Google Hangouts made more business-friendly with latest changes

by Aditya Thawardas on
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google_hangoutsGoogle really wants businesses to use Hangouts for video chat, but the problem is that there are so many different alternatives with different features. Google is trying to get a leg up, by announcing that anyone with a Google account can now enter a video Hangout, regardless of whether or not the user has a Google+ profile. In addition, another big change is that up to 15 Google Apps users can be part of an HD Hangout.

In addition to those two big changes, there are numerous other updates, including additional markets for the Chromebox for meetings hardware, and increased customer support. They are outlined in the source link below.

Source: Google Enterprise Blog

You can now make Google Voice calls through Hangouts on your computer, all without a Google+ profile

by Harrison Kaminsky on
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We already know that Google has been working for a while now on completely migrating the functions of Google Voice into Hangouts, so that it can merge most of its communication apps into one (besides Gmail).

We’re getting closer to that reality now, as Google has added support for making phone calls via Hangouts from the Google Voice website — and you don’t even need Google+.

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Google rolling out updates to a range of apps including Drive and Hangouts

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We all know that apps, and especially from Google, take a very long time to have everyone updated to the same version. A multitude of Google’s apps are being updated in the form of a staged rollout. The apps included are Chrome Beta, Drive, Hangouts, My Tracks, and Translate.

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Google Search will allow you to make calls to businesses through Hangouts

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google search call hangouts

Google has added a very useful feature into desktop search that will make getting in touch with businesses much easier. Now whenever you look up a place online, whether that’s a retail store or a restaurant, you’ll be able to click to call that business directly from the search results page. The call is placed through Google Hangouts and is completely free inside the US. International calls will cost a small fee.

It’s a not a huge feature, but it’s still a very useful tweak to have.

source: Mayur Kamat
via: The Next Web

Google releases Hangouts plug-in for Microsoft Outlook users

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Google has released a new plug-in for Microsoft Outlook that will allow Outlook users to jump in and out of Hangouts calls, as long as they have a Google Apps account. They can join existing Hangouts as well as start new Hangouts from a newly added button in Outlook’s menu.

Pretty handy for users that run into cross-platform issues. You can check out the plug-in at the link below.

source: Google

New Hangouts feature allows sketch-messaging through your browser

by Harrison Kaminsky on
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Hangouts Sketch

Hangouts for the web recently got an update which allows users to sketch a message and send off the masterpiece to a buddy.

It’s a bit like Snapchat, without the expiration of the message of course. A few different options are available to users like brush width and a variety of colors.

To create a sketch, hover over the camera icon, click on the pencil and then begin. Sketches can be edited after they’ve been sent, which is a cool feature as well.

If you didn’t get the update yet, be patient because it’s still rolling out to everyone. Expect the feature to make its way to Android relatively soon as well.

Source: Android Police 

Hangouts update fixes bugs, adds custom ringtones and gives you access to your blocked list

by Jack Holt on
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HangoutsA small, yet significant, update for Hangouts hit the Play Store just the other day. This update bumps the app to version 2.1.233 and adds a few things. First and foremost, the battery drain issue that has been plaguing the app appears to be fixed. Second, there’s a hidden contacts area in the settings menu separate from blocked people allowing you to hide people while still being able to see those conversations. Even though Hangouts has allowed users to block people for a while, this is the first time you’ve had access to the people you’ve blocked. Another new feature includes the ability for users to change notification sounds for individual chats.

So there you have it. Of course, as in Google fashion, it’s a staged rollout. So if you can’t wait we have the APK download link right here. Otherwise we have the download link and QR code for you after the break. Readers who have this update are you seeing improved battery life?

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Google knows Hangouts is draining your battery, working to fix it

by Justin Herrick on
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Experiencing some excessive battery drain? Hangouts may be the culprit. With the 2.1 version of Hangouts, users have been noticing the app is really punishing battery life. On the Google Product Forums, people have started chatting about it and Google is listening. The engineers reportedly found a potential fix for the bug. When any fix will be issued, no one knows. But hopefully they do so before mass riots ensue. Damn you, Hangouts.

Source: Google Product Forums

Google releases Hangouts plugin for Microsoft Outlook

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Google may not want to give Windows Phone access to Google Apps, but they do want Outlook users to take care of business. A Hangouts plugin has been released for Outlook. From Outlook’s Mail or Calendar, users can have a Hangout without the need to switch over to another service.

This is a big win for Chrome OS devices. If business users were using Outlook, they would be out of luck. But now Hangouts is available as a plugin and the mess is gone. So video chatting is as seamless as ever for Outlook and Hangouts users alike.

Source: +Google Enterprise [Directions]