PSA: Sending a Hangout message using your voice does not work for SMS messages through Hangouts or with Android Wear


We’re not sure exactly when this feature launched, but it appears that you can now use your voice through Google Now to send a Hangouts Message. All you need to say is, “Send a Hangouts message” or “Send a chat message”. You can also add a name to streamline it as in “Send a Hangouts message to Jodie” or even add the message is in “Send a Hangouts message to Jodie What do you want for dinner?”.

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Hangouts Android app and Chromebox for Meetings devices get easy guest invite support

Google-Hangouts-logoGoogle recently introduced a feature for Google Apps customers that allows them to easily invite guests to join a video call by simply sharing a link instead of actually inviting a specific person through their email account. It’s a useful feature that simplifies group video chats, especially in a work situation.
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Google+ splits into Photos and Streams in reorganization


In an effort to boost Google+, Google announced that it will be splitting the service into two distinct services in a recent reorganization. Not only that, but it looks like product VP Bradley Horowitz will lead the newly reorganized Google+ endeavor. He will oversee the split with it dividing into Streams and Photos. This comes off a recent interview with Android and Chrome head, Sundar Pichai.

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Pushbullet extends messaging support to Hangouts, WhatsApp, and more


Without question, Pushbullet is one of the most useful and powerful applications available. Pushbullet is all about convenience. The app seamlessly pushes content and notifications between computers, phones, and tablets. For the last few months, users were able to reply to messages from a mobile device’s stock messaging app. Earlier today, Pushbullet announced the extention of messaging support to some of the world’s best services.

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Google Talk users about to get shoved over to Hangouts


Google is ready to put the final nail in the coffin of their Google Talk messaging platform as all remaining users will be forced to switch to Hangouts if they want to stick with Google or find a whole new platform from some other provider. The change will take place on February 16th when Google Talk is shutdown for good.

This move is not surprising as Google has been nudging users over to Hangouts for a while now and pulled the app from the Play Store. If some new user happened to stumble across Google Talk while searching for a messaging platform, Google made sure to redirect them to information about Hangouts.
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Google utilizing Hangouts to help sell Android and Chrome products

Google-Hangouts-logoGoogle originally launched Helpouts so users could give live technical assistance over Google Hangouts, which was a great and unique way to use the instant messaging service. Now it looks like the company is utilizing the Helpouts platform to sell Android and Chrome products to potential buyers.

The program is still in a testing phase, but customers can jump into a live stream to learn about and discuss products, including Google phones and tablets and Chromebooks, although it doesn’t include things like Nest and Google Glass, at least for the time being. The chat agents can answer questions to help you pick out what device is right for you, and they can even help you with some basic troubleshooting in case you run into issues with your devices.
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Hangouts Dialer Update Brings Dialer Recognition To Links

hangouts_dialer_update_picture1Today’s update to Google’s Hangouts Dialer app now let’s you select the app to place a call when you click on phone number links inside of other apps, like Google Maps or Search. You can choose to use the option once or make it your default dialer app.

Another feature of this update will allow you to add people or places to your contacts from your Hangouts Dialer call history.
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