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HTC Introduces The HTC Connect For DLNA-Enabled A/V Systems

HTC is out to ensure its customers have the easiest means possible to connect its smartphones to A/V units by introducing its HTC Connect certification for select A/V receivers. Here’s how it works: A/V manufacturers such as Pioneer will release units bearing an HTC Connect logo and then HTC smartphone owners will be able to connect their phones to the A/V units via a DLNA-based connection. HTC also mentions the possibility of extending the connections beyond DLNA to Bluetooth and maybe even NFC or car audio/video eventually too.

HTC isn’t waiting around to refine this technology either. It currently is developing a major software update for its One Series of smartphones and plans on releasing it in the coming months. Additional details are lacking for now, but you can bet HTC will provide more info as we get closer and closer to seeing its Connect certification a reality. Hit the break for the full presser from HTC.

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Apple Keeps The Lawsuit Fun Rolling Along, Slaps HTC With Another Infringement Claim


Just when you think the storm had passed with the HTC One Series fiasco (which caused significant delays of anticipated devices), Apple has slapped HTC with yet another International Trade Commission complaint. Apple’s claim: HTC hasn’t done enough to avoid patent discrepancies and is still violating patents. The complaint identifies 29 devices which not only include the One Series smartphones, but devices dating back to 2 years ago including the EVO 4G, Amaze 4G, Rezound and Thunderbolt. In short– Apple is seeking “an emergency proceeding and enforcement action to prevent further infringement”. Essentially— if Apple gets its way, the ITC would essentially force HTC to modify its existing devices within a specific timeframe, while causing additional delays for devices that still have yet to be released.

Ladies and gents, be prepared for another round of the waiting game for the HTC One Series smartphones… whether or not Apple’s cause is heard or not.

source: FOSS Patents
via: Engadget

HTC Airs New Car and Media-Link HD Demo Videos for One Series Phones

If you are anything like us, you already think the HTC One X is one of the best smartphones on the market. With its awesome screen, powerful processor, and amazing features, the One X could easily outperform any device on the market right now. Some of the One X’s features aren’t just limited to the One X and carry over to the other HTC One series phones. Features such as HTC Media-Link HD and HTC Car, give this series of devices an advantage that other manufacturers have yet to perfect.

Today, HTC unveiled a couple videos showing the two features in action. Both require an add-on dongle but once equipped, give the One series phones some uber cool media capabilities. Media-Link HD allows users the ability to wirelessly transfer media to their TV with just a 3-finger swipe and HTC Car can wirelessly stream audio to any auxiliary input, and can also tune in to over 60,000 radio stations across the globe. Pretty cool stuff. You really should jump past the break to see them in action.  Read more

HTC VP of User Experience Says Sense 4.0 Offers “A Vastly Improved Experience Over Not Just Ice Cream Sandwich But Over Any Mobile Phone”

In an interview with Laptop, HTC’s AVP of User Experience Drew Bamford talked about Sense 4.0, Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, the HTC One series of phones, and usability. He said during the interview that he believes Sense 4.0 beats stock Android 4.0 in a number of areas.

” I think one of them that I already mentioned is in the area of personalization. I think between our widget sets, our customizable lock screen and our skins, we offer a much more personal experience overall.

A couple that you’ve probably heard a lot about because they’re our kind of key feature on the HTC One are the camera and authentic sound. I think in both of those areas we use design and technology to really offer a vastly improved experience over not just Ice Cream Sandwich but over any mobile phone.”

Bamford also mentions that HTC didn’t have a lot of time with ICS before they released Sense 4.0, working on elements of Sense before ICS was available to them.

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TELUS HTC One V With Sense 4.0 Hands-On [Video]

The HTC One Series of phones is a classic case of good, better, best, with the “best” being the HTC One X, the “good” being the HTC One V, and the HTC One S falling right in the middle. Canadian carrier TELUS is slated to carry the One V, and MobileSyrup scored a hands-on video showcasing the One V and Sense 4.0.

