Latest Android distribution numbers show KitKat rising at a slow pace, gets 2.5% of the pie


Compared to last month, the latest Android distribution numbers are something to be proud of in March. In all of the right areas, there were increases and decreases. Most importantly, Android 4.4 KitKat grew .7% to 2.5%. This will likely ramp up next month as many flagships are now starting to receive KitKat. And in two or threw months, it should gain some significant traction as newer flagships will ship with the latest version of Android.

Now it is time to talk about the rest of the versions. As for Gingerbread, it thankfully continues to fall. Last month it had a 20% stake and that has dropped to 19%. Jelly Bean, however, experience very slight growth. Somehow Honeycomb, Android’s initial tablet operating system version, is clinging on to dear life at .1%. By the release of next month’s numbers, I fully expect Honeycomb to be a thing of the past.

Source: Android Developers

Some LG Google TV devices receiving Android 4.2.2, finally saying goodbye to Honeycomb


Finally fulfilling a promise made back in May, some of LG’s Google TV devices are receiving the long-awaited Android 4.2.2 update. While updates are always welcome, this one takes away some of the finer treats of a Google TV device. The Chrome browser has been switched from the PC to Android version, leaving users without access to services like Hulu, watchESPN, or Crackle because Adobe Flash is gone. The update is 297.8 MB, so sit tight if you plan on grabbing it right away. Hit the break for the full changelog and another image of the update.
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Latest Android Distribution Chart Shows Gingerbread Still On Majority Of Android Devices, But Jelly Bean And Ice Cream Sandwich On The Rise



It’s February friends– so that means it’s time for the latest edition of the Android Distribution Chart highlighting what OS it is that us Android folk are using on our devices. Similar to what we saw in the last edition, Gingerbread is still on the vast majority of Android devices, but the overall number continues to decline at an almost free-fall rate. As of the time of this writing, Gingerbread is found on about 45% of all Android devices, down over 2% from the number seen in the previous Distribution Chart. In addition, the number of Jelly Bean devices continue to creep upwards as we are now seeing just a shade under 14% of all devices featuring a variation of Jelly Bean, while Ice Cream Sandwich also creeping upwards to 29%.

So yes friends we can finally breathe a sigh of relief— more and more of our devices are featuring current software (finally). Let’s just hope we see the overall number of Jelly Bean and Ice Cream Sandwich devices continue to creep upwards before Google’s next dessert arrives.

source: Android Developers

Next Launcher Is Released To The Masses, Gives Another Taste Of 3D Homescreens


We all know how popular and awesome GO Launcher already is– but the maker now has a new launcher up its sleeves for the masses to try out called Next Launcher. It’s a 3D-based launcher which has full 3D elements and 3D effects, while featuring items like an unlimited screen layout, stereoscopic screen preview and of course, those fancy 3D widgets that compliment the 3D screen. Essentially– Next Launcher is GO Launcher in full 3D— and who doesn’t want to see a cool 3D launcher to cover up their awful skin on their Android device?

The new launcher is up for all  Android 2.2+ devices, but will run you about 16 bucks— which might be a bit hefty for some. Still– the launcher is intriguing enough, so if you’re willing overlook the steep price and give it a try, head on down to the Play Store today and give it a try.


Play Store Download Link

Poweramp Gets Updated And Brings Action Bar Support To ICS Devices, While Officially Supporting The HTC One X Smartphone

Audio aficionados rejoice as the Poweramp music player app has just been updated to bring a mostly modern and fresh look to ICS-based devices in addition to several other noteworthy features. In addition to support for the HTC One X line of smartphones, the new update brings action bar support to both ICS and Honeycomb devices, an improved music folder selection, a full settings revamp and full support for the German, Italian, Spanish, Chinese Traditional languages among other things.

The newly updated app is available in the Play Store now, so be sure to hit the Play Store link or scan the QR code to grab yourself app today.

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Chameleon Kicks off New Kickstarter Project, Reaches Goal the First Day

Earlier this month, we stated that the Chameleon Tablet Kickstarter project had to be restarted. It hit a road block when one of its original creators abruptly left the team which created funding issues and inevitably caused them to cancel the Kickstarter project for the time being. But now, I’m happy to say that the project is back on and the company is more determined than ever to get this home launcher to the point that they imagined it could be. You can now pledge money to the project via their new Kickstarter page.

