Chromecast coming to Japan beginning tomorrow


If you live in Japan, we have some good news for you!

Google’s Chromecast, the highly successful HDMI dongle, will be available in the country starting tomorrow, May 28. It’ll cost ¥4,200 and availability will come from the Play Store as well as Amazon and others.

More and more apps for the Chromecast have been popping up in the Play Store since Google opened up the SDK for the device, so it’s more valuable and less-limited than ever.

Source: Google Japan

HBO GO and MAX GO get version 2.0 update with HDMI-out features


Are you a fan of HBO or Cinemax? You’ll be pretty happy with the latest updates to the HBO GO and MAX GO apps, which have added in incredibly convenient HDMI support. Now you’ll be able to get your favorite television shows on your big screen television easier than ever. This is a definite improvement over having to watch content on your phone screen all the time. Hit the link below to get your hands on the update.

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Green Throttle aiming to make your phone a game console

We’re all aware that our devices are little beasts when it comes to processing power. The mobile gaming industry has definitely capitalized on the processing power of devices these days. It’s pretty amazing what we can play on our phones. Green Throttle wants to take it to the next level though. While there are a few ways to achieve what they’re doing currently, they’re looking to streamline the whole experience of using a Bluetooth controller, an HDMI-out cable, and a TV or monitor to play games console-style. Today, the team behind Guitar Hero, have made available a software development kit which will allow game developers to map game controls to their Bluetooth controllers and play the games on a larger TV or monitor.

Once it’s all hooked up and running, you’ll then have a game setup much like a console experience except the source is much smaller – and portable. There will be a few hurdles to jump in order for this to work long-term like developer buy-in, optimizing games for TV, and consumer acceptance but they’ll be releasing a few titles themselves so hopefully they’ll pave the way. Developers can pick up the bundle for $89.99 which includes everything you’ll need for testing your games. What do you think? Will Green Throttle gain some momentum and set the standard going forward? Also, tell us about your current Android device gaming setup.

source:  Green Throttle

HDMI For HBO Go And Cinemax Officially Available Thanks To Modified .apk Files


Considering our Android smartphones and tablets can handle HD content and allow us to view the content onto a bigger screen via HDMI, you’d think that it would be fairly common for apps to allow for those cool features. However, HBO Go and Cinemax are two apps that can surprisingly handle high-quality content, yet does not allow users to utilize HDMI. While it is a major bummer, it would be wise to remember that there are crafty Android users who can always find a workaround to such and yes friends— a crafty Android user managed to get HDMI working on the HBO Go and Cinemax apps.  XDA member HBOTroll1 managed to modify both apps’ .apk files and managed to have the HDMI fully functional. HBOTroll1 was only able to test the customized .apk files out on his DROID 4 smartphone, but it’s expected that it will work on most other phones as well. It appears as though the customized files will possibly work on non-rooted devices as well, but there is no official word or confirmation just yet.

Full details are available once you hit the source thread below.

source: XDA Forums | Dropbox 1, 2

Samsung to Offer MHL Cable Adapters for Galaxy S III

We’ve previously reported that the Samsung Galaxy S III uses a special MHL/HDMI adapter and you would not be able to use the last-generation MHL to HDMI adapter cables because of hardware changes. Samsung has come forward with a great solution as they have built a 5-pin to 11-pin adapter that allows the old cable to work with the new phone. They also gave a reason as to why the change was made:

Samsung Galaxy S® III uses an 11-pin micro USB input, which allows it to support MHL output and USB on-the-go input simultaneously – an improvement over 5-pin capability. This means that customers can take advantage of new functions for accessories that are not supported by a 5-pin micro USB connector, allowing a deeper convergence between the Galaxy S III smartphone and a HDTV.

To ease this transition and to allow for greater innovation with Samsung accessories, Samsung Mobile will offer a 5-pin to 11-pin MHL Cable Adapter that will allow the original Samsung HDTV Smart Adapter to function properly with U.S. models of the Galaxy S III, as well as future Samsung premium smartphones. In addition, Samsung is offering consumers the ability to purchase the new adapter separately, or to bundle it with the original HDTV Smart Adapter. Our goal in offering these MHL adapter solutions is to provide consumers with the newest accessory technology while ensuring the highest level of device compatibility.

