HTC Velocity Receives ICS Update in Australia, One User Gives Us a Demo [Video]

Reports are showing that the HTC Velocity is starting to receive the Android 4.0 ICS update in Australia as we speak. In case Velocity doesn’t ring a bell, it is known stateside as the HTC Vivid and is currently available through AT&T. Aussie carrier Telstra has begun to push out the update to the device and Reddit and YouTube member demomanca has provided us with a nice little demo video of what ICS and Sense 3.6  look like running together. If you own a Velocity but reside in other parts of the world, I presume your carrier should be rolling-out the update soon. The HTC Velocity also takes on the name HTC Raider in Canada.

As far as when the update will arrive here in the states, well that’s entirely in AT&T’s hands now. Now that we know HTC has done there part lets hope AT&T doesn’t take too long to complete their testing period. Jump past the break to see ICS and Sense 3.6 working together in harmony. I must say, though, not too bad for a manufacturer UI overlay. 
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HTC Shows Off One X Deluxe, Limited Edition in Taiwan

While everyone around the world is still waiting for the release of the HTC One X that hasn’t stopped HTC from announcing a deluxe, limited edition version of the flagship device. The Taiwanese company took some time to show off the device that’s packed with the Solo Beats by Dre headphones valued at $179.95. The device will be available in Taiwan for pre-order starting March 20th and it will be sold for 24,900 Taiwan dollars or roughly $842 American. 
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HTC Media Link Makes Its Rounds At The FCC, Indicates It’s On Its Way Very Soon

Didn’t believe the hype surrounding HTC’s Media link at MWC this year did you? Well those who were skeptics will now be believers as the sweet wireless HD accessory has made its rounds at the FCC and looks primed for a release sometime within the next month or so. That means we’ll be able to experience a DLNA alternative that will display photos, video, games, etc. very soon. Let’s just hope the price is right and doesn’t scare too many folks off into buying this cool accessory.

source: FCC
via: Engadget

Quad-Core HTC One X Passes Through FCC

HTC’s much anticipated One X is coming in two flavors: the Snapdragon S4 dual-core LTE model destined for AT&T, and the Tegra 3 quad-core international version. The One Series of phones is getting a lot of chatter about their superior cameras with ImageSense technology.

The good news is that the Tegra 3 international version, model number PJ46100, has just cleared through the FCC, bringing it closer to launch. If you are disappointed that the LTE version is dual-core, it should be possible to import the quad-core and use it on AT&T’s 3G frequencies if HSPA+ is fast enough for you. However, I would recommend waiting until full benchmarks and real-world testing can determine whether the Tegra 3 is indeed faster than the Snapdragon S4, at least for your uses.

Tell us what you think in the comments below. Would you prefer the quad-core with slower connection speeds, or the dual-core with LTE?

source: fcc
via:  pocketnow

Test Photo Outs Low-End HTC Golf

Just in case you haven’t gotten enough news about new HTC handsets recently, we have another one to add to the list. Unlike the higher end One series phones that were just announced at MWC, this leaked device is more of the budget friendly caliber. A leaked test photo has surfaced, outing the phone codenamed the HTC Golf. According to the test specs and Pocket Now, the Golf has a measly 3MP camera, a 3.5-inch display, single-core processor and 512MB of RAM. Supposedly the device only has 4GB of on-board storage (also with microSD slot) but will come in a plethora of colors. This will obviously be HTC’s attempt to grab a foothold on the entry level Android market, as the One series should round out the top-end. The Golf is believed to arrive late in the 2nd quarter and pricing has yet to be determined (with those specs I would imagine damn-near free). We’ll keep you posted.

source: Pocket Now



HTC Sensation getting a taste of Ice Cream Sandwich in Nordic Countries, Sensation XE in Germany

HTC Sensation owners in Nordic Countries and Sensation XE owners in Germany are reporting the receipt of an OTA update that isn’t just some bug fixer. That’s right, it appears Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich has arrived. The 297mb update brings you to build number 3.32.401.5 and includes Sense 3.6. Since there’s no changelog, the question is whether this is an accidental push or not.

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HTC Droid Incredible 4G Passes Through FCC, Appears To Be Verizon Friendly

The HTC Droid Incredible 4G, previously dubbed the HTC Fireball,  is passing through the FCC just 3 days after receiving Bluetooth certification. What’s particularly interesting about this approval application is that it’s touting LTE band 13, which is Verizon’s 700MHz frequency. Although any further [relevant or interesting] details are slim to none, surely more information will be surfacing in the coming weeks and days. Keep posted to for further updates!

source: engadget

MoDaCo Does it Again: HTC One X Gets Root Thanks to Superboot

Like the Galaxy Nexus before it, the One X by HTC is already seeing root thanks to superboot files released before well, the phone even sees a release thanks to MoDaCo. Basically it’s a script that you run on your Linux, PC or Mac computer when the device is connected via the USB cable. What the script does is push the necessary root files to your device without the need for all those fancy ADB commands. It’s not as easy as a one-click root method but it isn’t as much of a process as using ADB.

Given that Android 4.0 is running on the One X with an ICS kernel it shouldn’t be too difficult to get custom ROMs and recoveries onto the device. Even though the bootloader is still locked my guess is that it will be added to the HTCDev site sometime shortly after it gets released. So while we will have to wait for the phone to release here in April for the UK and Europe and on AT&T this summer for the U.S. it’s nice to know that you’ll be able to root the device right out of the box. Hit the break below to find the instructions to do so as well as the file to download. Enjoy!
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Verizon Offering Smartphones For $10 And Another For Free In March Sale

Have an old OG DROID or first generation phone and looking for any excuse to upgrade to a new phone? Verizon is giving you the most compelling reason yet to come on down to Big Red Country. They have having a major sale in which the Motorola DROID X2 and DROID 3, Sammy DROID Charge and the HTC Incredible 2 smartphones can be found for a measley $10 each on contract from now until Monday, March 12th. Oh and Verizon is also offering the HTC Rhyme in its own St. Patty’s Day sale where the phone will be available for gratis on contract.

Naturally, this could be Verizon just pushing these “old” devices into the sunset. Regardless– this is a great deal and I’m sure plenty of folks will jump on the chance to some solid phones for those crazy prices.

source: VZ1 and VZ2

HTC Droid Incredible 4G Receives Bluetooth Certification

We’ve been hearing a lot recently about the Droid Incredible 4G (aka HTC Fireball), and just yesterday learned it could receive a Verizon launch on April 26th. Given that we already watched as it passed through Wi-Fi certification, the 26th of next month seems very likely for a release date. Today, we can now add the Bluetooth certification to the list of must-do’s before launch, as the Droid Incredible 4G (ADR6410LVW) passed with flying colors.

Unfortunately the Bluetooth certification doesn’t give us any more details than we already know, but it lets us know the device is just around the corner. The Droid Incredible 4G is believed to have a 4.3-inch Super AMOLED display and is said to be powered by a dual-core 1.2 GHz Snapdragon processor, have 1GB of RAM, an 8MP rear camera, VGA front facing camera, LTE, and will run Android 4.0. It is also thought to be the unknown phone in the image above which would make sense. The ADR6410LVW model number is very close to the Rezound’s model number (ADR6425) and the phone in the image sports they same humped back as the Rezound. As soon as we can solidify some of these details we will let you know. Jump past the break to see the Bluetooth certification.
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