HTC One S for T-Mobile could launch on April 22

The HTC One S has already been announced for T-Mobile, but when? With Europe getting the complete HTC One series in early April, it has to be pretty soon right? Well there aren’t any obvious assumptions in mobile, but things might be looking good for April 22. Sunday isn’t a normal day for T-Mobile releases. Usually it’s a Wednesday or Friday, but since they’ve launched phones on Sundays before, it could be a strong possibility. Love to hear from T-Mobile customers. Are you excited for the One S?

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The HTC One XL Smartphone Defined


The HTC One X is no doubt an impressive phone— whether in its Tegra 3 or Snapdragon S4 form. While the device has generated a lot of buzz and excitement, we do know there is a clear difference between the two versions besides the chipset: the Snapdragon version has an LTE chip, the Tegra 3 version doesn’t. People may not realize that HTC has casually made mention of an HTC One XL smartphone, but there has been some minor confusion of what that smartphone actually is. Here’s a quick answer for you all: the HTC One XL smartphone is essentially the AT&T version of the HTC One X without the AT&T branding that will be released specifically for international markets utilizing LTE technology.

There’s a few theories on why this is too. AT&T perhaps wanted to keep the more edgy HTC One X branding, but HTC realized it needs to cater to other growing LTE markets worldwide. That means in order to bring an LTE variant of the One X smartphone outside of the US, it will need to need to you guessed it– bring the Snapdragon S4 version of the device. Instead of causing confusion abroad by having two different versions of the device bearing the same name, HTC kept things simple and named the Tegra 3 version of the device the One X and the Snapdragon S4 version of the device the One XL.

So there you have it gang. The One X will also be known as the Tegra 3 version. The One XL will be also known as the Snapdragon S4 LTE version. And those of us in the U.S. will have the lucky honor of having AT&T’s version of the One XL known as the One X. OK… so there is some minor confusion for us here in the States, but you hey– you get the point.

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HTC One X, One S, and One V to release in Germany, Austria and Switzerland on April 2

We won’t see anything here in the U.S. for a couple of months, but those of you in Europe get to check out the new HTC One Series starting next week. Of course we may never see the likes of a Tegra 3 version stateside, so we’re seriously jealous. Those of you in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland will be able to get your hands on your choice of the HTC One X, One S, or One V starting this Monday, April 2. We certainly aren’t surprised with this date since everybody and their brother has been reporting an early April release and we’ve already seen pre-orders started in the U.K.

The One X is expected to come in around at €599 (CHF 719), the One S will cost €499 (CHF 599), and the One V will be €299 (CHF 349). For those of you clamorring to get your hands on one (no pun intended), it might be a long weekend for you.

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HTC Sensation Smartphone For Vodafone Receives Coveted Android 4.0 Update


Today is a joyous day for owners of the UK version of the HTC Sensation smartphone. We know HTC pledged to unleash the Ice Cream Sandwich update for the device, but it was uncertain of when each device would actually receive the update. HTC Sensation smartphones operating under Vodafone UK’s mobile network has gradually begun receiving the Android 4.0 update. Here’s Vodafone’s comments on the exciting update:


“Great news. The testing of the ICS update for HTC Sensation is complete, and we plan to start rolling out the update tomorrow, 29th March.

The update will be rolled out in phases by the Over The Air service, so if yours doesn’t appear right away, you can either wait for it to appear, or go to Settings > About Phone > Software Update > Check now.”


Those of you on the device will now have an added lease on life, thanks to ICS and of course Diet Sense-4.0. Guess that means you guys can stick it to your Samsung Galaxy S II bretheren, right?