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Samsung Galaxy S III Uses Special MHL/HDMI Adapter

Many new devices are using Mobile High-Definition Link ports (MHL) to output video to a compatible HDMI port on a TV or monitor. MHL is an industry standard that adds video output through the existing microUSB port. Unfortunately for owners of a Samsung Galaxy S III, Samsung has changed the configuration of their MHL port slightly and it now requires a special MHL adapter cable rather than the standard MHL cables that are commonly available.

Apparently, Samsung changed some pinouts in their MHL configuration, possibly for supporting future accessories or for some other currently unknown improvement. At least we’re hoping that’s the reason rather than Sammy trying to make more money by selling special adapters (which would be a very Apple-esque move).

In any case, if you plan on getting an S III and want the ability to output video, you’ll need to plunk down an extra $30 for their custom adapter.

Check out videos of the S III and its MHL adapter after the break.

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Kickstarter Project Pocket TV Makes Your TV Smart With Android 4.0 [Video]

Smart TV set top boxes, as well as full-on integrated Smart TV sets, are becoming very popular these days. But how do you make your existing TV smart without adding another bulky box to your entertainment center? Kickstarter project Pocket TV could be the answer.

Pocket TV is a small computer running Android 4.0, with an HDMI output to connect to your TV or monitor. It supports 1080p output, Wi-Fi, has 4GB of storage, a microSD slot, and is small enough to fit in your hand. It has a 1GHz Cortex A9 processor, 512MB RAM, and a USB port for connecting a keyboard or external hard drive.

Since the device runs standard Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, it behaves more like a giant touchless tablet. To get around the fact that your TV is not a touchscreen, the makers of Pocket TV have come up with an interesting way to control the device. While a standard IR remote will work, as will a smartphone remote app, you also have the option to use their Air Remote, which is basically a keyboard about the size of a phone, with gyroscopic controls. Wave it around to control the screen, like a Wii.

This novel device already passed its $100,000 goal on Kickstarter with 31 days left, so things are looking good for this to ship in October. Get your Pocket TV and Air Remote bundle for pitching in $135 now, or wait until it’s released and pay $190.

Hit the break for a demo video.

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Refurbished Vizio 8-Inch Tablet Available For $160 In A One Day Sale

If you all are in the market for a new tablet, you may want to take a look at this awesome deal. An attractive Vizio 8-inch tablet bundle is available for a mere $159.99 (plus $5 shipping) during a special One Day, One Deal sale. Included in the tablet is a refurbished Vizio VTAB1008-B Gingerbread-powered tablet featuring a 1GHz processor, 512MB RAM, 1024×768 screen, 4GB of storage with a microSD slot capable of an additional 32GB expansion, WiFi and SRS Sound. Not to be outdone, you’ll find a sleek tablet case with 3 ergonomic viewing angles in a thin form factor along with a handy HDMI cable.

If you’re interested, head on out to the source link and grab yourself one. Or two. Or three… well— you get the point.

source: Woot

Firmware Update Now Available For Asus Transformer Tablets

A new firmware update has been released by Asus for their original Transformer tablet PCs and is now available OTA as version (This device should not to be confused with its successor, the Transformer Prime.) The update addresses HDMI problems some owners experienced while operating the tablet with newer HDTVs and it enhances stability and incorporates input lag reduction fixes too. The Android version remains the same and it is said that this will be the final such firmware update until the big jump to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

If you live in the US, UK, Taiwan or Germany the update is now available for you and any Transformer devices with generic WW SKU.


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Connect Your Smartphone to an 11-Inch Screen, Expand it Up to 60-Inch Projection with LightPad

With the abundance of Lapdocks for smartphones, the Motorola Atrix 4G for example, it’s not hard to use your phone as your main device for work and business related affairs. QP Optoelectronics looks to add their hat to the ring with LightPad; a folio-style peripheral combines a keyboard with an 11-inch rear projection screen at a resolution of 854 x 480 resolution through the built in pico projector. This is only for the first generation model as, future models will have a 1280 x 720 resolution.

This built in projector will also flip to create a 60-inch display and will cooperate with any smartphone that has an MHL or HDMI port. This makes it quite useful for business folk who may have to give a presentation or two and don’t want to lug around an extra laptop. While we aren’t able to play with this hands on yet, it debuts at CES 2012, we have a video that will demo some of it’s features. Check it out after the break, and let us know, is this something that would be useful to you?

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