Vulnerabilities in Skype for Android, Personal data at risk

Unfortunately, there are those people out looking to steal our personal information every chance they get. And they are always getting better at that as well.  This cause applications to be questioned, scrutinized, and put to the test as to the quality of its security permissions. But this isn’t a a bad thing, it keeps these companies on their toes to make a quality product.

This is what has happened with Skype for Android. Android Police through creating their own app called Skypwned, has found some vulnerabilities in Skype for Android that can leave our precious devices open to attack. Hit the source for more on this issue…

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HTC Developer center posts GR140 Nexus One Gingerbread update

htcnexus code

Those who have been waiting for the Gingerbread updates to come to the Google Nexus One device won’t need to wait anymore, as HTC Developer Center posted the Nexus One Gingerbread system image code for download from their portal. Developers will no doubt grab this image and get right into customization, cause really, that’s the best thing about Android software, and although some manufacturers warn against customization, HTC seems to keep endorsing it.

Grab the latest system image from the source link below.

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Samsung Galaxy S has Android 2.3 Gingerbread official ROM leaked

galaxy s gingerbread

If you’ve got a Samsung Galaxy S (I9000) and you feel you may never see an update while you still breathe, you may breathe easy friends. At least in Europe anyway. The Samsung Galaxy S Euro style has just gotten an Android 2.3 Gingerbread ROM leaked and running as you’ll be able to see in the video below.

This official Gingerbread update will still need to come to those in North America by way through the carrier, but still, it gives hope to some who had none. If you choose not to wait however, make your way to the source link below at XDA-Developers to download with full instructions.

YouTube Preview Image

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LG Optimus 2X hacked – has custom recovery, kernel and custom ROM


The LG Optimus 2X is a beast of a smartphone by anyone’s standards today. What typically happens with deadly phones like this however, is that the carrier or manufacturer decide to pre-load it with a bunch of apps they think will improve the overall use for the consumer. As this is a much larger subject as to why they should just leave the OS alone and let US decide what apps to install, the LG Optimus 2X will be launching with little more than stock Android 2.2, with an upgrade to Gingerbread right after launch. NICE!

That said, there’s always a need to put a little more than stock Android on your beastly device right? So, the LG Optmius 2X, also known as the T-Mobile G2X when they launch it, has gotten some custom coding courtesy of Paul from MoDaCo. Paul successfully built a custom recovery, kernel and custom ROM for the Optmius 2X, which means that when it launches, which we hope to be very soon, you’ll be able to bring it home and start loading it up with some CM7, or maybe a few other ROMs that may be available by the time this hits the market. Head on over to the xda source link below to stay up to date on the developments available for the Optimus 2X.

Thanks Paul!!

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Nexus S gets Backlight Notifications via custom kernel

nexuss bln

For anyone that’s been missing the BLN (backlight notifications) from the Google Nexus One on the new Nexus S, there’s a nice little custom kernel now available that will light up your softkeys instead. This comes from the development community at XDA. Here’s video proof.

If you’d like to give it a try, you can download it here. Also, there’s been some users who have not been able to get it working on their devices, so if you try it and it doesn’t work out, let them know by commenting on the thread link below.

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HTC kernel Source code available for Incredible S, Wildfire, myTouch 3G Slide

htc kernel source

All those who have been waiting to get their itchy fingers on the kernel source code from HTC for the following devices need wait no more. As you can see above, HTC posted the kernels on their Developer Center site for download for;

  • HTC Incredible S – 2.6.35
  • T-Mobile myTouch 3G Slide – Froyo MR – 2.6.32
  • HTC Wildfire – Froyo MR – 2.6.32

Grab a Red Bull and head on over to the source link below to begin your customizing weekend just a couple days early.

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Motorola’s locked bootloader keys found and posted on twitter

many have been toiling over the ability/inability to keep their Motorola devices unlocked via bootloaders, especially after the Xoom came out this year. Now, some of the keys necessary to unlock Motorola devices have made their way online via Twitter. With these, its said that developers will now be able to create completely custom signed .sbf files, thus making them available to be flashed from the encrypted bootloader found on many Motorola devices.

We should start seeing some cool and interesting things come about now that these are available, so if you’d like to keep track, hit the source links below or keep with us as we like talking about this stuff anyway.


Miui Weather app for Android nice alternative for weather widget

Miui weather

Don’t like that tired old weather widget that came built into your Samsung Galaxy S?  Miss the nice weather widget you had on your old HTC, but haven’t found one that looks as good as it does work for your area?  Then maybe the custom Miui Weather app from xda member scott951 could be the one to install for you.

The widget comes with great animations, as well as support for most of the US and Europe. You’ll want to check by doing a search for your specific are’s apk file. If you like what you see above and want to check it out for yourself, you can download a working flashable zip on post number 140 at the thread here.

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Motorola Atrix can use Webtop for any HDMI device connected – no dock needed


So, if you just recently got yourself a Motorola Atrix, or are planning on getting one, you don’t necessarily need to get the dock if you’re simply looking for larger HDMI display connections. XDA member fenny has found a way to edit the apk files used by Webtop (Motorola app for dock connection) to make it recognize any HDMI connection, rather than only recognizing the dock attachment/laptop.

With this hack, you’ll be able to connect any HDMI device to the Atrix, and it’ll display accordingly automatically, giving you a great way to show those awesome full HD videos you took with the Atrix to your friends and family from your living room.

If you want to see how, simply follow this forum thread for all the steps needed.

[via XDA-Developers]

Unroot and re-lock your Motorola Xoom – find out how

So bad here we told you about rooting the Motorola Xoom, then found out it may not be a great idea based on how Motorola may deal with your warranty and upgrade status to 4G. Now that we know the Flash 10.2 update is here, it was announced that rooted or unlocked Xooms would need to be rolled back and relocked or unrooted to get the update installed properly. Like we’re surprised there right?

How do you go about that? Well, someone detailed some fine instructions for everyone to follow, just in case.

Note: This will wipe your Xoom

  1. You’re going to need to have the Android SDK installed. You can download it here.
  2. Download the official HRI39 build from Motorola here.
  3. Unzip the files in and move or copy them to the /platform-tools folder in your SDK folder.
  4. Connect your Xoom to your computer.
  5. Type adb reboot bootloader. Wait for it to reboot into the bootloader.
  6. Type the following commands, waiting for each to finish before continuing:
  • fastboot flash boot boot.img
  • fastboot flash system system.img
  • fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
  • fastboot flash userdata userdata.img
  • fastboot erase cache

You’ve now successfully flashed your Xoom back to stock. Now it’s time to relock the device.

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