Android hackers port 2.2 Froyo to Nokia N900

A Nokia N900, running Android? Not as far fetched as you may think. There is now picture and video goodness of this phone running Android 2.2, and the hardware seems to handle the platform remarkably well. While not fully complete (wifi, cell signal and SD card don’t quite work properly), this is, in this geek’s opinion, awesome. Check out the video for some specifics:

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Guide: Use your Android phone w/ fancy iPod/iPhone stereos

Even though more and more devices are getting a good old 3.5mm  jack for AUX input, there are still a lot of accessories out there that are meant to be docked with an iPod or iPhone. This is obviously an inconvenience if you have any other kind of phone or device. Well Thijs Bosschert had enough of it and decided to build his own adapter to use his Motorola Milestone with those accessories, mainly stereos like the ones above.

While Thijs’ guide is specifically for his Motorola Milestone, it should not be hard to adapt it to ANY Android phone. So if you’re good with your hands and not afraid of a little soldering, by all means, check out the guide on our guides page or you can take the direct link HERE.

Use your Nexus One as a gas pedal

That headline got ya curious didn’t it? Well that Nexus One is indeed a “gas” pedal, only instead of fuel, it controls electricity, in the form of slot cars. Grant Skinner coded the software for the handset and a computer via Adobe Air. Once the two are connected, the phone sends the computer the accelerometer data, which then relays the speed control to the slot car track with the help of a Phidgets motor controller. Sound confusing? Well check out the video:

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Nexus One Does 720p With a Few Tweaks

Nexus One

Man, is there anything developers can’t do with a Nexus One? We’ve already showed you Sven Killing, who wrote his own USB Host driver for the N1. Well now they’ve figured out how to get a little 720p encoding action going on the phone as well.

It’s not as simple as downloading an app, but the process doesn’t look to bad. Of course if the thought of bricking your uber-phone turns you off, you may want to wait a little while.

[via xda-dev forums]

TalkAndroid Weekend Roundup

Did you manage to drag yourself away from technology for an entire weekend? If you did, or if you’re just lazy, here’s a roundup of what you missed:

iPhone 3G Runs Android 2.2

Somewhere, at this very moment, Steve Jobs is crying. Of course then he checks his bank account and is cheered up again, but I digress.

What you see here is indeed an iPhone 3G running Android 2.2. However, “runs” and “runs perfect” are two different things. While the phone does make calls and send SMS with no issues, it does have problems running wifi and audio.

For instructions on how to upgrade your iPhone ( lol ) check out the link below.

[via gadgetsdna]

USB Host Driver for Nexus One

Want to do awesome things with your Nexus One like watching movies off of flash drives, use USB keyboards, webcams or connect a monitor via USB to DVI adapter? Well then thank Germany for producing Sven Killig.

This crafty German wanted to use his Nexus One to its full capabilities, so he went and wrote a USB Host Driver for it. He has designed it to work for Android 2.2, but doesn’t expect any issues with Android 2.1.

Well enough blabbing, check out the video:

Head on over to Sven’s page to grab the necessary files.

*Updated. Turns out good ol’ Sven is indeed German & not Swedish