Verizon Offering Smartphones For $10 And Another For Free In March Sale

Have an old OG DROID or first generation phone and looking for any excuse to upgrade to a new phone? Verizon is giving you the most compelling reason yet to come on down to Big Red Country. They have having a major sale in which the Motorola DROID X2 and DROID 3, Sammy DROID Charge and the HTC Incredible 2 smartphones can be found for a measley $10 each on contract from now until Monday, March 12th. Oh and Verizon is also offering the HTC Rhyme in its own St. Patty’s Day sale where the phone will be available for gratis on contract.

Naturally, this could be Verizon just pushing these “old” devices into the sunset. Regardless– this is a great deal and I’m sure plenty of folks will jump on the chance to some solid phones for those crazy prices.

source: VZ1 and VZ2

HTC Droid Incredible 4G Receives Bluetooth Certification

We’ve been hearing a lot recently about the Droid Incredible 4G (aka HTC Fireball), and just yesterday learned it could receive a Verizon launch on April 26th. Given that we already watched as it passed through Wi-Fi certification, the 26th of next month seems very likely for a release date. Today, we can now add the Bluetooth certification to the list of must-do’s before launch, as the Droid Incredible 4G (ADR6410LVW) passed with flying colors.

Unfortunately the Bluetooth certification doesn’t give us any more details than we already know, but it lets us know the device is just around the corner. The Droid Incredible 4G is believed to have a 4.3-inch Super AMOLED display and is said to be powered by a dual-core 1.2 GHz Snapdragon processor, have 1GB of RAM, an 8MP rear camera, VGA front facing camera, LTE, and will run Android 4.0. It is also thought to be the unknown phone in the image above which would make sense. The ADR6410LVW model number is very close to the Rezound’s model number (ADR6425) and the phone in the image sports they same humped back as the Rezound. As soon as we can solidify some of these details we will let you know. Jump past the break to see the Bluetooth certification.
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HTC Sensation Seen Running Around In Custom ROM With Android 4.0 And Sense UI 4.0


Own an HTC phone, but can’t get enough of the latest dessert with the smooth topping? Well cheer up kids, we have a follow-up to the custom Endeavor ROM we previously saw on the HTC Sensation . The ambitious Virtuous team managed to snag an early build of the HTC One X software (also known as the HTC Endeavour RUU 0.96.401.2 build) and created an S4X ROM for the HTC Sensation smartphone. While the ROM is unsurprisingly buggy and some features are missing as the ROM is in its early stages, you can see in the video below that Sense 4.0 runs just fine on the Snapdragon S3-based phone. So much for HTC only bringing a diet version of Sense to the older smartphones when they are updated to ICS.

While this is only a ROM, you can see the positive outlook in the direction HTC is taking with its Sense UI. Among the apps that are highlighted are Tasks, Notes, PDF Viewer, Video Editor and the new Car Mode. But Enough of my jabber, why don’t you see the Sense 4.0-based ROM in action by checking out the video below?


YouTube Preview Image


source: Mobile Syrup

HTC Thunderbolt Users: Stay on the Lookout for ICS, Testing May Have Begun

Everyone was drooling over the HTC One series at Mobile World Congress, and its Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and Sense 4.0. Now, it looks as though HTC might be hitting up some of their older phones with ICS as well. There has been an email leaked that Verizon’s HTC Thunderbolt has a few devices undergoing a user trial for Ice Cream Sandwich. The trial should run through April, which may indicate a roll out of ICS for the Thunderbolt late this spring. Of course, this trial is no guarantee of that. There was lots of teasing and changing of minds that the Thunderbolt would get Android 2.3 Gingerbread before it actually did.

The email does seem a little fishy – why would HTC have an outside link to to explain Ice Cream Sandwich? Why not roll out the test OTA? Why are they providing test devices? We’ll just have to wait and see. Let us know what you think in the comments.


source: VZbuzz



Verizon Future Phone Round-Up: HTC Fireball Becomes Incredible 4G; LG Lucid 4G; RAZR Coming in Blue

How does a little insight into what Verizon may be bringing out in the coming future sound? Good? Well according to the folks over at Droid-Life and their inside sources it’s suggested that the HTC Fireball will be coming to us as the DROID Incredible 4G, LG will be bringing out the LG Lucid 4G and that the RAZR will be coming out in a new color, this time in blue.

While rumors for the Fireball/Incredible 4G have the specs as being underwhelming compared to that of the One-X and today’s standards (1.2 GHz dual-core processor, 1GB of RAM, a Super AMOLED display, 8MP Rear VGA Front cameras, and ICS) the Incredible line is usually quite solid. Plus with its rumored Global radios it could be a contender all of its own.  HTC and Verizon seem to push this as a mid-range/budget device but if the Incredible 2 is any indication you will be hard pressed at finding a better bang for your buck.

