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HTC Takes To Facebook, Reiterates Thunderbolt, Rhyme And Desire S Are Still On Tap For Android 4.0 Update


Today’s a great day for owners of a few older HTC devices. While it was rumored some devices might not get Ice Cream Sandwich, HTC took some time and addressed users on its Facebook page confirming the Desire S and Thunderbolt smartphones would receive the Android 4.0 update by the end of August. In addition to confirming those phones would certainly get the update, HTC also moved up the HTC Rhyme rollout to June-July instead of later in the year… and yes we’re in August already— but the hope is the update will be pushed out within the next few weeks.

So owners of the Thunderbolt, Desire S and Rhyme can now take solace in knowing the second-latest and greatest update is definitely on its way.

source: Android Police

HTC Issues Revised Statement On Desire HD/Desire S Android 4.0 Update


Here we go again with the HTC Desire HD/Desire S ICS update saga. After Telus announced the devices would not get the update, HTC came out with some damage control and said hold your horses— those phones are “still on schedule” to get the update. After some minor deliberation, HTC then revised its stance and wants to do further research in determining the Desire HD/Desire S’s ability to run Android 4.0. Here’s exactly what it had to say on the matter:


“HTC is committed to providing the best customer experience on our devices and are currently determining the ability to support Ice Cream Sandwich on the HTC Desire HD.  We’ll provide more information when we’ve completed our analysis.”


To sum everything up: it’s not quite certain as of now that the Desire HD/Desire S will get the ICS update after all. HTC will have to wait and do further research and investigation to see if those devices can indeed handle the current software. The best case scenario— we’re looking at a serious delay of the update, but at least it will be pushed out eventually to owners of the devices. Worst case scenario— HTC determines after its further investigation that the Desire HD/Desire S will not get the update because it deems they are not capable of handling the software.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed HTC will push out the software to owners of those devices.


source: Android Central

HTC “Still On Schedule” With Desire HD ICS Upgrade, Rumors Of Cancellation Greatly Exaggerated


Canadian carrier TELUS had mentioned last week that the Android 4.0 upgrade for the HTC Desire HD had been canceled, citing “poor device performance in testing.” Since Ice Cream Sandwich has been known to run fine on many devices with lower specs, this raised a few eyebrows. The fine folks over at Android Central felt the same way and decided to reach out to HTC to get the skinny.

Here’s what HTC told them:

We remain committed to providing customers with the latest software updates when possible. As such, we are pleased to confirm we are still on schedule to deliver an Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade for both the HTC Desire HD and Desire S.

So TELUS apparently didn’t get that memo. Looks like the Desire HD and Desire S both have a little more life left in them. That’s good news.

source: android central

HTC Releases Source Code For The Amaze, Rezound, Explorer And Desire S

HTC, one of the hottest handset manufacturers in the word has just announced the availability of source code for several of its popular handsets.  Among these are the HTC Amaze, Rezound, Explorer and Desire S.  You now download the kernel source code by heading over to HTC’s Dev site.  Here’s to hoping the wide array of developers get on board and do what they do best which is checking out what’s under the hood, extracting some goodies and tidbits and of course, producing some awesome and useful custom ROMs for the masses.

[via HTC Dev]







HTC Rolling Out Desire S Updates – Includes Android 2.3.5, HTC Sense 3.0

Our friends over at Eurodroid are reporting good news for HTC Desire S owners. Over the past couple weeks people have been receiving OTA updates that include Android 2.3.5 and Sense 3.0. This newer version of Sense features a redesigned 3D launcher, new lock screen and other cool enhancements.

Word has it that unbranded Desire S owners in the UK, along with owners of Vodafone, T-Mobile, O2 and Orange devices have begun to receive the updates already. So if you are the owner of a Desire S keep a look out and remember, to see if you have an update waiting, press Menu –> Settings –> About Phone –> Software Update. If nothing is there yet be patient, roll outs can take a while sometimes.

[via Eurodroid]

HTC Desire S Android 2.3.5 Rolling Out With Sense 3.0

An OTA update taking the Desire S up to Android 2.3.5 is apparently rolling out right now in stages. Users in the U.K. are currently reporting to have received this update while being on the device’s stock ROM. With this new update comes Sense 3.0 as well. If you’ve gotten this update surprise on your device, hit us up down there in the comments and be sure to let us know where you’re from.

[via pocketnow]

Official Runnymede Sense 3.5 Android 2.3.5 Ported To HTC Desire S [Courtesy of XDA]

HTC Sense 3.5 hasn’t hit the official market just yet, but XDA member proxuser has whipped together a port for the Desire S. This ROM looks different than the one seen from the HTC Bliss ported to the Desire HD. This ROM is based off Runnymede WWE RUU 0.82.401.0 running on top of Android 2.3.5. This is an initial release, so there are some things to be worked out with the ROM, but that’s to be expected. Expect to see this ROM hitting other HTC devices soon. You can catch all the details over at XDA via the source link below.

[via xda]

HTC Bliss Shows Up in Real Life Pictures

We’ve talked about the HTC Bliss before with its rumored specs and the fact that it may be geared towards women, phone charm and all. The Bliss is rumored to have Sense 3.5 over the top of Gingerbread 2.3, a Qualcomm MSM7x30 processor running at 800MHz, and an Adreno 205 GPU.

Previously, there were only some blurry images of the Bliss in real life, but thanks to we’ve got some real images to share. Hit up the break for more.

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