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The Unthinkable Has Happened: Jelly Bean Recently Ported To HTC G1 Smartphone


Sure the original HTC G1 is the ancestor of all Android phones, but it doesn’t mean it can’t be brought in today’s world. XDA superstud Jcarrz1 was able to bring some Android 4.1 glory to the G1 by bringing a buggy, but functional port of CM10, just like how he brought Ice Cream Sandwich to the smartphone last year. In addition, the awesome Google Now is also working in a functional capacity— while WiFi is working at full capacity (though cellular data isn’t). Jcarrz1’s achievement just shows that contrary to what OEMs want you to believe, users can have the latest software on their Android devices.

Interested in checking out more details or giving the port a try on your old G1? Hit the source link to find complete information of the details.

source: XDA Forums

HTC G1 Gets Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich Port [Courtesy of XDA]

It seems that some crafty developer has set out to prove Google and HTC wrong by showing them that it is possible to run ICS on devices that have “incompatible hardware”. Some fella going by the name jcarrz1 over at XDA has posted a video showing the oldschool HTC G1 of all devices, running a build of the latest Android 4.0 software.

As you will notice in the video below, the G1 seems to be struggling fairly bad at completing rather menial tasks such as swapping from screen to screen and opening smaller apps. I am not sure you could call this port usable and I don’t foresee many people dying to get their hands on it. Regardless, this is a huge feat and I don’t mean to downplay the success because I was truly impressed to see what jcarrz1 and team have accomplished. Great work guys, I am curious to see what’s next!

Jump past the break to check out the video for yourself and be sure to let us know what you think. Read more

HTC Named Tech Brand of the Year at T3 Awards


We’ve seen some awesome products come from HTC over the past couple of years. The G1, Magic, Nexus One, Evo 4G, T-Mobile G2, the list goes on and on. As a pioneer in Android Hardware innovation, it’s only proper they be recognized as a leading manufacturer in the technology field.

At this years T3 Awards, HTC received the title of “Tech Brand of the Year” as well as the HTC Desire receiving the “Best Phone of the Year” Award”.

Read the Full Press Release Below…

It Had A Long Life: T-Mobile Discontinues G1

It’s sad, but true. You can look all you want, but the only chance you have at buying a new G1 is the hope that someone bought a bunch of the phones and is hoping they turn into a collectible. Everyone should take a moment of silence and think about what the first Android powered phone  has done for us since it’s release date back in November of 2008.

Since the release of the HTC G1, there have been 8,450,420 Android handsets sold worldwide (from 2008 to the end of 2009). There have been over 40 Android powered handsets since the G1 and they are sold to over 40 countries worldwide. There are currently around 160,000 android devices being activated each day (Google Vice President announced during the Droid X event), although I do think that number is a slight exaggeration.  After the first quarter of 2010, Android now takes up 28% of the handheld market, second only to RIM. I could continue, but I think you see what I am trying to get at. The G1 paved the way for Android’s astounding growth in such a short time.

It lasted longer than many other Android phones, including the Nexus One, Google’s brainchild that only lasted 7 months. The Nexus One did have many marketing flaws that were the reason for its failure, but I think it has to be said that it lasted longer than a phone many people thought would be the iPhone Killer.

Do you remember when the G1 was released? When Google founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page joined the press conference in roller blades? Brin explained the  first Android application he created used the accelerometer to time how long an Android handset was in the air. Look at how far Android has come since then.

[via: Information Week]

LEGO Docks for HTC Evo & G1

I’m not especially good at building stuff…though I can do okay with LEGOs. Apparently, this guy is in the same boat, and decided that was the perfect way to make docks for Android phones. Pretty creative, and they look great. Hit the source link for the full gallery. Thanks to John H for sending this in!

[via Flickr]

G1 Android Multi-Touch Moves A Step Closer

Android developer Luke Hutch has managed to enable multi-touch functionality on his T-Mobile G1 without having to recompile the Android kernal.

By using specially developed Android applications and a change to just one classfile, Luke demonstrates full multi-touch scaling and panning on his T-Mobile G1.

YouTube Preview Image

Multi-touch on the G1 has been a source of much discussion since the release of the handset, with Google and HTC claiming that the G1 was only ever intended to be a single-touch device. Hardware limitations, lack of software support and possible Apple patent infringement were all cited as potential reasons for the lack of multi-touch.

However back in November, Android developer Ryan Gardner managed to locate some commented out lines  inside Android’s kernal driver that indicated multi-touch was indeed possible on the G1.

For more indepth information and source code for G1 multi-touch support head on over to Luke’s blog.

Android T-Mobile G1 Auto-Rotation Application Demo

The Android developer community have been busy working on bringing auto-rotation functionality to the G1, and judging by the video footage below they’ve done a great job.

With compass mode and Streetview proving the G1 is certainly well equipped when it comes to accelerometers, the ability to auto rotate the display is a feature that the G1 has lacked.

YouTube Preview Image


HTC Increase G1 2008 Sales Projections

High Tech Computer (HTC) have today increased their G1 sales forecast by 67%, predicting sales of 1 million G1 handsets by the end of 2008.

The announcement was made by company CEO Peter Chou, who also increased sales projections for their Touch Diamond models, adding an additional 1 million units onto their 2008 forecast.

HTC previously estimated G1 sales of around 600,000 units by the end of 2008.


UK G1 Users Receive Update RC 8

UK G1 owners woke up this morning to discover the long awaited upgrade notice on their handsets. The new G1 update, RC 8, seems to include both the RC 29 and RC 30 fixes from the US updates.

With forum users already reporting a fix to the text-reboot bug, along with a cooler running temperature for the G1 handset, the new RC 8 update appears to be a combined UK version of the recently despatched RC 29 and RC 30 update.

Have you received the latest UK update? Noticed any new features or changes? Let us know in the forum!

[via Android Forums]

G1 Product Guide – iPhone 3G Comparison

The official T-Mobile G1 product service guide lists a handy feature comparison between the G1, iPhone 3G and the Sprint Instinct.

The document also confirms the G1’s lack of Stereo Bluetooth, Video capture and Microsoft Exchange support.

The full product guide PDF can be found HERE