Check out the theme options that come on the HTC One M9


When HTC released the HTC One M9 at MWC 2015, one of the benefits they touted was their new Sense 7 user interface layer. HTC’s version of a launcher now includes support for themes like many third-party launchers and HTC decided to include some “stock” themes to help people get start with the customization of their devices.

After the break you can check out some screen shots showing these themes. Once you take a look at them, be sure to stick around for more MWC 2015 coverage.
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Watch HTC’s unveiling of the One M9, Grip and Vive VR anytime anywhere


HTC hosted a little event yesterday. You might have heard that they announced the all new One M9, the Grip wearable, and the Vive VR. Maybe you got to watch or it maybe you were too distracted when trying to watch it. Whatever the reason is, it doesn’t matter, because you can watch it again and again and again if you wish. You can watch it tonight, tomorrow, or next year because it’s on YouTube today and forever. All you have to do is hit the break for the complete show.

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HTC will release the Hima Ultra exclusively for Chinese markets with the launch of the M9

htc_one_m9_sprint_dark_gunmetal_greyIf you weren’t entirely impressed with HTC’s M9 today, there’s always a chance that the bigger sized version of the device will change things up a bit. According to @upleaks, HTC will announce the Hima Ultra at a Chinese press conference later this year when they announce the M9 for that particular market. Unfortunately, that means the supposedly bigger sized version of the device will be exclusive to Chinese markets, at least at first.

There isn’t much info on what the Hima Ultra will be, but it’s a pretty safe bet it’ll stick to the same mold HTC is using for the new HTC One. We’ll keep you updated as more information surfaces.
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Google releases new Android video for the young at heart


With all kinds of new Android powered devices being announced at MWC 2015, like the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge and the HTC One M9, Google has released a new video in their line of be together.not the same. commercials. The new video is titled Android: Young Together and shows how ordinary people of all ages use their devices to stay young at heart.

You can check out the video after the break. Be sure to stick with us at TalkAndroid for more coverage from MWC 2015 to seeĀ all the new Android powered devices ready to hit the market.

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HTC Sense 7 to make its way to HTC One M8


When HTC officially unveiled the HTC One M9 a little while ago, one thing that comes with the new hardware is a new user interface. HTC’s newest iteration of their custom skin is Sense 7 and comes with some included features like themes that many users get from third party launchers.

If you happen to own last year’s flagship from the manufacturer, the HTC One M8, you will be glad to know that HTC indicated during their event today that Sense 7 will be coming to that device as well. No timeline was provided for the rollout of Sense 7, so we will just have to watch for the update to surface on the HTC or carrier web sites.

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Unlocked HTC One M9 will be sold through company site


All of the carriers confirmed that they would sell the HTC One M9. What about an unlocked version of the HTC flagship for 2015? We have great news. The company confirmed that it will sell an unlocked version of the One M9 directly through its online store. This version is likely going to be dubbed HTC One M9 Developer Edition, and that means no carrier touches or slow software updates. Everything will come straight from HTC at its own pace.

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HTC One M9 heading to Verizon, logos included


In true Verizon fashion, the HTC One M9 will be available with two sizeable logos on its rear. Big Red confirmed the One M9 on its network by posting an image of handset on Twitter. As you can see in the image above, both Verizon and 4G LTE logos are stamped. The carrier will also include its LTE logo in the status bar and plenty of bloatware such as the Verizon Messages app.

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Sprint pre-registration page opens for HTC One M9


As expected, Sprint will offer the new HTC One M9 to its customers. The carrier did not provide a specific release date, but it did say “early spring.” While waiting for the concrete release date, you can pre-register starting today. Sprint will then forward exact information when it becomes available.

On the carrier branding side of things, it looks like Sprint has only touched the status bar. The physical appearance is untouched and the status bar features the carrier’s LTE logos.

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Source: Sprint [Pre-register Link]

HTC Vive virtual reality headset introduced through partnership with Valve


Add HTC to the list of companies getting involved in virtual reality because, today, the company introduced its own headset for the masses to see. Through a partnership with Valve, the HTC Vive was made possible. The virtual reality headset combines the design of hardware capable of HTC and the technologies available from Valve’s Steam VR.

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