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Google’s Video Quality Report monitors ISP quality and suggests solutions


There is nothing worse than having poor video streaming quality. Issues can be blamed on the device being used, the router, or the internet service provider (ISP). Google has a solution to find a solution for folks in the United States: the Video Quality Report. While it was previously available in Canada, it is now available here as well. The Video Quality Report is primarily meant to help with YouTube streaming, but users can use it as an indicator for anything else.

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CBS releases new app providing streaming, full HD episodes of shows


CBS has released a new Android app to the Google Play store that provides full episodes of CBS shows in full HD. Episodes are available 24 hours after the first airing for some shows and eight days for others. Shows include titles from their daytime lineup, primetime shows, and late night episodes. The app includes a “My CBS” feature that will notify you when a new episode is available for streaming. Using the app, users can access photo galleries and cast pages, but “second screen” type features are not available. Users can also setup a personalized show list, check the primetime schedule, and set reminders for shows. Read more

Netflix rolls out Super HD to all members


Netflix announced yesterday that they are rolling out their highest quality video streams, dubbed Super HD, to all users. When initially released, Super HD was only available to customers using an Internet service provider (ISP) that had a direct connection with Netflix. With this new change, Netflix members on a Netflix connected ISP will still get preferential treatment, but if users on other ISPs have the necessary hardware and sufficient bandwidth, they can enjoy Super HD as well. The Netflix Super HD stream is provided at a higher bit rate stream and less compression than the normal 1080p HD stream. Read more

Hangouts Goes HD in a Move From Google to Go Plugin Free


There may be a lucky few of you who are seeing video chats in Hangouts a lot more clearly. That’s because Google has been quietly rolling out HD capabilities to Hangouts. While Google cranks up the quality of their revamped messenger it’s not just about that. In attempts to bring us video chat capabilities without the need for a plugin Google changed from the H.264 plugin to the open VP8.

Google’s Vice President of Engineering Chee Chew told the folks at Gigaom that this move will add, “cleaner, better video.” H.264 couldn’t handle HD video well as video in HD for up to 10 participants would require too much processing power. That’s not the case with VP8 as Google’s able to produce better quality video at lower bit rates. However, it’s not only about looks but a matter of convenience.

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Sony announces its Xperia Z Ultra smartphone, comes jam-packed with Android 4.2.2, Snapdragon 800 chip and 6.44-inch display



We already knew about one of Sony’s worst-kept secrets of the year, but the manufacturer has finally come out of the shadows and introduced its Xperia Z Ultra  handset— which will probably shape up to be one of the most influential devices of the year when all’s said and done. The device is ultra in every sense of the word as it comes jam-packed with tons of premium goodies inside. Right off the bat, you’ll probably notice the large bright and colorful display, which is understandable because it the display is actually measured in at a whopping 6.44-inches. What’s even more astounding is that it isn’t like the display is an average 1080p display either— the display features Sony’s Triluminous display technology (found in Sony’s TV sets). The end result is a display with deep blacks, bright colors and incredible detail for any image it is you see on the screen.

There’s much more to the device than the large display as well. Sony is pulling no stops to introduce cutting edge technology into the Xperia Z Ultra and is the first to utilize a quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor that’s marked at a scintillating 2.2GHz, easily making it among the fastest smartphones in the smartphone game. Rounding out the additional goodies are a built-in 4G LTE radio (with HD voice capabilities), 2GB of RAM, a 3,000mAh battery and 16GB of on-board storage (complimented with a microSD out). As if those juicy specs weren’t enough to tickle your fancy, this might: Sony managed to cram all those features into a 6.5mm profile— effectively making it the world’s thinnest Full HD smartphone. Oh and yeah, the device is IP58-certified, making it completely waterproof.

The device is set to arrive sometime in Q3, though there’s no concrete cost of the device just yet nor do we know which markets will receive the new toy, but we should see more information as we get closer to the Xperia Z Ultra’s release. While we wait for more information, why not hit the break for the full presser.

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The iPad Mini is upon us, how does it match up against the Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire HD?

