HTC confirms it has stopped production of Nexus 9


During Google I/O 2016, one notable subject that the company was silent on was the future of smartphones and tablets in its Nexus line. That was not unexpected despite the Nexus 9 tablet being pulled from the Google Store in late April. With a new report from HTC confirming they have ceased production of the tablet, that means Google currently has no tablet device available for purchase or ostensibly in the pipeline for a future release. Read more

Chinese pre-orders for HTC 10 practically non-existent


As if the struggles to avoid falling out of the smartphone market altogether have not been difficult enough for HTC, a new report indicates the company may have really screwed up the launch of the HTC 10 in the Chinese market. According to this report, after eleven days of taking pre-orders through two retailers, supposedly only 251 HTC 10 devices have been ordered. Read more