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November 19th and 20th will be a Google Glassware hackathon for developers


Google has announced they’ll be holding a Glassware hackathon for Google Glass developers on the 19th and 20th of November. The invitations went out today, and the event will give developers a chance to tinker with the future Glassware Development Kit. The two day event will be held in San Francisco, and even though not all applicants will be able to attend, the entire thing will be recorded and posted online for everyone.

source: 9to5 Google

Google releases images and details of Glass Foundry event


Last month Google held a Project Glass hackathon event in San Francisco and in a recent Google+ blog post, the tech giant let us in on a couple of details and a handful of images of the event. Members of the event included those who had signed up for the Glass Explorer Program at Google I/O 2012. It’s no surprise there were a lot of people that signed up after the stunning demonstration of Project Glass at the same conference. According to the post, the event was called Glass Foundry and was held over the course of two days.

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Android Celebrated All Over the World

Andy has travelled all over the globe. Due to the open-source nature of the Android platform and the remarkable support for the Android development team, they have been everywhere to celebrate Android’s success. The Android Developers Blog details some of their stories at DroidCon UK and Google Developer Days in Germany, as well as events all over South America. See the video below at Google User Group Hackathon in Prague, where the Android team was playing a large part.

YouTube Preview Image

[via Android Developers Blog]