Google IO 2016 Coverage announces new Kairo theme for HD Widgets


Need to inject freshness to your device? Then give’s new Kairo theme for HD Widgets a try. The new theme is stunning as it is full of colors in a very clean and modern design. The size of widgets available range from 1×1 to 8×2, so there is no shortage of choice. And for a bit more money, Kairo XP brings an additional 60 widgets with more preset colors among other features.

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Revamped HD Widgets 4 exits beta stage, will soon be available on the Play Store

HD Widgets 4 has been in a beta stage for a little over a week now, with planning on releasing the new features to everyone on May 1st. Well, the day’s finally here, and you’ll seen be able to snag the update to one of the most successful apps ever on the Play Store.

The update features a massive design overhaul to the app, but still keeps what made HD Widgets so great in the first place. You’ll get a pull-out navigation drawer that’s more and more common in Android apps, plus new forecast options, including a 10 day forecast. There are also a few new widget sizes, and the normal widgets are constrained instead of expanding to look better on devices with odd grid sizes on their default launchers.

It definitely looks like an awesome update, so if you’ll want to keep an eye out for it when it goes live. If you haven’t tried HD Widgets yet, now’s a great time to start. Read more

HD Widgets 4 beta available now, to be rolled out May 1st

Today HD Widgets 4 beta was released by, signaling a new generation of the popular HD Widgets. To participate in using the beta version of the widgets, users need to join the beta group using a Google+ account and then follow then instructions.

The new widgets feature a refreshed UI, and the app uses a new side menu for fast and easy navigation. The weather screen also now features an hourly forecast graph as well as more details. The app will be released to the Play Store on May 1st, and will exit beta at this time.


HD Widgets and Dayframe Prime on sale on Google Play for just 99 cents


App developing team Cloud.TV has two of its most popular apps, HD Widgets and Dayframe Prime, on sale in the Play Store for 99 cents.

If you’re looking to customize your device a bit, then these two apps will certainly do the trick.

With HD Widgets, you’ll get a whole variety of great-looking widgets for your device that are fully customizable. Dayframe Prime will essentially turn your device into a digital picture frame, as it can connect to a number of picture services such as 500px, Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook, Google+, Flickr, Twitter and more to provide nice photos to display on your device.

Get the apps fast if you’re planning on getting them at any time in the future— this is the cheapest they’ll probably ever get! Hit the break for links to the apps in the Play Store.

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Dayframe combines daydream features with what Facebook Home should have been in new app


The developers at know a little something about how to liven up an Android device if the popularity of their HD Widgets is any indication. They have now released an app to Google Play that combines the features of the Daydream function introduced in Android 4.2.2 with some concepts reminiscent of Facebook Home and a sprinkling of Android 4.4 KitKat. At its core, Dayframe is a photo slideshow app that converts a phone or tablet into a virtual picture frame that will cycle through a stream of photos as a screensaver. Somewhat akin to Facebook Home, the source of the photo streams can be a variety of social networks including Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Google+, Dropbox, Flickr, Twitter, 500px and more. included a social UI layer in the app, but that will fade away if a user is not actively using their device. A quick double-tap will bring it back up. They also built-in numerous settings for the screensaver function so parameters for time of day, network, power source or battery level can be set to ensure the app is running only when you want it to do so. The app also incorporates hidden navigation and notification bars thanks to the new APIs included in Android 4.4, which means users can take advantage of the full screen for the device they are viewing.

At this point Dayframe is free on Google Play and can be downloaded using one of the links below.

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Colourform (HDW theme pack) for HD Widgets officially out of Beta


Remember the HDW: Colourform Test Pack  Beta trial that HD Widgets released in early February? Well it’s now an official app in the Play Store, so if you’re an HD Widgets user, go grab it now for 99-cents. This is an add-on theme pack, so you will need the HD Widgets app in order to use Colourform. If you’re new to HD Widgets, you might want to check it out since it’s one of the best looking widgets for showing you the time, date, and weather, along with some cool utility switches.

With the Colourform theme pack you get:

  • 58 more widgets for phones & tablets – 2 – 1×1 / 5 – 2×1/ 36 – 4×1 / 12 – 4×2 / 1 – 6×1 / 2 – 6×2 (tablets)
  • ICS / JB style
  • tons of color settings w/ full color range
  • background opacity, tiles, & textures
  • new Quick Settings & Indicators
  • more Roboto fonts including the 4.2 hipster clock

Check out their demo video below and hit one of the download links to get started.

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HD Widgets releases new app to test widget themes

Fans of popular widget app HD Widgets from may want to check out a new app that was released today to the Google Play Store. Developers are testing a new theme for HD Widgets and this new test packet, HDW: Colourform Test pack, gives actual users the ability to serve as beta testers. You do have to have HD Widgets installed, available from the Google Play Store for $1.99, in order to make use of this pack. indicates the following widgets are available with this pack: Read more

HD Widgets Gets Updated To Bring More Widgets, Increased Functionality To Android 4.2


HD Widgets has recently been updated to include even more functionality for those of you on Android 4.2. Right off the bat, users of the product will be treated to a total of 11 widgets— 6 for smartphones and 5 for tablets. In addition to the new widgets, users will also be treated improved widget filtering and of course, some minor bug fixes which helps to alleviate any sort of minor annoyances and all.

The latest update can be found in the Play Store today for all Froyo+ devices and will run you about 2 bucks. Hit the Play Store link below or scan the QR code to grab it today.


Play Store Download Link Launches HD Widgets App For Honeycomb Tablets’s HD Widgets app has hit the Android Market with heaps of sweet-looking and fully customizable widgets for your Honeycomb tablet. You name it: weather, clocks, utility setting switches, hundreds of configurations and more than a dozen backgrounds are included.

A special launch sale for this app is running in the market until September 1st for just 99 cents on tabs running 3.0 or higher. Additionally, says a phone version of the app will be available in the coming weeks with new themes, options and more.

Hit the break for the Android Market link and QR Code along with a few screen shots.

[via market]

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