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HTC Butterfly Receiving Android 4.3 and Sense 5.5, DROID DNA to get Android 4.4.2 by March or April


Owners of the original HTC Butterfly should start seeing an OTA notification on their devices starting today. The update comes in a little over 500MB and changes the software version to 3.15.707.4. On top of Android improvements the update adds some features with Sense 5.5. Here’s what users will see:

  • Custom soundtrack support and content selection in Video Highlights.
  • GIF creation from Zoes and burst shots.
  • Blinkfeed improvements including support for offline viewing and custom feed creation from keyword search or RSS.
  • Enhanced music channel.

The OTA is pushing out in waves, so if you haven’t seen it yet, be patient. That’s not the only HTC update news however.

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HTC Butterfly 2 will be waterproof with Snapdragon 800, coming in January 2014


While the HTC One Max will likely pack a fingerprint scanner on its massive body, that may not be the device to look out for. According to ePrice‘s sources, the next HTC Butterfly will be the Taiwanese manufacturer’s “true ace.” The specifications for the rumored device seem to be showing that this is very much a high-end device. Much like the LG G2, the Butterly 2 is believed to have a 5.2-inch Full HD screen. To protect all of those inches will be a waterproof design. And to really make it a beast, HTC is most likely going to use the all-new Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor that is also found in current and upcoming flagships like the G2 and Galaxy Note 3.

The first generation HTC Butterfly was available in Japan and other Asian markets, as well as in the United States as the Droid DNA on Verizon. The refresh of the original device was the Butterfly S, but that never made it beyond Asian markets. While HTC could release this new device in the United States, it is highly unlikely due to the HTC One brand being marketed heavily in North America.

Source: ePrice (Korean)
Via: VR-Zone

HTC could be looking at mid-year refresh of HTC One, plastic body for next generation of flagship device


After all the criticism HTC’s revamped marketing team leveled at Samsung over their use of plastic for flagship smartphone bodies, sources say HTC may be looking to adopt the same material for the next generation of the HTC One to be released in 2014. This detail and several others come from unnamed sources claiming to have an inside scoop on HTC’s plans for the HTC One. As part of the change to a plastic body, HTC is supposedly looking at merging the HTC One and HTC Butterfly model lines. The HTC Butterfly devices are available in several Asian markets and carry the same type of high-end hardware that the HTC One carries, so it makes some sense that HTC might want to consolidate the models. It is unclear whether the plastic-bodied HTC One will replace the metal version or be in addition to it, expanding the possible models that are part of the line. Sources also indicate the codename for the next generation HTC One is the M8, although HTC has been using other codenames to throw off leaks.

Meanwhile, sources are also claiming the current generation HTC One is about to receive some updates. This is supposed to be more than software with internal hardware upgrades planned. One possibility is the device could be changed to carry a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 chip instead of the current Snapdragon 600. In 2012 HTC did something similar with the HTC One X when it upgraded software, the camera, and chipset to produce the HTC One X+.

Of course, along with the lack of specific hardware details, there is a lack of information regarding release dates or markets. HTC has declined to comment on any of the rumors.

source: Pocket-lint 1, Pocket-lint 2

HTC Butterfly S expected to release in China by the end of the month

htc_butterflyWhen Asia’s HTC Butterfly evolved into the HTC DROID DNA in the United States, we thought that would be the end of the Butterfly line. Maybe not though, as ePrice is telling us that the Butterfly could be kept alive in the form of the HTC Butterfly S, scheduled to launch in China by the end of this month.

The new Butterfly S would feature the same 5 inch, 1080p display, but new features include a Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset, an improved processor, HTC’s upgraded 4MP “UltraPixel” camera, and the new Sense 5. It’s doubtful that the Butterfly S would be available outside of Asia, with the HTC One currently being their prime device, and an HTC Mini on the horizon. We should learn more on the upcoming phone in the coming weeks, so stay tuned.

source: ePrice
via: Phandroid

HTC sales increase for One and Butterfly, Butterfly to receive Sense 5.0 update


In a recent piece on Focus Taiwan, Jack Tong, president of HTC North Asia, said HTC will double production for its recent flagship, the HTC One. Tong also mentioned the company’s older device, the HTC Butterfly, has seen sales rise since the company lowered the price of the device in Asian markets. To help sales further, the Butterfly will soon receive an update to Sense 5.0, as featured on the aforementioned HTC One. The update will include the Sense 5.0 user interface, the BlinkFeed home screen feed and improvements to the camera, among other additions.  Read more

Pink HTC Butterfly to grace Taiwan market


It looks like consumers in Taiwan interested in grabbing a pink HTC Butterfly will get that opportunity according to Taiwanese website ePrice. Their site is reporting today that HTC is making a pink cherry powder colored HTC Butterfly available on April 30th. According to the site, pre-orders are now being accepted at both Yahoo! and PCHome. The pink version will be sold for NT$21,900 ($731 USD). This is slightly less than the red and white versions that have been released.

Last month we reported on rumors that HTC is working on a successor to the HTC Butterfly. The appearance of additional colors on the market is typically a sign that a manufacturer is ready to move on to their next version of a device and are content to drive sales of their previous generation device with new versions, like different colors.

source: ePrice

Unlocked HTC Butterfly shows up for pre-order on MobiCity for $849

While Verizon customers may be the only ones lucky enough to get a variant of the HTC Butterfly on contract, GSM users can now get in on the 1080p action too. The unlocked international model is now available for pre-order from MobiCity for just $849. That may seem like a hefty price to pay, but keep in mind you’ll be getting the only 5-inch full HD display currently on the market.

No officially supported carriers are mentioned, though the included bands are GSM 850, GSM 900, GSM 1800, GSM 1900, 3G 850, 3G 2100. You’ll be able to pick out your model in either red or white. If you do pick one up, you can expect shipments to begin on January 18th.

Source: MobiCity