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HTC Looks To Be Entering The Portable Media Player Fray

It’s no secret. The iPod owns the portable media player sector, but that hasn’t stopped Android OEMs from taking a stab it. Most recently, the Samsung Galaxy Players have been top dog for team Android, but it appears HTC is near ready to join in the fun and with a novel design it seems. The screenshots you see here in this post are taken from a patent filing from Q1 2011. In the illustrations (another after the break) you can clearly see a kickstand as well as multiple speaker grills. This thing looks like its ready to crank it up to 11, no sweat, and since its HTC, a device like this has got to have Beats on board. Of particular interest is that it appears the speakers are ordinarily hidden and you slide the two back halves to create the surround sound experience. Speaking of Surround, we’ve seen an approach similar to this on the Windows powered HTC Surround. Looks like they saved the better stuff for Android! 
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AT&T One X benchmarked again, Not so dominating this time

Yesterday’s benchmark looked pretty good for the AT&T version of the HTC One X, but today’s benchmark brings it back to reality. We already know the AT&T version of the One X won’t get the super fast NVIDIA Tegra 3 CPU, but for some reason people are trying to prove the Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 is going to be just as fast. Yesterday’s benchmark was on the Vellamo browser, but that was built by Qualcomm. Do you see where I’m going with this?

Anyways, we now have results from the ANdEbench, AnTuTu, and CF-Bench. What did we find out? We found out that the S4 is definitely an upgrade over the S3 as it should be, but not as daunting when you eliminate the Vellamo results.

I have to be honest, in the majority of my reviews I’ve stated that benchmarks really don’t mean much. It simply doesn’t give you a solid picture of real life, but I know a lot of people get fired up over them. The bottom line is that I don’t think the AT&T One X will be able to stack up with the Tegra 3 version, but will it still be a solid phone? Of course it will, and I’m positive the majority of consumers will be quite pleased with it. Hit the break for more results.

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Vodafone Officially Makes HTC One X And One V Smartphones Available For Preorders

Those of you living in the UK won’t have to wait much longer for HTC’s most anticipated devices of the year. Reports are coming in that both the One X and One S are officially up for preorder with mobile giant Vodafone. It will be offering the One X in both grey and white for free on contracts of £41 or more per month, which gets you 900 minutes, unlimited text messaging and 1GB of monthly data. The phone can also be found for as little as £26 per month, though customers would have to pay a hefty £299 upfront to get the device at that rate.

The One S will be available for free on contracts of £36 per month, which will snag you 600 minutes, unlimited text messaging and 1GB of monthly data. The phone is also available for as little as £26 per month, but like the One X— customers will need to pay £199 upfront in order to get the phone at that price.

The fact that both Beats Audio-powered devices are now available for preorder means the official release is imminent for both smartphones. Let’s hope Vodafone doesn’t make interested buyers wait too long for the latest and greatest iteration of HTC’s new and improved Sense UI.

source: Vodafone UK

HTC Budget News: One V Gets FCC Approval and ICS Coming To EVO Design 4G

HTC has been getting a lot of attention recently with their One Series of phones. Looks like the HTC One V, the budget device in the series, has gotten FCC approval and is likely getting an April release. It already got GCF certification, and FCC approval is the last step leading up to a release of a smartphone. The One V will come with a 3.7-inch 800 x 480 touch screen, single core 1 GHz processor, 512 MB of RAM, 5MP camera with LED flash, and 4GB of onboard storage.

In other HTC news, Sprint’s Evo Design 4G, released last October, just gained Bluetooth re-certification. Why would it need to get re-certified? Most likely it’s because it will be getting a system update soon, and the rumor mill is churning out three letters: ICS. The Evo Design 4G is a mid-range device that has been fairly popular due to its affordability. When it gets Ice Cream Sandwich, it should help extend the life of this solid device. No news on when the update will come, but with the re-certification complete, it should be relatively soon.

sources: fcc, bluetooth
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HTC Ranks Highest In Android Satisfaction According To J.D. Powers

J.D. Powers and Associates just released Volume 1 of their 2012 smartphone satisfaction survey, conducted from July through December of 2011. This survey measures how satisfied consumers are with their smartphone experiences, and although Apple took the top spot overall, the next three on the list are Android manufacturers, with HTC in the lead.

The survey asked 7,080 consumers to evaluate performance, ease of operation, physical design, and features. Only two manufacturers surpass the industry average of 774 (out of 1000)… Apple, with 839, and HTC with 798. Next is Samsung with 769, then Motorola with 758.

The introduction of 4G smartphones has skewed numbers downward due to the toll they take on battery life, with respondents ranking battery life an average of 6.1 out of 10. The largest negative impact, however, was with software malfunctions.

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