HTC has a plan to get you to purchase a One M9 over the iPhone


It looks like HTC has a plan to tackle the high-end smartphone market. As we all know, HTC has been working hard at building a gorgeous phone over the last few years and with general success at doing so. Even so, HTC hasn’t been able to chip into the Apple/Samsung dominated smartphone market and as such HTC must show how the One M9 differentiates itself from both Android phones and the iPhone 6. Well, HTC Americas president Jason Mackenzie seems to to know this and has hinted that HTC has a plan in place to do so.

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Get your HTC One M9 fix with two new videos



With all the excitement the new Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge seems to have brought, some people may have forgotten that HTC has unleashed its third generation HTC One on the world. While some feel the M9 is less than worthy of a generational upgrade (those same folks said the same thing about the S3 going to the S4), the phone took what users didn’t like about the M8 and refined it to make it better.

That said, we’re still waiting on the release of the phone, but in the mean time, we have Iron Man aka Robert Downey Jr. narrating a video about the new M9 and another video that’s “out of this world.” We have them for you after the break. Enjoy!

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We now know why the most recent HTC One is referred to as the M9

HTC One M9 4G with 32GB Memory Cell Phone Gray HTC ONE M9 GREY  at Best Buy

The HTC One was unveiled a couple of years ago, and at that time, the “M” naming scheme was birthed. HTC has released the One M7, One M8, and the soon to be One M9. I often wondered what the Mx designation meant, and today we know thanks to HTC Senior Global Online Communications Manager Jeff Gordon.

If you remember, before the original One M7 was announced, it was rumored to exist under a codename of M7. Eventually when they announced the phone, that M7 name stuck with it. We don’t know where the “M” part of the equation came from, but we do know what the numbers represent.

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This could be the HTC One M9 Plus


Images of the HTC One M9 Plus (or Ultra) has leaked again. It looks much like the basic One M9, except the camera lens is rounder. It’s also missing the Duo Camera setup that we saw in January’s leak. Sporting a 5.2-inch Quad-HD (2560 x 1440) display, it’s not much of an upgrade as one would expect. What I mean is that you would expect the display to be much bigger as in 5.5 to 6.0-inches. It’s also rumored that it will never leave China.

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HTC’s One M9 is priced at $599 according to T&C’s of SweepStakes Promotion


The HTC One M9 was only announced a couple of days ago at MWC, so it’s pretty normal not to have pricing details available. But seeing as HTC are currently running a SweepStakes Promotion where you can win one of five One M9 handsets, a monetary value for the prize has to be included in the terms and conditions of the contest, as seen after the break. Read more