ISIS, global roaming, remote diagnostics and more

Verizon’s HTC Droid Incredible 4G LTE has received a nice upgrade that benefits customers who travel internationally as the addition of global roaming support has been added.

ISIS, Verizon’s mobile payment system has also been added into the update along with Verizon’s remote diagnostics tool, improved 4G connectivity and more.

The update isn’t quite ready for mass consumption yet, so keep your eye out for further updates as to when the update will be available for you.


HTC discontinues tablets in US market, will keep an open mind in the future

Just like the competing manufacturers in the smartphone market, the tablet market seems just as fierce. Recently statistics showed that iPad devices control a whopping 52% of the market share out of all tablets!  Keep in mind that there are a lot of other tablet manufacturers that make up the other 48%. Unfortunately due to the “competitive heat”, Taiwanese-based conglomerate HTC is dropping their hopes for US tablet sales. To be honest, HTC has only released a total of three tablets in the US, over the last two years. The Flyer, EVO View 4G, and Jetstream will no longer be sold by HTC, due to the lack of sales and overall interest in the devices. What’s interesting however, is that the company’s global online communications manager, Jeff Gordon, said that tablets could return in the future, leaving an “open-mind”. The HTC spokesman said, “We’re watching that market very, very closely,” referring to a possible revival of tablet production in the US market. Hopefully HTC could tag team with Google, for a next generation Nexus 7 tablet.  Read more

Verizon-bound HTC Droid Incredible X nears official launch

We’ve been hearing murmorings of a 5-inch HTC-built smartphone allegedly heading to Verizon’s network, but today more evidence has surfaced, suggesting its launch could be sooner than anticipated. The rumored Droid Incredible X has officially passed through the Global Certification Forum, meaning the device is a step closer to landing on Verizon’s 4G LTE network.

The smartphone is listed under the model number HTC6435LVWT which we’ve seen before. The listing also refers to specific Verizon LTE bands, leaving a full-scale launch on Big Red all but imminent. As a refresher, the Droid Incredible X is rumored to feature a quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro processor, as well as a pixel-dense 1080p HD display.

While the device will undoubtedly serve as a head-to-head competitor against Samsung’s Galaxy Note II, it’s unclear whether or not the device will launch as a Nexus-branded device. Previous reports have suggested that this is the case, though Verizon’s road map seems to disagree. Regardless, a 5-inch HTC device with a 1080p display is bound to be exciting.

Source: Global Certification Forum
Via: GottaBeMobile

HTC posts more financial losses in latest quarterly report

HTC released third quarter financial results today, and the trajectory is not good. For the fourth consecutive quarter, profits were down, this time by a whopping 79% compared to the previous quarter. Net income for the third quarter was down to $133 million compared to $247 million for the second quarter. Third quarter revenue was down to about $2.4 billion USD, which missed their guidance issued in August calling for revenue of $2.5 billion USD. Looking forward, the downward trend is expected to continue for at least a fifth consecutive quarter.

HTC’s chief executive officer Peter Chou has urged HTC employees regain a “sense of urgency” and try to avoid bureaucratic drains on the organization. However, analysts like Kevin Chang with Citigroup Inc. in Taipei see “further share looss in the U.S. and Europe” as HTC battles with Samsung and Apple for market share. HTC has been stronger in China, but even the success there is being dampened by “white box smartphones”, unbranded phones that increasingly are providing strong competition to the big name phone makers like HTC.

source: Bloomberg

Ready-to-flash official Jelly Bean ROM’s for certain HTC One X’s available

Gotta love leaks right? Looks like several leaks of HTC’s upcoming Jelly Bean ROM for the HTC One X has been leaked and ready for flashing for certain One X’s with the supported CID’s. These ROM’s are based on the One X+’s firmware and features Android 4.1.1 with Sense 4+. If one of these CID’s matches your device, then you’re lucky as you are able to give it a shot!

  • cidnum: HTC__001
  • cidnum: HTC__E11
  • cidnum: HTC__203
  • cidnum: HTC__102
  • cidnum: HTC__405
  • cidnum: HTC__Y13
  • cidnum: HTC__A07
  • cidnum: HTC__304
  • cidnum: HTC__M27
  • cidnum: HTC__032
  • cidnum: HTC__016
  • cidnum: HTC__J15

Any brave flashers wanna give this a shot? Let us know how it is!

source: XDA