Google just made its Amazon Echo competitor official: meet Google Home


Ever since Amazon released the Amazon Echo over a year ago, the tech world has been awaiting Google’s competitor. The excitement really ramped up earlier this month when some leaks reported that Google was working on a competitor codenamed “Chirp.” Well it looks like those leaks have been proved true at Google I/O today; meet Google’s new home assistant Google Home!

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ilumi’s BR30 Outdoor LED smart lightbulb is now up for pre-order

Detached luxury house at night view from outside front entrance.LED lights that are controlled with a smartphone are nothing new, but until now your options for an outdoor flood light have been pretty limited. ilumi is here to fix that with the BR30 Outdoor LED light that works just like your traditional indoor, connected home light bulbs, but you can use it outside on an awning, porch, or wherever else you’d need one. Read more

[TA Deals] Smarten your home’s lighting with ilumi for $44! (25% off)


Home automation is where many companies are investing resources because of its grand opportunity. People want to have their homes operate just like the devices in their hands or on their wrists. On Talk Android Deals, the Mark Cuban-backed ilumi smartbulb can be bought in two different sizes for a price starting at less than $45 each. These smartbulbs will add new life to any room with millions of colors at the ready. But, more importantly, ilumi smartbulbs can be controlled from your mobile device.

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Foscam R2 IP Security Camera review


Quite a few security cameras have come across my desk the past few months, some that were not so great and others that could be considered as the best technology on the market. Now, I’ve got the R2, an IP camera from a company called Foscam, who has been in the security camera business since 2007. They’ve manufactured a lot of great IP cameras in the past, but this latest one, the R2, truly demonstrates the company’s ability to not only provide great hardware, but good software as well.

At first glance, there’s not much that sets apart the Foscam R2 from other home security cameras, such as the Nest Cam and Netatmo Welcome; however, Foscam believes that it offers far better value at an affordable price range. Read more

Giveaway: Win a CleverLoop Home Security System from Talk Android! [Update: winner picked]


Home security systems are nothing new to the world. We’ve all been trying to protect our homes and offices for years, but CleverLoops’s range of products is smart. CleverLoop has three pieces to create a seamless all-in-one smarter, safer home. The Base Station is what allows everything to work and communicate while the indoor and outdoor cameras keep an eye on your home. Our very own Brad Ward easily ranked CleverLoop ahead of the other home security systems on the market today. The straightforward setup, easy design, and always-running capabilities are behind an appealing price that varies based on the bundle you need.

Both CleverLoop and Talk Android want to send you a one of these home security systems for free. So hit the break and enter our giveaway!

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Holiday Buying Guide 2015: Gifts for the home


This year, some of the best holiday tech gifts are for the connected home. Over recent years, home automation and the internet of things has become a major area of focus among manufacturers. Some of the most popular ones being light automation, smart thermostats, virtual locks for your home, unified remotes, and of course, video games and TV. Streaming media saw an incremental increase this year and manufacturers are making sure you have the right tools to stay right at home. There’s no better time to get invested in gadgets for the home than the holiday season because of all the hot deals.

Buying gifts can be a difficult process because of the wide range of devices available. At Talk Android, we made the process easy for you. Here’s what we believe are the top gifts of 2015 for the connected home.

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