It was thought that since the One V has a slower processor than its brothers, it might get the lighter Sense 3.6, but it’s good to see it will indeed get the full 4.0, and it seems to run pretty smoothly. The video shows that HTC’s ImageSense technology is still in full swing here, with the camera being very responsive and having the ability to take stills while recording 720p video.

No word on a launch date yet, but stay tuned. Check out the video after the break.

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O2 Getting Entire HTC One Series on April 5th and Sony Xperia P and U on April 23rd

A leaked image from the O2‘s internal inventory system, attained by tech blog TechnoBuffalo, confirms the earlier tweet that the U.K. carrier will be getting the entire HTC One series of phones, the One X, One S, and One V, on April 5th. The source of the leaked image also stated that the One X and One S will require a minimum 500MB monthly data plan, with a monthly contract of £37 for the X and £32 for the S, while the One V will not require a data plan but will require a monthly contract of at least £10.50.

HTC is not the only manufacturer to have an April release date on O2. Sony’s Xperia P and Xperia U get their own leaked inventory screen with a launch date of April 23rd. The Xperia P will require a two-year £37 monthly data plan while the U will require at least a two-year £10.50 monthly data plan.

This is not official, so take the proverbial salty grain, but it’s as close as we can get. April is just around the corner. Hopefully the U.S. versions won’t be too far behind!

View the leaked images after the break.

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Sample Photos Show Off HTC ImageSense


HTC stole the show at Mobile World Congress with the unveiling of their HTC One series of phones. We’re talking specs spanning dual-cores, quad-cores, HD screens, polycarbonate unibodies, and more. One of the areas HTC focused on (pun intended) is the camera, with a new integrated custom HTC ImageChip, and big improvements to the lens, sensor, and software. This suite of imaging improvements is known as HTC ImageSense.

The specs sound great, but how does it perform in real-world situations? Androidandme managed to get a hold of sample pictures taken with an HTC One, and although they are not the full resolution originals, they show just how amazing ImageSense can be. The focus is sharp, the colors vibrant, and the contrast high. These rival many point-and-shoots in my opinion. Granted, these were probably shot by a pro under the best conditions, but they prove that the One series ups the ante significantly in the imaging department.

Check out the gallery after the break.

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In Case You Missed It, HTC One Series Highlights Now Available Online

Just in case you missed it, HTC has provided the highlights from their HTC One series release at MWC 2012 and while many caught the initial show, a majority missed the demo showing the .7 second shutter on the camera hardware.  Pretty impressive.  In addition, you can now catch Peter Chow discussing how they’ve integrated Beats Audio into the device as well as information about the micro-arc oxidation.  So, fret not my friend, the Taiwanese manufacturing giant has provided 5 minutes of pure unadulterated handset goodness from the event highlighting everything we missed.  Check it out and don’t forget to let us know what you think in the comments below.

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Official Promo Videos Released for HTC One Series Devices

Today has been a big day at MWC for HTC. Fresh off the official announcement coupled with the announcements by AT&T, T-Mobile, and Clove UK, HTC has decided to release some promo videos to show off their fancy new One family. These beast of devices that are part sexy mixed with part high-end technology and are looking to set the tone for what to expect this year for Android as apart of HTC’s Hero Strategy. So without further hesitation, check out these official promo videos for the HTC One X, One S, and One V. If these don’t whet your appetite, or get you excited, then I don’t know what will. Enjoy! Read more

HTC One S Coming to T-Mobile

The HTC One S was leaked earlier, and we now have the official press release unveiling of HTC’s entire One series. Now, according to HTC’s announcement at Mobile World Congress and their official press release, the HTC One S will be coming to the U.S. via T-Mobile.

The HTC One S has 1 GB of RAM, a 4.3-inch display, 16 GB of internal storage, Android 4.0 (with HTC Sense) and the same 8 MP rear camera and 1.3 MP front camera that the HTC One X has. The U.S. version also gets a slight bump to a 1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor and is slated for a Spring release.

Full press release after the break.

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