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Press Images of the Sony Xperia Z1 leak


The worst kept secret this year has to go to the Sony Xperia Z1, codenamed the Honami. There has been so many leaks and teasers, that I’m not even sure Sony needs to hold their press event this Wednesday.

Now we have the full press render to feast your eyes on. There isn’t anything here that is going to shock you. You can clearly see the G Lens logo, a microSD slot, and a two-tone design. Hit the break for a few more images….

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Sony Honami metal frame leaks, shows several angles of upcoming Xperia Z1

honami metal frame

This leak probably isn’t going to wow anyone, but it’s just a bit more confirmation that Sony has an upcoming device in the pipeline very, very soon. The metal frame of an unnamed Sony device, likely the Xperia Z1, has shown up on the website of a repair shop, ETrade Supply. It shows off the location of the volume rocker, power button, microSD card slot, etc. and also confirms that everything has a water-resistant coating on it. Basically, it’s a reconfirmation of some of the details we have already heard about several times about Honami.

Either way, this device looks like it’s shaping up to be a worthy successor the Xperia Z. Hopefully we’ll find out more on September 4th.

source: ETrade Supply

via: Xperia News

Sony Xperia Z1 press render leaks


Yesterday we found out that Sony’s upcoming flagship, codenamed the “Honami”, could be called the Xperia Z1, and today we get a press render. We have already seen a number of images of the said device, so what’s one more? Unfortunately it doesn’t tell us anything new other than there will be at least three colors available.

Sony is one of those underrated companies because they don’t get a lot of exposure, at least here in the U.S. If they can get the Xperia Z1 on a few U.S. carriers at the time of the launch, they could make a lot of noise. What do you guys think?

source: ePrice

Rumor: Sony ‘Honami’ to go by the name “Z1” in retail stores, expected launch date of Sept. 4



We’ve heard the code-name ‘Honami’ so many times that at this point, most would have expected that Sony come right out and announce it as the official name for their next flagship.

However a well-known XDA-developer, “DooMLoRD,” says that the Honami very well may be known as the Sony Z1 (Z One) in just a few short weeks, as the device’s official retail name.

There are so many One’s, Z’s, X’s, etc. that it’s almost getting hard to keep track of the latter part of the alphabet at this point…

Either way, we would tell you to take this rumor with a grain of salt for now, but as soon as “DooMLoRD” posted the rumor on XDA’s forums, Sony’s Mobile PR division followed him on Twitter— that counts for something, right?

More to come soon as we approach the rumored September 4th unveiling date.

Source: GforGames


Confirmed: Sony i1 Honami can capture video at 4K resolution


A little over a month ago, a leaked system dump from the upcoming Sony i1 Honami revealed that it could capture video at 4K (4000 x 2000) resolution. Now we have further evidence that confirms it. The above image is from a planned slideshow presentation regarding the Honami.

We should see this bad boy unveiled at Sony’s press event on September 4. Now I just gotta find a good deal on a 4K TV.

source: esato
via: PhoneArena

Sony Honami pictures pop up showing off device size and 20 megapixel camera

white honami

I’m not sure if they’re intentional or not, but Sony devices never seem to be able to stay a secret for very long. The latest in the pipeline is the rumored Honami device, which we’ve already seen posing for a few quick pictures before. This time, Honami is comparing sizes with an iPhone 5 and the original Xperia Z again, but we can also see the rear facing 20 megapixel camera in these shots, as well as support for 20 megapixel shots in the camera application. It looks like it’s a bit thicker than the Xperia Z, but shares the same basic design as the Z. There’s another shot showing Honami next to a purple Xperia Z to really see the similarities, aside from the size.

Personally, I’m excited for this device, and I hope the Z made enough of a splash globally for Honami to make its way to a carrier in the States. Hopefully we won’t have to wait much longer for an official word from Sony. Hit the break below to check out some of the other pictures of the device, courtesy of Xperia Blog. Read more

Possible masked photos of the Sony Honami and Xperia Z Ultra leaked

sony_honamiOver the last few years, phone manufacturers have had to take an extra step to make sure their devices leak out to the public before they launch. Many use a different shell or case to hide what the device really looks like to avoid prying eyes.

The picture above is tagged as “Unannounced Sony Device.” It’s believed to be the Sony Honami. Adam Outler, of xda-developers, posted the photo from his Google+ profile. The image has since been removed, but not before Xperia Blog got their hands on it. If you click through the source link, you can see a second image, believed to be a masked Sony Xperia Z Ultra.

Source: Xperia Blog

Sony Honami shows up for GCF certification


Sony’s forthcoming Honami device showed up on the Global Certification Forum (GCF) where it received its certification for two models. Referred to as the Xperia Honami HSPA, model number C6902/L39h, was certified for several GSM and WCDMA bands. The other device, model number C6903, is listed as the Xperia Honami LTE and as the name implies, adds certifications for LTE bands 1, 3, 4, 5, 7, and 20. The GCF certification comes on the heels of the FCC filing for the Sony Honami.

The new Sony smartphone is expected to be revealed on September 4th in Berlin just before IFA 2013  opens. It could be available for consumers before the end of September.

source: RB Men

Curious as to what Sony’s upcoming Honami device UI is like? Then take a look!


Sony’s upcoming flagship, codenamed the Honami, is said to have some amazing specs along with a revamped UI. Thanks to some hard working people over on XDA, a port of the UI has been made readily available for rooted Xperia Z users. Obviously there’s quirks in it and certain things probably don’t work, but nonetheless it’s still great to see what the new Honami has to offer. Check out the video below after the break!

Also, what do you guys think about the route Sony has taken with its upcoming Honami phone?

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Images of what seem to be official teaser for Sony Honami leak


Sony’s upcoming flagship, the Honami, has showed up all over the internet in various forms— leaked images, FCC filings, blurry videos, etc.

Now it looks as though we’ve gotten some official teaser images of the device. But there’s one thing wrong— they don’t look very much like the originally leaked Honami images.

The edges of the device in these pictures appear to be more rounded than the earlier pictures. However we’re not going to bet that Sony re-developed the entire form factor for the device within the past two weeks, so it makes more sense that the angle of the picture is responsible for the odd-looking edges.

The power button, flap and volume rocker can also be seen in the pictures— it can also be deduced that the frame is actually made out of a different material than originally thought. (Perhaps aluminum like the Xperia Z Ultra?)

The image also says “September 4th, 2013 Berlin,” obviously in reference to IFA in Berlin, where the device will most likely be unveiled. Check out the full gallery of shots after the break.

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