HTC launches site to make themes for the One M9


When the device launches around the world next month, the HTC One M9 will have multiple themes accessible. Owners of the device also have the option to extract qualities from photos to compose a personalized theme. Taking things even further is the HTC Themes site that was launched today. The site provides users with the ability to change wallpapers, colors, icons, sounds, and font. Specific elements of a theme can be changed while others are left alone.

There is also the social aspect of HTC Themes. Users can bookmark themes from around the world to see what they like. An HTC, Facebook, or Google+ account is required to start using the theme creator.

Source: HTC Themes

New image compares HTC One M9 with HTC One M9 Plus


Earlier today we say a posting from Twitter account @OnLeaks describing the dimensions of the HTC One M9 Plus, a smartphone that everyone is trying to figure out whether it is going to come to market or not. @OnLeaks has indicated since then that he was able to view a prototype of the HTC One M9 Plus and based on that, he created a mock up showing the device next to the HTC One M9. Read more

Promotional videos from AT&T show the Samsung Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge, and HTC One M9


Promoting a new device is typically done through the manufacturer itself, but carriers have some work to do as well. These days, devices are released through multiple carriers; therefore, they need to make sure that consumers choose a specific device on their network. That is the reasoning for the carriers releasing promotional videos focusing on certain handsets. For two of the year’s most popular devices, AT&T has gone the route of in-depth promotional videos. The carrier has a single video covering the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge while another video highlights the HTC One M9. Covered in the videos are specifications and unique services bundled with the devices.

Hit the break for the videos.

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The HTC One M7 just might get the Android 5.1 update after all…


It’s just a couple of days ago that we reported that the stock variant of the HTC One M7 would be marooned on Android 5.0.2 while the GPE M7 would be updated to Android 5.1. Understandably, this news upset some M7 owners who were confused about how the 5.1 update could be classed as a major update to the Android operating system as it consists mainly of tweaks and bug fixes. There may be some cause for hope though.

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[Deal] HTC RE Camera discounted 50% through Best Buy


The RE Camera was launched last fall for consumers that wanted a personal camera with style and simplicity. Clearly, the device was targeted by HTC at the action-oriented. While the RE Camera impressed many with its simply controls and decent quality, the price moved consumers in another direction. Today, the RE Camera can be purchased through Best Buy for 50% less than its normal retail price. The device, which has a 16MP lens and is waterproof, is available for $99 with free shipping.

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HTC One M9 goes on sale in Taiwan tomorrow


Now that HTC has fixed the overheating issue, the One M9 is cleared for takeoff. The first stop is tomorrow, March 21, in Taiwan. They will be offering only the Gunmetal Gray and Silver/Rose Gold option in either 32 or 64 GB. The Amber Gold version will launch in early April.

Pricing is TWD 21,900 (€650 / $705 ) for the 32 GB version and TWD 23,900 (€710 / $770) for the 64 GB version. As to the U.S., it was already announced that April 10 will be your lucky day.

source: GSMArena

Cher Wang now CEO of HTC, Peter Chou will lead Future Development Lab


HTC has announced a surprising move as they are gearing up for the HTC One M9 launch. The Board of Directors has named Cher Wang as the chief executive officer. Cher Wang is a co-founder of HTC and was currently the Chairman. This change is effective immediately.

Peter Chou isn’t leaving the company, but he is transitioning into a new role in which he will lead HTC’s Future Development Lab. It is an obvious step down as he will look to identify future opportunities for the company.

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