There is also talk of LG releasing the Lucid 4G but there isn’t anything concrete in terms of details. The RAZR, not sure if they mean the original or the MAXX, will also be adding a blue color to add to its purple, white and original colors. Here’s hoping that Verizon drops some insight on us here in the near future. Given that the HTC device has passed Wifi FCC certification we may see it sooner than later.


source: Droid-Life

HTC Releases Beats Audio API Among Others

We already knew that HTC had planned on releasing the Beats Audio API for developers to integrate the music tweaking software into their own apps. What we didn’t know was that HTC also planned on granting access to a few other APIs as HTCdev announced the availability of four important HTC APIs. The announced APIs are:

  • Beats Audio API
  • Lockscreen API
  • Mobile Device Management API
  • And soon a HTC MediaLink HD API

Now developers can better create apps that integrate deeper into the HTC device experience. For example, accessing various apps directly from the lockscreen, view/listen to an apps media on the stock HTC media player, and the ability to enjoy Beats Audio from within other music apps such as PowerAMP. In addition, HTC plans on listing newly created apps that leverage the HTC APIs within the HTC Hub. A place where consumers can go to find all the apps that are tailored to their HTC device.

It will only be a matter of time before the development community starts pumping out creative ways in which to use their apps. I would be stoked to see Beats Audio tied in with Google Music. What would you like to see come out of this?

source: HTCblog

Sample Photos Show Off HTC ImageSense


HTC stole the show at Mobile World Congress with the unveiling of their HTC One series of phones. We’re talking specs spanning dual-cores, quad-cores, HD screens, polycarbonate unibodies, and more. One of the areas HTC focused on (pun intended) is the camera, with a new integrated custom HTC ImageChip, and big improvements to the lens, sensor, and software. This suite of imaging improvements is known as HTC ImageSense.

The specs sound great, but how does it perform in real-world situations? Androidandme managed to get a hold of sample pictures taken with an HTC One, and although they are not the full resolution originals, they show just how amazing ImageSense can be. The focus is sharp, the colors vibrant, and the contrast high. These rival many point-and-shoots in my opinion. Granted, these were probably shot by a pro under the best conditions, but they prove that the One series ups the ante significantly in the imaging department.

Check out the gallery after the break.

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The HTC One Series and Its Sense 4.0 Legacy Menu Button… Why?

I don’t know if you’ve looked at any of the HTC One Series phones but if you have you may have noticed something peculiar. You can even see it in the promo videos we told you about the other day. You may not think that it’s peculiar given that this item has long been with most Android Devices before Android 3.0. I’m talking about the capacitive buttons of course.

While the Galaxy Nexus and Ice Cream Sandwich made them a thing of the past it seems as if every phone coming out of MWC this year has them in one form or another but I digress. The peculiar item I am writing about is the three capacitive buttons on the One Series phones without their missing menu button. While yes Google did say it was going away from the menu button entirely, this begged the question, how does one access an application’s in-app menu? 
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Beats Audio No Longer Limited to HTC Devices, Now Flashable to Any Gingerbread ROM [Updated]

I am sure many of you are familiar with Dr.Dre’s Beats Audio line and that HTC bought exclusive rights to integrating the audio improvement software in their devices. I’ve heard people say that their HTC/Beats device provides a sound that is unmatched to other devices they have owned and I’ve also heard folks say the improvement isn’t even noticeable. While I am still on the fence on whether or not this software actually makes a noticeable difference, at the same time I have yet to couple the experience with a quality pair of headphones. Either way, the Beats Audio software is no longer tied to just HTC devices and is now flashable for non HTC owners to enjoy. Now you can be the judge on whether or not HTC spent their money wisely.

Since Beats Audio is nothing but software, thanks to XDA members fuss132 and willblake13, we now have an easy way to flash Beats Audio to any rooted device running a Gingerbread ROM. It’s pretty simple really, all you need to do is hit up the XDA link at the bottom of this post, download the .zip file, and flash through CWM. Not much to it. The real question is whether or not you will notice a difference. Although fuss132 takes a similar stance as I do and says “I think at some ponts beats audio is only a audio marketing strategie,”  he also claims “The sounds will be more natural, playing with more clarity.” However contradicting that may sound, he includes some test results that clearly show that there is some level of improvement to be gained. So if you’re the flash-happy type of person I think you are, you should check it out and decide for yourself. Test results after the break.

Beat on my friends… Beat on

Update: It looks as though this didn’t bode well with someone (most likely HTC) and the thread has been removed from XDA already. If you have more insight please let me know, I am curious.

source: XDA

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HTC One X could be headed to T-Mobile and Sprint as well

A couple of days ago HTC unveiled its quad-core Tegra 3 based smartphone known as the One X. Immediately after that, AT&T announced that it would carry the LTE version with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 1.5 GHz dual-core processor. Now rumors are starting to swirl that we may see the One X land on both Sprint and T-Mobile.

As to Sprint, we know they are launching their LTE service by mid-year, and they already announced the Galaxy Nexus and the LG Viper. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that HTC will probably have something LTE as well. Pocketnow is reporting from a reliable source that the One X could land on Sprint under the EVO series. It could be called the EVO LTE, but for now it’s code named the Jewel.

The other interesting question is whether it will arrive with the Qualcomm dual-core chip (like AT&T) or the Tegra 3 quad-core chip? The reason the AT&T version has the Qualcomm chip is because the Tegra 3 isn’t compatible with LTE. We already know that NVIDIA is working on a LTE modem that will work with it, but it isn’t ready yet. Since the “Jewel” probably won’t launch till mid-year at the earliest, it’s possible the timing will work for Sprint to launch the Tegra 3 version. Again, this is all speculation.

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