HP unveils new Chromebooks powered by Intel and NVIDIA chips


This fall, HP will be releasing two new Chromebooks that are actually updates to models they already offer in 11-inch and 14-inch sizes. Both refreshed models will feature new processors and color options to set it apart from the competition. While the internal storage for both Chromebooks is not very much, owners will receive an additional 100GB of Google Drive space. Both also feature 1366×768 displays.

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Google may be working on a smart assistant for enterprise with HP


Google Now is one of Android’s killer features, but it pretty much only works for consumer purposes. For most people, that’s perfectly fine, but in Google’s eyes there is a huge, untapped market for a digital voice assistant for enterprise customers. According to a new report from The Information, Google may be working with HP to bring some type of Google Now for business onto smartphones.

The theory behind using Google Now in an enterprise is that it would be easy for an employee to use voice commands to check out company specific information like product inventory levels without having to manually search for and type things. It’s already easy to use Google Now to check the weather or sports scores, so it makes sense that if it could integrate into a business system, it could be a huge hit. If any company knows about business and enterprise systems, it’s definitely HP, so if this report is true Google picked a pretty solid partner.
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HP, Gilt working on Michael Bastian designed smartwatch


As we watch more and more companies jump on the smartwatch bandwagon, a group that may be worth keeping an eye on are designers and watchmakers. Most of the smartwatches that we have seen coming from technology companies have been long on function and short on form despite everyone seeing them as a pseudo-fashion accessory. That will start to change though as seen in a new move by HP to produce a luxury smartwatch. In partnership with retailer Gilt, HP managed to lure designer Michael Bastian to a team that is working on a smartwatch that resembles a classic analog watch in terms of style.
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Microsoft planning on launching ultra-cheap laptops to compete with Chromebooks

microsoft chromebook comparison

One of Microsoft’s biggest threats has been Google’s Chromebook line. Chromebooks have been relatively cheap and functional, primarily using the Chrome web browser for “apps.” Since Google doesn’t charge high licensing fees for Chrome OS, and they’ve marketed the simplicity and virus-immunity heavily against traditional Windows laptops, Chromebooks have been steadily eating Microsoft’s laptop market share from the bottom up.
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$100 HP 7 Plus tablet makes its way to the US


The HP 7 Plus is a budget tablet in every sense, and it’s finally going to be available in the US. Originally available only in Europe, the 7 Plus is only $100 and comes with a quad-core processor, Android 4.2 Jelly Bean software, and up to 5.5 hours of battery life. Other specs include a 7 inch, 1024 x 600 pixel IPS display, 1GB RAM, 8GB storage + microSD card slot, a 2MP rear camera and a 0.3Mp front-facing camera.

In addition, HP throws in n 25GB of free lifetime storage with Box and Kingsoft Office software. It’s definitely an amazing deal for such a tablet. You can purchase the tablet via the source link below.

Source: HP

Mysterious unnamed HP tablets leak in silver, red, and gold


In the market for a new tablet? You may want to wait and see what Hewlett-Packard has up its sleeve. Some unnamed tablets, courtesy of @evleaks, from HP leaked on Twitter.

On his official site, @evleaks shared a slew of images. It has the tablets in silver, red, and gold. The front, especially for the silver model, looks eerily similar to HTC’s design language. The tablets look rather nice, so perhaps HP will load them will some impressive hardware specifications.

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HP readying first Google approved laptop running Android

hp_slatebook_14_2Computers and laptops have been somewhat of a novelty. Packed with OK specs and usually an Android version that’s a few generations behind. Another aspect that’s lacking in these mobile computers is the Google-approved status that allows these devices to use all the Google apps we’ve come to know in our day-to-day. Well thanks to a somewhat hidden video on its web site, HP looks to change a few of those aspects.

HP isn’t a novice when it comes to putting Android on conventional computers — as we saw the company announce a 21.5-inch AIO Android computer at CES this year. However, unlike the All-In-One, this current foray into conventional computing will come with Google’s blessing. What this means is that the device will feature Google’s first-party apps like Gmail and YouTube, and will come with the Play Store and its millions of third-party apps.

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Google giving away cases for Nexus 5, Nexus 7 and HP Chromebook 11 at 25% off


Google already cut the costs of cases for their Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 back in January, but for those who missed out, the cases are now being offered at 25% off.

Unfortunately some of the cases aren’t available for sale at this time, but Google is adding the HP Chromebook 11 to the list of devices with cases for sale. Nexus 5 owners will also be able to buy the black LG QuickCover for $37.49. Otherwise they can buy the bumper case for $26.24 in one of 4 colors. For those who own a Nexus 7, a case can be picked up for $37.49, or you can buy the sleeve for $22.49.

Source: Google Play