The impossible has happened. The 7-inch iPad that Steve Jobs himself spoke against has come to the world in the form of the iPad Mini. In a world where price is ultimately king, can Apple persuade you into buying it’s option for over 50% more than its competition? Lets take a look at the specs and see how they stack up.

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Huawei MediaPad 10 FHD Trailer Emerges, Release Eminent?

Back in February, at Mobile World Congress, Huawei announced the MediaPad 10 FHD. Although it seems like it’s been ages, a new flashy video of the 10 inch tablet was posted on Huawei’s Youtube channel today. Could this be an indication that Huawei will release their flagship tablet sooner then later?

The MediaPad 10 FHD is metallic in color and rocks a 1.5GHz quad-core processor, LTE suport (some models), 16GB of storage, Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, 8MP rear camera with dual flash and a front facing web cam. The tablet will also boast a 10.1 inch HD IPS display (1280 x 1200 pixels). Back at CTIA we were able to spend some time with the MediaPad and you can check that out here! Hit the break for their trailer

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Latest Report Highlights Samsung Galaxy S III May Feature A 4.6-Inch Super AMOLED Plus HD Display


Another day, another tidbit of Samsung Galaxy S III news. We are aware the device will likely feature impressive specs including a thin form factor and a souped-up quad-core processor, but there have been varying reports of what the actual display will be in the final version of the device. While we’ve heard the device will most likely feature on-screen soft keys, there have been conflicting reports as to what the screen size will be. The speculation of the screen size has gone anywhere from 4.7-inches to a whopping 4.8-inches. While DigiTimes doesn’t have the greatest track record for accuracy, it does report Sammy’s new wundertoy will indeed feature a 4.6-inch screen, which seems to fall in line with other reports in the past.

This 4.6-inch screen would be quite a doozy too. It’s rumored to feature a Super AMOLED Plus HD screen. In addition, the screen will feature a mind-boggling 319 ppi pixel density. Oh and there are added reports the Galaxy S III will be Sammy’s first device with the Super AMOLED Plus HD screen which will feature a true RGB matrix. Ladies and gentlemen, it looks like the Galaxy S III will likely look to raise the bar and standard for the future of Android devices much like how the Galaxy S II has already done and the Galaxy S before that.

Again, this latest rumor coming from DigiTimes may not be completely accurate— but if it is even remotely true (and that’s a big IF), we may be seeing Samsung getting ready for yet another record-breaking year.

source: DigiTimes

Samsung Galaxy S III Design Is Official And Ready According To Source

Looks like we’re getting more juicy details for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S III smartphone. While we previously reported the device would feature a ceramic body instead of the usual plastic we’ve become accustomed to on the GSI and GSII phones, there are new reports the device will not only highlight a ceramic body— but the final design of the GSIII smartphone is complete, which indicates the phone is all set for production. This is already on top of the mouth-watering specs we previously reported which includes a rumored 4.8-inch screen with HD resolution, 8MP camera and quad-core processor for starters. Looks like the phone may very well be on its way folks.

Oh and for anyone interested: there are added reports the phone should be out by June of this year. That’s only 3 months away folks. Are any of you planning on breaking open the wallet or purse for the fancy new smartphone from Sammy?

source: Eldar Murtazin Twitter
via: Phone Arena

Baseball Superstars 2012 Brings HD Graphics, Updated Batting/Pitching Moves and Improved Gameplay

If any of you are avid Android gamers I am sure you are familiar with the game developer Gamevil. In case you aren’t familiar, Gamevil is responsible for bringing us uber popular game titles such as Cartoon Wars, Air Penguin and both the Soccer and Baseball Superstars series’. Just yesterday, Gamevil released their latest title in the Baseball Superstars series and this time it’s in HD. With a series that has already received over 30 million downloads you can expect the newest release to be better than the rest.

I think stepping up to the plate and releasing the game in HD was a wise move on Gamevil’s part. With the quality of displays we are seeing on devices these days, its a bummer when you download a new app or game and it can’t even utilize your device to its fullest potential. Good call Gamevil!

Other than improved gameplay and HD graphics, Baseball Superstars 2012 brings other additional features such as: Read more