New shots of HTC Butterfly S with dual-sim slots pop up on Twitter

butterfly s dual sim

We have a new picture of a Butterfly S variant, courtesy of @leakschina. This particular variant appears to have a dual-sim slot, which pretty much guarantees it won’t see a US release. Regardless, if you need to pick up a dual-sim phone for travelling, the dual-sim Butterfly S sports all the great specs of the traditional variant, including a 1080p screen, UltraPixel camera, and quad-core Snapdragon processor.

Anybody planning on trying to get their hands on one of these?

source: leakschina

Video showcases MoDaCo.SWITCH’s ability to easily switch between Sense and Stock

modacoswitchNews of the MoDaCo.SWITCH caused a lot of excitement last week. The tool will essentially allow HTC One users to switch between their carrier’s operating system and stock Android, creating a best of both words experience.Developer Paul O’Brien has released a video to show exactly how it will work – and it’s pretty cool. The video explains that both ROMs will use the same data directory, meaning all of your files, apps, and settings will be usable on both operating systems.

Currently, to switch operating systems, it’s necessary to reboot the device, but O’Brien wants the switch to be possible without a reboot. Also, after finishing the functionality for the HTC One, he says that he might work on a Samsung Galaxy S 4 version.

TMoDaCo.SWITCH is currently in beta, but O’Brien believes it will be stable pretty soon. You can view the video yourself after the break.

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Leaked Verizon roadmap shows HTC One and Moto X release dates


Leaked roadmaps are always good indicators on when devices will be released, and Verizon’s latest just leaked. Everyone has been wondering when Big Red will release the HTC One, and it looks like the wait will finally end on August 1st. They also list the Moto X, which is slated for August 23rd. Ironically there is no mention of the DROID Ultra, which probably means we won’t see that one until the fall.  Someone still needs to tell me why Verizon waited so long to release the One.

source: PhoneArena

Samsung, HTC, others may add Zigbee support to smartphones


Sources are indicating Samsung is ready to build support for Zigbee wireless technology into upcoming smartphone models. Zigbee is a set of standard protocols for wireless control of home automation devices like lights, heating and cooling controls, door locks or appliances. Samsung has already provided some support to the Zigbee Alliance and their standard by producing Zigbee compatible products like LED lightbulbs. This latest move though would move support for the standard from the individual products to the smartphone. By doing this, users would not need separate apps for each Zigbee equipped piece of hardware as control could be consolidated on the smartphone device. Read more

HTC could be looking at mid-year refresh of HTC One, plastic body for next generation of flagship device


After all the criticism HTC’s revamped marketing team leveled at Samsung over their use of plastic for flagship smartphone bodies, sources say HTC may be looking to adopt the same material for the next generation of the HTC One to be released in 2014. This detail and several others come from unnamed sources claiming to have an inside scoop on HTC’s plans for the HTC One. As part of the change to a plastic body, HTC is supposedly looking at merging the HTC One and HTC Butterfly model lines. The HTC Butterfly devices are available in several Asian markets and carry the same type of high-end hardware that the HTC One carries, so it makes some sense that HTC might want to consolidate the models. It is unclear whether the plastic-bodied HTC One will replace the metal version or be in addition to it, expanding the possible models that are part of the line. Sources also indicate the codename for the next generation HTC One is the M8, although HTC has been using other codenames to throw off leaks.

Meanwhile, sources are also claiming the current generation HTC One is about to receive some updates. This is supposed to be more than software with internal hardware upgrades planned. One possibility is the device could be changed to carry a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 chip instead of the current Snapdragon 600. In 2012 HTC did something similar with the HTC One X when it upgraded software, the camera, and chipset to produce the HTC One X+.

Of course, along with the lack of specific hardware details, there is a lack of information regarding release dates or markets. HTC has declined to comment on any of the rumors.

source: Pocket-lint 1, Pocket-lint 2

HTC Butterfly gets Android 4.2.2, Sense 5

htc-butterflyThose who wanted to take the risk and flash the latest Sense 5 to their HTC Butterfly have had that option for a while, but now HTC is finally officially providing their older phones the latest operating system. The Taiwanese HTC Droid, also known as the HTC Butterfly, can now download Sense 5 and Android 4.2.2. It’s delivered in two packages – one for prep and then one for the actual upgrade.

Earlier, HTC said that some of their features on Sense 5 would be exclusive to the HTC One, but that doesn’t seem to be the case for Blinkfeed, as it’s part of the Butterfly update. The update obviously isn’t yet available for the DNA, but the way things are going, don’t be surprised if it is soon.

Source: Engadget


HTC One in Glamour Red surfaces in hands-on video




We already had an idea of its imminent arrival, but we’re finally getting our first live glance of the HTC One smartphone in its Glamour Red color, thanks to the gang at BestBoyz. While the Glamour Red edition of the One is pretty much identical to the original, it showcases an awesome finish– while giving off a sort of bold character in the process. Unfortunately for those of us out here in the States, we probably won’t see this edition anytime soon, though UK residents will be able to order the phone through online retailer Phone4U sometime in a few weeks at least.

You can check out the full hands-on video below.


YouTube Preview Image


source: BestBoyz
via: Android Authority

HTC financial profits for Q2 2013 take a turn for the worst, down 83% from last year


Things certainly could have been a whole lot worse for the Taiwanese manufacturing mogul, but this news is pretty bad. HTC have reported a profit of  $40 million USD after tax from revenue of $2.33 billion USD.

Their numbers are a lot better than the reported profits of $2.48 million USD from last quarter, clearly due to the release of the HTC One to more markets and due to fixes in manufacturing issues, but this quarter’s numbers were expected to be much higher.

HTC’s stock price on the Taiwanese Stock Exchange has already fallen a full dollar since the start of July, leaving it at $7.20. The company is certainly going to be in trouble and in dire need of help if they can’t find a way to boost their profits.

HTC One Max, One Mini, two mysterious Nokia devices uncovered in O2 Germany document


Some information regarding upcoming devices to be sold through O2 Germany show several new HTC devices, some devices from Sony, a pair of mysterious Nokia devices to go with several WP8 handsets, and a couple Huawei smartphones. None of the devices are available now, but their presence on the list indicates O2 Germany anticipates selling them in the near future. Read more