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Angry Birds running on new Nook Touch – caught on video

nook touch rovio

The latest Barnes & Noble e-reader, the Nook Touch, is simply an e-reader, and not quite a ‘tablet’ device as we’ve come to know them, at least not next to its brother the Nook Color. Regardless, the Nook Touch runs Android 2.1 Eclair, and as such, it’s still an Android device… which basically means it must be hacked.

The New Nook Touch received some root goodness in the video below, and is running angry Birds. The mod seen is done by JesusFreke via Das U-Boot forums. So when you’re tired of reading Oprah’s book club recommendations, you can now play Angry Birds.

have a look at the video below.

FaceNiff for Android lets you hack facebook accounts with one tap – video

I would take this post as more of a warning for all who have a facebook account to make sure they lock it down before you have anyone on your Wi-Fi hacking into it and exploiting it. The FaceNiff app will actually creep into secure networks as well running WPA, WEP, and WPA2, so its really best to lock your facebook down too by setting your account access to use ‘https’. The developer Bartosz Ponurkiewicz lets us know that this not only works with facebook, but also Twitter, YouTube and Nasza-Klasa (a Polish Facebook clone). He also states that more site login support will be on the way.

In the video below, you’ll see how easy it is for someone to use this app and gain access to your facebook page with nothing but an Android device, making this a good secret weapon for your prankster friends, or even a revengeful tool for your enemies. Check it out. Also, instructions to lock your facebook page can be found here.

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Howto guide on SMS backups for Android devices


There’s many an app available on the Android Market for anyone who wants to back up their devices features, apps, or documents. What about your SMS messages? Yup, there’s a way to do that too. XDA member Pyr0TeK was kind enough to write up a little guide over it, with the aid of two apps available on the Android Market, which you’ll be able to download below.

You’ll need to download the following apps to get the process started. Simply scan or click below to grab and install.

smartbar qr uppidy qr

Smart Bar – – – – – – – – – – – – –Uppidy

Steps below.

Android hacked wireless printer will write out texts with marker


Like to write on peoples facebook walls? How about writing on their living room wall? You may be able to do that sooner than you think…without ever having to be there physically. This hacked printer device is set to receive messages from facebook, twitter and SMS, and be able to scribe them physically on a wall using 7 felt markers attached to an IOIO board with what looks like a Google Nexus One stripped down. As the device receives messages, the markers begin to write by the printer pushing the markers up and down to form text on a flat surface.

Here’s a video below to show you this cool meld of software and hardware, bringing SkyNet global domination ever closer, and thus making the master plan of removing humans from any real usefulness almost complete.

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CyanogenMod7 Graces The T-Mobile G2X and LG Optimus 2X, It’s On!

When Cyanogen tweeted that he bought a T-Mobile G2X, the hacking community must have fainted on the spot in joy of what was about to happen to their dual-core powered pocket beast.  Cyanogen has been hard at work and we too want to thank his lady for being patient with him, as he hacks away on behalf of the dev community.  It truly means a great deal to us, as he is definitely our most beloved nerd hero.  That being said, the highly custom ROM, CyanogenMod7, is now available for you G2X and Optimus 2X owners.  I can’t even begin to imagine how fast these builds are going to allow the device to go.  Keep in mind that these are nightly builds, so there may be a few bugs initially.  According to XDA, known issues include video capture, audio playback and a few auto-brightness bugs.

So, if you’re dying to get your hands on some CM7 sprinkled with Gingerbread, head on over to the XDA thread via the respective source thread. And feel free to ignore this if you just want to wait for the official 2.3 Gingerbread OTA that will be sent by T-Mobile.  Please make sure you know the difference between the two devices.  The T-Mobile G2X based in the US is similar to its cousin, the Optimus 2X but is based overseas and has slightly different software on board.  And as usual, TA is not responsible for anyone who bricks the smack out of their device.  Do this at your own risk.  If you’re not familiar with the rooting process, get a friend who is or steer clear of it for now.  Let us know what you think in the comments below.  Hit the break for some screenshots and to snag the XDA thread links.   Read more

Samsung Galaxy S II Android 2.3.3 firmware already available


Sometimes it sure doesn’t take long for the firmware of new devices to leak out, and seldom does it leak out before the device has even launched. That’s not the case here however, as the Samsung Galaxy S II firmware for Android 2.3.3 is now available for download at this location. The firmware build number is I9100OXXKDC, compiled on April 26th by SamFirmware, so it shouldn’t be long now before we start seeing some nice custom development handy work. Who knows, we may even have some of it available before the Galaxy S II launches in North America!

Happy hacking!

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Get your tablet optimised HoneyBread V4 theme for CM7 out in Alpha

honeybread for tablets CM7

One of the greatest features, among so many of CyanogenMod 7, is the awesome themes engine. With all kinds of themes to choose from, CM7 packs it all. But what if you’re looking for a Honeycomb theme? better yet, what if you need a Honeycomb theme for your tablet device? Got that covered too.

XDA Member mad-murdock has put together a great theme based off Honeycomb and optimized for tablets. He’s taken the original Honeybread theme for CM7 on smartphones and customized the sizes of icons, widgets and the general UI to show nicely on a larger screen resolution. Also, if you’re the coding type, the source is available for anyone to work with as well.

Originally posted by mad-murdock
[CM7][Theme]HoneyBread Alpha 4 [TABLET TWEAKED]

After i developed the tablet tweaks, a lot of people started modifying framework and systemui to exchange the buttons instead of doing it with a theme. the way they were going just was bad by design. no fixes are included except those people repeat their work with every new nightly build. thats the reason we use theme engine by now. it works for all devices and all versions.

my initial complaints about modifying those files and my suggestion to use a theme were ignored – so i came to the point to do it myself.

all i did was adding honeycomb icons for the soft buttons to the already existing honeybread v4 theme

The theme is in Alpha stage, meaning some functionality may not work, but isn’t that the beauty of open source alpha releases anyway? Head on over here to grab this tablet theme.

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Vulnerabilities in Skype for Android, Personal data at risk

Unfortunately, there are those people out looking to steal our personal information every chance they get. And they are always getting better at that as well.  This cause applications to be questioned, scrutinized, and put to the test as to the quality of its security permissions. But this isn’t a a bad thing, it keeps these companies on their toes to make a quality product.

This is what has happened with Skype for Android. Android Police through creating their own app called Skypwned, has found some vulnerabilities in Skype for Android that can leave our precious devices open to attack. Hit the source for more on this issue…

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HTC Developer center posts GR140 Nexus One Gingerbread update

htcnexus code

Those who have been waiting for the Gingerbread updates to come to the Google Nexus One device won’t need to wait anymore, as HTC Developer Center posted the Nexus One Gingerbread system image code for download from their portal. Developers will no doubt grab this image and get right into customization, cause really, that’s the best thing about Android software, and although some manufacturers warn against customization, HTC seems to keep endorsing it.

Grab the latest system image from the source link below.

[via htc developer center]

Samsung Galaxy S has Android 2.3 Gingerbread official ROM leaked

galaxy s gingerbread

If you’ve got a Samsung Galaxy S (I9000) and you feel you may never see an update while you still breathe, you may breathe easy friends. At least in Europe anyway. The Samsung Galaxy S Euro style has just gotten an Android 2.3 Gingerbread ROM leaked and running as you’ll be able to see in the video below.

This official Gingerbread update will still need to come to those in North America by way through the carrier, but still, it gives hope to some who had none. If you choose not to wait however, make your way to the source link below at XDA-Developers to download with full instructions.

YouTube Preview Image

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