How To Switch To Dev Channel On Your Chromebook In 3 Simple Steps


First off, you need to understand that this uses the Chrome Dev Channel. Chrome comes in three different flavors, which we refer to as channels: stable, beta, and dev. Of the three, dev  shorthand for developer  is the most unstable and has a few bugs from time to time. The trade-off is that you get the newest stuff Chrome has to offer before anyone else. These three channels can be used in the regular Chrome browser or in Chrome OS, which is what the Chromebooks use as their operating system. We are obviously going to focus on Chrome OS in the steps I give below.

Disclaimer: Before you get too uncomfortable, please note that none of this should factory reset your device, so switching to the dev channel shouldn’t cause you to lose any of your files on your Chromebook. But, Talk Android nor myself  assume any liability or responsibility for any unexpected or undesired changes that may affect your Chromebook. If you proceed with these steps, it is under your own responsibility and liability.
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How to take a screenshot from your Android Wear smartwatch


The Android Wear 5.0.1 update brings a slew of enhancements, and one of them happens to be the ability to capture screenshots from your smartwatch. Before the update, you needed to connect your watch to your desktop and use ADB commands, but now it’s so much easier. Unfortunately, it’s a little convoluted, but it gets the job done until Google hopefully enhances it in a future update.

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6 unique icon packs to try now on your Android phone or tablet


If you go to the Google Play Store and type “icon packs” into the search field, your query will yield page after page of results. Most of the icons appear beautiful, yet identical. How will you ever find something really eye-catching in this gigantic ocean of graphics? Check out this post for the list of my six favorite icon packs that really show their creators’ artistic chops.
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Holiday Buying Guide 2014: The best Android tablets

 Best_Android_Tablets_2014_02_TAIt’s the holiday season! You are hunting for the perfect gifts for everyone near and dear to your heart. Giving the gift of a tablet works for just about anyone because the options are limitless. With so many options, there are also prices all over the place. You can walk into your local pharmacy and find an Android tablet for $50. Heading over to an online retailer and finding a tablet over $300 is just as easy. Choosing an appropriate tablet that meets price with quality is actually quite difficult because of the crowded field.

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Best Android apps for streaming networked pictures, music, and video to Chromecast [December 2014]

Chromecast_481The Chromecast is a great tool for slinging your media to a bigger screen from your phone. We’ve already covered ways to get the local content on your devices to a Chromecast, but many users still play media from a local network so they don’t have to worry about cluttering up device storage with music and videos. It’s convenient to store all of your large files on a bigger hard drive instead of keeping them split up across multiple SD cards.

This guide is going to go over the easiest ways to start casting your networked music, photos, and videos to go along with all of your local pictures and internet subscriptions.

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How to manually install the Android 5.0.1 Lollipop update on your HTC One (M7) or (M8) GPe device


The HTC One (M7) and (M8) Google Play Edition devices are receiving Android 5.0.1 Lollipop today, but it will take at least a week or two to land on all devices. Good news!! The actual over-the-air (OTA) update is available for you to download and manually install right now. It’s really easy to do, so hit the break to get started.

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How to rename your Android TV devices so you can easily identify them when Chromecasting


Android TV includes Google Cast so you can use compatible Chromecast apps to push content to your TV. However, if you have multiple Android TV devices (same model), you will find it difficult to distinguish between them when you want to cast something. The Chromecast app allows you to change the name of Chromecast devices, but Android TV devices are left out in the cold. The only two Android TV devices available at the time of this post are the ADT-1 and the Nexus Player, and each one shows up as their respective name when you tap on the Chromecast icon to choose a device. So if you have two Nexus Players, how would you tell the difference between the living room device or the one in the bedroom? Just change the name of each device to suit your needs. Hit the break to see how easy it is.

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The Best Android Apps for Dieting and Nutritional Tracking

weight-loss-plateauIf there’s one thing that most of us should be doing more of, it’s paying more attention to what we eat. In this day and age, it can be tough to keep track of snacks, meals, and drinks, and even tougher to know what you should be eating altogether.

Thankfully, those little friends in our pockets and purses are here to help with all types of apps to track, coach, and assist in order to help you reach your goal weight, whether that’s gaining some mass, losing a few pounds, or maintaining your current figure.

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How to set up a slideshow screensaver on Android TV that utilizes your own photos from Google+, Dropbox, and more


One of the advantages of Android TV (Nexus Player and ADT-1) over Chromcast is that you can have a slideshow screensaver that will automatically turn on not only when the device is idle, but it will also come on when playing music. Chromecast only offers Backdrop, which will not display when you’re playing music. Backdrop is also limited in that you can only display photos from your Google+ account or other images that Google chooses, not to mention the transition speed is horrible. Android TV also offers Backdrop, but at this moment in time, it can’t be customized. However, you can still setup a highly customizable slideshow screensaver that can include your own photos from cloud services like Google+, Dropbox, and more. You can even set it to display other cool images from around the world. This screensaver will come on whenever your Android TV is idle, which means that it will also display when you’re streaming music from any service. Hit the break to find out how to do it.

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How to download Android APK files from the Google Play Store


There might be various reasons that you would want to download an APK directly from the Play Store. One might be that an app (especially Google apps) is showing that it has been updated, but you can’t push it to your device. By downloading the APK directly, you can simply sideload it on your device and get the updated version that much quicker. You also might be a tinkerer in that you want to sideload an APK to your Android TV device (or some other device) to see how it works.

Now you can find various sites that host APK files, but they might not have the latest versions, not to mention they could be altered with malware. Grabbing it directly from the Play Store is the safest way, but how do you go about doing that? It’s actually pretty simple, so hit the break to get started.

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