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HTC Rezound (Vigor) Gets Unboxed With Hands-On A Little Early (Video)

Who’s ready for a sneak peak of Verizon’s latest and greatest flagship device a little in advance?  I am, I am!  Check out the video below of the pre-production unboxing of the HTC Rezound aka the Vigor in all of its glory before Thursday’s event in New York.  Johnboy over at Droid Forums got his sticky little fingers on the device and did us all a proper courtesy by providing a nifty unboxing and quick hands-on.  We’ll take it, thanks Johnboy.  The device is decked out in Vz’s cool red and black and comes with a pretty cool backing as well.  With a 1.5 GHz dual-core CPU, 8 meg camera, 2 meg front facer, 1 Gig of RAM, Sense UI 3.5 over Android 2.3.4 and a few other goodies, the device is sure to be a hit. To further add to the pot, Snoop Dog’s Doctor finished the device off with its popular Beats Audio technology.  So now you can jam out to that Gaga Lady or whatever it is you young whippersnappers like to listen to these days.  The only question is… do you nab this up or wait for the Galaxy Nexus?

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Verizon Lists Recommended Accessories for “Vigor By HTC”

It’s rare that recommendations from Verizon for generic accessories like their Bluetooth headset and portable power pack can make much news at all, but what’s newsworthy here is that they come as recommendations for the “Vigor By HTC”. Rumors for the official name of this device have been anything but scarce, with guesses including the Droid Incredible HD and HTC Rezound as recent as earlier this week. No “official” announcement for a launch accompanies Verizon’s recommendation web pages, however the fact that they are setup at all is quite telling don’t you think?

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The HTC Vigor Sits Pretty For The Camera Showing Off Its Hardware Information Screen

No more guessing on the HTC Vigor’s specs because we’ve got proof right here for you. On top of having some great real world shots of the outside of the device we can also see the hardware information screen that confirms a 1.5GHz dual-core processor. On top of that the Vigor is loaded with Android 2.3.4 with Sense 3.5 on over it, a 2MP cam up front and an 8MP in the back, 4G LTE, all seen through a 4.3-inch 720p HD display. Pretty yummy right? Check out all the shots after the break and feel free to leave a comment or two below.

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[Leak] More alleged HTC Vigor specs

We know HTC has a new phone in the works with a true HD display, and is due to drop on Verizon very soon. Recent news has been referring to the device as either the Vigor, Droid Incredible HD, and most recently the Rezound, but we have been unable to pin down official specs as of yet.

We now have an Italian man, Fabio Mele, who claims to have gotten his hands on Verizon’s ROM for the device and extracted a bit of information that he shared with the world via his Google+ account. The image you see above was a shot taken out of the tutorial video found within the ROM. The device is said to to have a 4.3″ 720 HD display, dual-core 1.5 GHz processor, 1 GB RAM, 8MP camera, and will include the Beats Audio software.

With all the recent hype and speculation revolving around this phone it is hard to say whether or not this ROM information is true until we get some solid official evidence, but thanks for keeping us interested Fabio! You can see the post for yourself through the link below, but be sure to freshen up on your Italian before you do.

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From “HTC Vigor” to “Droid Incredible HD”, now “HTC Rezound”?

In recent posts we told you about the upcoming device said to be the successor  to the HTC Thunderbolt. It was first believed that the new device, (ADR6425), would possibly be named the HTC Thunderbolt 2. The name “Vigor” was kicked around the mill for awhile until a suspect document appeared on the web referring the new HTC device as the Droid Incredible HD. Well, to further complicate things, a newer internal Verizon document was leaked now naming the ADR6425 as the HTC Rezound. The name Rezound has been around for a couple weeks after it popped up in a DNLA filing alongside the HTC Rhyme. At the time, it was unknown as to what device the new name would belong to and by the looks of the photo above, it appears we have our answer.

Although the internal memo seems authentic, word has it that the name Droid Incredible HD isn’t completely out of the picture yet. Confused?

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Download HTC Vigor (DROID Incredible HD) Wallpapers, Live Wallpaper, Notifications, Ringtones, And Boot Animation

As we wait for the hotness that is the HTC Vigor (DROID Incredible HD) supposedly with a 720p screen, the folks over at Android Police have whipped up something special. They’ve packed up a handful of goodies from the device to include the wallpapers, ringtones, notification tones, and the boot animation. The download links can be found right after the break, so grab em while they’re hot. Warning, the Wave Live Wallpaper has been reported to cause motion sickness, so proceed at your own risk.

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HTC Vigor Heading To Radio Shack Oct. 20th, Samsung Stratosphere Oct. 6th

We previously reported to you that the HTC Vigor was to be branded as the Droid Incredible HD, said to launch on Oct 13th. Whether or not that’s true, another tip from Droid Life is listing an HTC Vigor for an Oct. 20th direct fill date over at Radio Shack. As always, this stuff will hang out in Rumorville until we hear it directly from the source, with only about a month left to find out the facts. The Samsung Stratosphere is also listed here showing a direct fill date of Oct. 6th. Stay tuned as this should be an interesting Fall season this year for Android.

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New Pics of the HTC Vigor Surfacing

Long have any concrete details eluded us of the HTC Vigor. Many a rumor has risen, only to keep us interested, yet never providing us with any hard facts.

Well, the latest leak is no different. We get some (beautiful) pics of HTC’s latest device, but nothing verifying our sources claims of a 4.3” screen, 1GB RAM, 1.5GHz CPU, or the Beats by Dre software. We know that the device is bluetooth-certified, so it HAS To be nearing a release, we just wish that HTC would be more forthcoming with the specs and expected release date.

Oddly enough, these pics remind this author of the Incredible HD, while the coloring hints at Verizon’s DROID offering. Could the two really be one device, destined for the Verizon network? We’ll definitely let you know if you we hear anything different.

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HTC Vigor is Bluetooth 3.0 certified

The HTC Vigor is officially Bluetooth 3.0 certified, having just made its way through Bluetooth SIG. As we detailed in a previous post, the Vigor is rumored to sport a 4.3-inch 1280×720 resolution HD display, 1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon, 8MP camera, Sense 3.5, Beats audio, and Gingerbread 2.3.4. Those combined specs will no doubt make the Vigor a heavy hitter when it arrives on Verizon’s store shelves, which by the way, could be as early as October 5th.

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HTC Vigor to be a Major Contender in the Battle for Top Dog

In the first Dr. Dre-approved smartphone this market has seen, the HTC Vigor is shaping up to be a major contender in the race to the top of the Android food chain. Briefly the Vigor appeared on an unnamed Dutch retailer site, but it was long enough to get some new specs. With a beastly 1.5GHz Qualcomm, 720p HD display, 1GB RAM, and the latest Version of Android + Sense UI, this forthcoming Verizon phone has a lot going for it.

Perhaps the the phone’s greatest feature is its Beats by Dre integration, bringing what once was limited to expensive hardware to your pocket. Being a Verizon customer whose contract is nearly ready for renewal, this phone has me very interested. Let us know your thoughts below.

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