Xiaomi launching Mi Store in US, only to sell headphones and fitness tracker


Chinese smartphone manufacturer, Xiaomi, creator of popular devices like the Mi Note and Mi Redmi, will be making its first steps in the United States market. Unfortunately, though, it’s not to bring us any devices from the Mi line.

Instead, US customers will be able to purchase items from Xiaomi’s accessory products, like headphones and its Mi Band wearable fitness tracker. Read more

OnePlus announces JBL partnership and E1+ Earphones


Just after announcing an update that inludes support for high-resolution audio, OnePlus have announced a partnership with audio pioneers JBL and are launching the E1+ Earphones tailor-made for the young company’s flagship device. The headphones feature 9mm JBL drivers with PureBass technology and a flat, tangle-resistant cable. Also included is an in-line three-button remote which does everything you’d expect it to, but can also take photos. Read more

Samsung gets into mobile audio market with new Level portfolio


Samsung announced today a portfolio of new products for the premium mobile audio market. The new Samsung Level devices include three headphones and a Bluetooth speaker that will work with smartphones and tablets, though Samsung includes easy syncing with their Milk Music service. The devices include the Level Over, the Level On, the Level In, and the Level Box. Read more

Premium headphones from Samsung leak, prices from $149 to $349


It has become more common for smartphone manufacturers to offer or make their own headphones. Both Motorola and Nokia already do so. And now it looks like Samsung is ready to get involved. A new leak, courtesy of SamMobile, shows that Samsung is aiming to launch three premium headphones. Each of them have a different focus. All three are capable of using Samsung’s S Voice feature when paired with a Samsung handset. Read more

Motorola now offering device accessories at 30% discount until November 27

Motorola Accessories

Planning on waiting until Black Friday to binge-spend on all those new electronics coming out?

You may want to drop some bills a bit early this year, as Motorola just started a 30%-off accessory sale including docks, speakers, cases and more. Most of these accessories are compatible with the Moto X or any of the new DROID phones.

SOL Republic headphones only have slight discounts on them, but the 30%-off items include car chargers, Bluetooth speakers, headsets, cases, docks, etc.

Here are just a few to check out:

  • Moto X Griffin PowerDock ($27.97)
  • Moto X card dock by Griffin ($27.97)
  • DROID ULTRA and MAXX PowerDock by Griffin ($27.99)
  • ULTRA and MAXX car dock by Griffin ($27.97)
  • Moto S11-HD Headphones ($69.99)
  • Moto S11-Flex HD Headphones ($90.99)

You only have a week or so to get on this deal, as the offer expires on November 27. (Expect another sale from Motorola on Black Friday or Cyber Monday, though…)

Source: Motorola

LG G2 will come with improved Quadbeat 2 headphones




On the heels of the LG G2 launch we are expecting later this week, we’re learning that the device will come with new and improved headphones in the box. Called the Quadbeat 2, they are going to be a step up from the original Quadbeat that come with the Optimus G and G Pro. Bass will be deeper, beats will be more natural, and peak sounds will be better managed, with less distortion. We’ll get to see them for real in just a few days.

Source: Webtrek.it
ia: Phone Arena

Polk Audio introduces trio of headphones targeted at Android users

Polk Audio is now making available a trio of headphones they are marketing specifically for Android users. The headphones are part of their UltraFit series and can be distinguished from the other sets in the series by the lower case “a” in their model number.

The top of the line model is the UltraFit 3000a. This set is a deep ear-canal model that Polk describes as an “extreme high performance sports headphone system.” Like the other models, the 3000a features Polk’s SecureFit system that hooks over the ear to help hold the headphones in place. Polk also provides controls and a microphone inline that can be used to control music or switch to phone functions. Retail pricing has been set at $99.95. Read more

Droid Bionic Whines To Users, Users Whine to Motorola

Motorola is getting an ear-full from Droid Bionic users because those users are getting an ear-full from their devices. A problem exists with the phone’s audio output, causing a distinctly high-pitched screeching or ‘whining’ sound which is most noticeable while using headphones with the device. The true source of the problem is not yet completely known, though some fear that if the Bionic has a bug in its power supply or ground wiring, the annoying feedback will not be remedied with just a simple software update. Motorola says they are working on the issue, but in the meantime, temporary at-home solutions are popping up, such as setting the device’s volume as high as possible and then adjusting it down via headphone cord volume control.

Have you experience problems with your Droid Bionic? Leave us a comment below.

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