HTC M4 looks like a smaller HTC One with mid-range specs


Based on the leaked image above, it looks like HTC is going to build upon their One design with a mid-range version, codenamed the M4. Identical in looks and smaller in size, the M4 packs 2GB of RAM, a dual-core processor and 16GB of internal memory behind a 4.3-inch 720p display (compared to the quad-core processor and 32GB of memory of the One).

The M4 will ship with a 1,700 mAh battery which cannot be removed from the device. As with the HTC One, the M4 will reportedly include HTC’s UltraPixel camera and Beats Audio-powered front-facing speakers. If the HTC One has piqued your interest but eluded your budget, or you’ve just been waiting for a smaller phone with decent specs, then the M4 may be the device you’ve been waiting for. The device is expected to ship near the end of Q2, and will sport Android Jellybean 4.2, which even the One has yet to see.

Source: PhoneArena




HTC 608t smartphone outed, brings a whole lot of One in a more affordable package



The HTC One is one hell of a smartphone— but its premium build and cost may be a bit out of reach for many customers. So with that in mind, HTC is quietly working on a stripped down version the device behind the scenes called the 608t. Design-wise, this mysterious new toy certainly mirrors One features including dual-stereo speakers on the front of the device, as well as a similar button layout. Of course the similarities end there as this Jelly Bean-powered smartphone features “modest” guts including a quad-core chip + 1GB of RAM, a 4.5-inch LCD display with a 960 x 540 (qHD?) display and an 8MP camera. Not too shabby HTC. Not too shabby.

Now for the part that you all want to know— the pricing and availability. While we don’t know the cost as of yet, the leak certainly suggests that this device will at least be headed for Chinese markets in the near-future. For those of us out in the States, there’s no word on if the 608t will ever make it out to our shores, maybe HTC will surprise us and unveil this device in the US at some point sooner than later.

source: Ameblo (Jp)

Sprint officially lists the black HTC One smartphone on its website



It looks like AT&T isn’t going to be the only one to have the smooth HTC One smartphone in sexy black clothing. Sprint went ahead and listed that variant of the flagship device on its website as available for purchase now. The little puppy will run potential customers $550 outright— or there of course the option of taking advantage of additional savings which would bring the total cost to a hair under 100 bucks. There’s no exact word on how long it will take the black One to ship to customers’ front doors, but we’d imagine lucky recipients would receive them soon… very soon.

Hit the source link to check out the black version for yourself. Or if black doesn’t tickle your fancy, you can always grab the original silver version for the same price too.

source: Sprint HTC One Black | Silver

HTC makes statement regarding injunction, will transition to improved microphones


HTC is clearing the air in regards to the injunction that was ordered in the Netherlands on Nokia’s behalf. They want to make it clear the injunction wasn’t on the HTC one, but it was on STM, manufacturers of the microphone on the HTC One. Nokia had an exclusive arrangement with STM for these microphones and HTC bought them in good faith. In fact, HTC was found to be blameless in the case. Regardless, HTC can’t buy microphones from STM anymore, but HTC wanted to make it clear that they are still able to utilize the microphones they bought before the injunction was granted. HTC is already working on an improved design and will transition to it when the current STM supply runs out. Hit the break for HTC’s full statement.

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T-Mobile HTC One S gets Jelly Bean


I was actually wondering if it would ever happen, but it looks like the Jelly Bean update is officially rolling for the T-Mobile HTC One S. Of course it isn’t the latest version of Jelly Bean, but Android 4.1.1 still brings a lot of new features such as Google Now. The file size is pretty high at 675.49MB so you need to be connected to WiFI for this one. You should receive your update automatically, but you can always check to see if you can manually pull it by going to Settings/About/Software Updates. Let us know if you received your update yet.

source: TmoNews

HTC One heading to China with dual-sim and microSD card support


The HTC One is launching on carriers all over the world, and now we’ve got the official announcement for China. As we’d previously heard, the Chinese variant of the HTC One is still packing dual sim slots and that coveted microSD card slot. The battery is still completely non-removable, but the SD card is a very, very nice addition. There’s no word on carrier subsidies, but you can expect the device to be available directly from HTC on April 26th.

As we’d heard before, this customized version of the One is probably not going to hit any other parts of the world, so don’t hold your breath.

source: Engadget

HTC One receives update to improve UltraPixel camera performance


Looks like that update we told you about for the HTC One is good to go. HTC just announced an update (version 1.29.401.13) for the European model that concentrates on the UltraPixel camera with many fixes. It includes improvements for sound captures with Zoe, noise reduction for slow motion movie captures, better color reproduction and dynamic range for non-HDR images in certain conditions, and corrections to EXIF information when ISO settings are manually changed. Those of you with a European model should expect to see the update this week. If you have a carrier version, expect a rather long delay especially if you’re in the U.S. Don’t forget to check out our guide on the HTC One camera as well as how to utilize Zoes and video highlights.

source: Pocket-Lint

Use a custom kernel to turn your HTC One’s logo into a functional extra button


Are you the proud owner of a new HTC One? Is your only complaint the weird button layout? Developer tbalden at XDA may be able to solve your problem with his new kernel tweak which turns the HTC button into a sleep button (which also enables the home button to wake the device) or a menu button, depending on your preference.

This little tweak is possible since the digitizer of the HTC One extends a bit under the HTC button, which allows a different function to be assigned to it with a custom kernel. Currently, the hack isn’t 100% functional, and there’s been a tiny amount of weird behavior with it, but it’s definitely going to be a great mod as it’s further developed and tweaked. Hit the break below to check out the forum post to get the mod working on your shiny new phone.

source: XDA

Nokia Granted Preliminary Injunction Over HTC and Its Use of High-Amplitude Mics in the HTC One


It seriously seems like HTC can’t catch a break with the HTC One. While we’ve seen delays roll in already, the latest news isn’t any better. According to a court filing in Amsterdam, Nokia has won a preliminary injunction over HTC in its use of the same high-amplitude microphones also found in the Lumia 720. According to the filing Nokia has an exclusive 12 month contract with STMicroelectrionics to use these dual-membrane microphones as they co-developed them. Apparently the chip maker thought the exclusivity was only for 6 months rather than a full year.

But fear not as current HTC One shipments in stores will remain unaffected as the court stated that HTC was “blameless” and unaware of exclusivity between Nokia and STMicroelectronics. So far this is only affecting HTC in the Netherlands but its implication could be worse as this isn’t the first manufacturing delay the Taiwanese company has seen with its new flagship. HTC, while disappointed in the ruling, remained optimistic as they released the following statement after the decision:

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HTC expected to get Android 4.2.2 update in July… but no further updates after that



Is the HTC One X smartphone not going to get a taste of Key Lime Pie? It certainly appears to be the case as a mysterious tweet from an insider indicated that HTC would be providing the Android 4.2.2 update as its final update for the smartphone— not the Android 5.0 update that was expected by the masses.What’s even more baffling is there’s no reasoning for why the update wouldn’t hit the device either. Could it be a potential delay of the Android 5.0 launch by Google? What about memory limitations for Sense + Android 5.0? Perhaps the real likelihood is well, it might be too much work to try and stuff new software into increasingly “outdated technology”. It sucks, but that’s likely the real culprit… if it’s true that is.

Naturally we will need to wait for the official word from HTC before we can jump to any real speculation that is. On the flipside, at least reports are indicating the Android 4.2.2 + Sense 5 update will hit devices from July. A bit of a silver lining for One X owners we suppose.

source: LlabTooFer Twitter | Gotta Be Mobile