The UI looks fantastic and very intuitive. What I like about it the most is that it looks very similar to Google’s holo UI, which makes it blend in real nicely with Honeycomb or ICS on an Android tablet. Chameleon looks wonderful and very aesthetically pleasing so if you haven’t checked it out yet you really should. Head over to the source link to learn more about it!

source: Kickstarter

New Updates Rolling out for the Sprint Branded ZTE Optik, Build V55V1.1.0B09

We all jump for joy when we see updates pop up in the status bar on our Android devices, don’t we? Well, that’s what Sprint has brought to all of you ZTE Optik owners out there today. The ZTE Optik 7-inch tablet is Sprint’s very budget friendly Honeycomb sporting device that arrived to the Now network back in early February. Released today was build V55V1.1.0B09. Below you’ll find a list of the the fixes, updates, and enhancements:

  • Google DRM solution
  • Google Music
  • Google+
  • Persistent notification after BT transfer
  • Software version corrected in x-wap profile
  • Sim City closes when attempting to purchase while connected to Wifi
  • Sim City download issue fixed
  • Response when connected to a computer via USB cable

The update will be rolling out over the next couple of days. If you’re like me, you may need to check and make sure your automatic updates are working.  Just go to Settings>About tablet>System updates>Update Android>Check now and enjoy all the glory that is new updates!

Source: sprintcommunity

Gmail App Gets Updated For Froyo, Gingerbread And Honeycomb Devices

Gmail is certainly among the most important apps we use and has to get updated periodically. That’s why Google went ahead and updated the Gmail app for all Froyo, Gingerbread and Honeycomb 3.2 devices. The majority of Froyo and Gingerbread users will see some performance improvements, while Honeycomb 3.2 users will be treated to a sample of ICS. That means tablets with Honeycomb 3.2 will be able to swipe to move between newer and older conversations, tap your account to access Recent labels and set custom notifications for individual labels. For you developer types– there’s also a new label API available for you to use at your disposal.

If you’re on a device with one of these OS versions, be sure to grab the updated app today in the Play Store using the QR code or Play Store link below.

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Harris RF-3590 Brings Honeycomb-Powered Tablets To Combat Zones

Android devices are everywhere. Heck, the devices can even act as a watch if we’re interested. There’s an interesting and innovative concept which places Android in combat. Yes, you read that right— Android devices which can be used in battle. Let me explain: the Harris RF-3590 is a Honeycomb-powered 7-inch military-grade tablet which is specifically intended to be used in combat zones. There’s a lot of beef inside needed to power this puppy during battle too. You’ll find a 1024 x 600 multi-touch display, a snappy dual-core 1.5GHz CPU and two 8-megapixel front and rear-facing cameras which helps commanders get a ground-level view of the combat zone.

There’s even more to the tablet too. Soldiers who are equipped with the tablet can have live updates of enemy positions and new orders at a touch of the screen. There’s also the ability to access various intelligence sources like live feeds from video cameras, satellite data and other pertinent information. As mentioned earlier, the device is a military-grade tablet. This means it can withstand rough conditions and still be a trooper. Moreover, it supports most military communication platforms, which would help to prevent any sort of issues before they even have a chance to begin. How soon before military bases around the world have their hands on this puppy?

source: PSFK
via: Android Authority

Camera ICS+ Gives Your Non-ICS Device the Stock Android 4.0 Camera and More

I am sure by now many of you have seen the newest Android camera that comes stock on all devices running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Some of you may even be a bit jealous that the camera on your device running Gingerbread, Honeycomb or Froyo can’t do all the neat added features that come equipped with the stock ICS camera app. What if I told you that yes, you could have the newest Android camera interface and features plus a whole slew of other features on your pre ICS device? Enter the Camera ICS+ app. An almost exact duplicate of the stock ICS camera, Camera ICS+ will give you all the ICS camera features and more.

First off, to begin, there is both a free and paid version of the app but for $0.99 you can snap pictures all day long without having an annoying ad plastered in your viewfinder. The major difference between this app and the stock ICS app is added filters and the ability to utilize the volume buttons as either a zoom feature, auto focus, shutter, or a combination of auto focus and shutter (the latter is one feature I really wish Google would have added in the first place, it’s really handy). Some  of the other features include:
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