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HTC One X Variant Headed to T-Mobile as HTC One X+, Will Include Quad-Core Processor

Looks like it’s time for T-Mobile customers to rejoice once again. T-Mobile usually tends to make a splash for their late summer to fall device line-up. Last year they introduced the HTC Amaze 4G and the Samsung Galaxy S II, this year it seems as if something very big is due for the Magenta carrier. Confirmed through various sources, a beefed-up version of the HTC One X will be coming to T-Mobile later this fall and the specs will be nothing short of amazing. The rumors of this phone have certainly come a long way when we initially covered this device earlier in the year. It was first assumed the device would be dubbed as the “G4x” to further accompany T-Mobile’s “G” brand line of stock Android phones such as the HTC G2 and LG G2x.

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T-Mobile Officially Announces It Will Carry Samsung Galaxy Note, Confirms Device To Arrive “In The Coming Weeks”


After seeing numerous hints and even a photo highlighting the obvious, T-Mobile has finally come clean and announced its upcoming version of Samsung’s Galaxy Note. Though AT&T’s version features a 4G LTE chip, T-Mobile’s 4G version will feature HSPA+ 42 speeds— but will be nearly identical to AT&T’s version otherwise. That means customers can look forward to the same 5.3-inch screen, dual-core Snapdragon processor and oh wait— Ice Cream Sandwich on-board alongside Sammy’s Premium Suite which which will feature items like S Memo or S Note.

The popular smartphone is headed to T-Mobile stores “in the coming weeks”, so customers will definitely have something to look forward to. But while you wait for the phone to hit stores, make sure you hit the break in order to see additional details found in T-Mo’s presser. Read more

A Quick Look At T-Mobile’s Newly Acquired Spectrum Collection

Now that the merger is officially off of the table, it’s apparent that T-Mobile, the Nation’s 4th largest, and scrappy, carrier has made out like a bandit.  As winner of the big consolation prize, Magenta is about to get a bit beefy in the 4G dept.  AT&T’s transfer application has recently surfaced on the FCC’s website and for the first time throughout the acquisition process we can see exactly what T-Mo is about to gain.  The sharp folks over at GigaOM managed to get one of their spectrum policy guru’s, Andrew Shepherd to prep a map showing what airwaves T-Mobile is picking up.  The lucky carrier managed to snag some valuable licenses in vital markets in addition to some pretty hefty AWS holdings that belonged to AT&T.   Markets include; Boston; San Francisco/Oakland; Washington, D.C.; Houston; Baltimore; Atlanta; San Diego; Seattle; Kansas City, Mo.; San Jose, Calif.; San Antonio; and Salt Lake City. Knowing they gave up some prime market spectrum, that’s definitely going to be a thorn in AT&T’s side for while.  According to GigaOM:   Read more