Intel confirms they are behind Dual OS devices, debuts a smart watch and smart headset at CES 2014


After not saying much about it during their CES 2014 keynote, Intel has confirmed that they are powering all Dual OS devices. If you may recall, Intel President Renee James made a cameo appearance at ASUS’ event when the Transformer Book Duet was announced yesterday (which we got our hands on). These devices can switch between Windows and Android in a matter of a few seconds. With this capability, many OEMs hope that they can serve both professional and tech-loving users with Windows’ productivity and Android’s openness.

Intel officially announced during their keynote that they are indeed entering the smart watch bonanza, pitting them against Samsung, Pebble, and Sony from the start. The interesting thing about their unnamed smart watch is that it does not rely on a smartphone at all. The smart watch uses geofencing technology to deliver notifications based on location. Intel also announced the Intel Edison chip that the company plans to use to power small devices like a smart watch.

The final major announcement from Intel’s event was their Jarvis smart headset. Jarvis, a reference design for OEMs to run with, wraps around a user’s ear and connects to a smartphone to gather information. Like Google Now, it can deliver directions, restaurants nearby, and other information to assist users.

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