Unlocked Samsung Galaxy S III gets a taste of Android 4.2.2, thanks to leaked firmware



Despite it aging at a fast rate (in Android years at least), the Galaxy S III smartphone is still one hell of a smartphone. So that’s why Samsung has been hard at work ensuring its most successful device to date will continue to receive prompt updates in order to keep things current. With that in mind— a leaked Android 4.2.2 firmware has surfaced for the unlocked variant of the device, courtesy of the fine folks at SamMobile. As expected, the leaked firmware is based off an incomplete version of the imminent update— but fortunately it appears that Samsung is pretty much done ironing out the bugs and should have the finished Android 4.2.2 build by the time June rolls around. Aside from the fact it is an incomplete version, the update does bring a ton of new goodies for the device including a new lockscreen, new S Voice, Driving Mode and a revamped Settings UI, among other things.

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Recent Samsung Galaxy S III Update Fixes More Than Just The Sudden Death Issue— Also Fixes Major Security Exploit


You folks remember about a subtle, but very important utility update for the Galaxy S III that was released a few days ago? Well apparently, it does more than just fix the sudden death issue. SamMobile reports that the same update (I9300XXELLA) fixes a well-known security vulnerability found in the Exynos chip. Basically, the vulnerability essentially gave root permissions to any app (again with emphasis— any app), with the result being no control over the permissions from users of the smartphone. Fortunately, it has been identified that the recent update the has actually patched the security vulnerability. Additionally, the update contains new bootloaders which should help to alleviate any sort of possible sudden death issues with the smartphone.

As of now, only owners of the GT-I9300 variant in the UK have received the update, though we’re hopeful that the rest of the GT-I9300 owners out there will get the update sooner than later.

source: SamMobile

Jelly Bean Rollout Beginning For Unlocked Samsung Galaxy S III (GT-I9300) Smartphone


Fresh off other variants getting some Jelly Bean lovin’, Sammy has begun to push the coveted Android 4.1.2 update to the international variant of the Samsung Galaxy S III smartphone. It is confirmed that the official rollout has begun worldwide, though it’s currently being pushed out in phases— so it’s unclear which GT-I9300 models will get the update first for now. The update will bring the Jelly Bean build to JZO54K and will bring the usual goodies like Google Now, Multi-View capabilities, Smart Rotation and a customizable Notification Panel among other things.

Owners of the unlocked model can check for the update through Kies Desktop software or OTA through their device’s Settings. If it’s not available don’t fret— the update will certainly be here before you know it.

source: SamMobile

Apparent Samsung GT-I9300 Service Manual Sketch Leaks Out

And the beat goes on with the Samsung Galaxy S III news. We’ve seen benchmarks for the upcoming device and now know it will feature a quad-core processor, but we now may have something just as significant to share with you all. Well-regarded Sammy blog SamMobile has obtained what it claims to be an actual scan from the service manual of the device. If you look carefully, the sketch outline of the device pictured seems to match up with what we’ve seen here… and here… oh and here in a silhouette as well.

Accompanying the outline of the anticipated smartphone are details of the internals. The specs match up with what we’ve previously heard about for the most part including an HSPA+ radio and 1080P video recording. However, you’ll note that this apparent mockup of the Galaxy S III device is clocked at 1.5GHz as opposed to 1.4GHz (per Sammy’s Exynos announcement), an 8MP camera as opposed to a 12MP camera and a 4.8-inch screen as opposed to a 4.7-inch screen. In addition, there’s a home button on this device, which goes against our previous sightings where we’d seen soft keys on the screen. Perhaps Samsung may have more than one variation of the upcoming Galaxy S III smartphone being developed? It’s more than possible considering it has multiple variations of the Galaxy S II for example.

Despite SamMobile’s reputation for obtaining accurate information in the past, this latest leak as with most leaks shouldn’t be taken too seriously. The only thing certain of the device we do that it will feature a fast— really fast Exynos processor. Until then Samsung will do everything in its power to stay tight-lipped and keep us in suspense until next week’s unveiling. I mean after all, it’s no fun if we know everything about the device before it’s formally unveiled, is it?

source: SamMobile

Another Samsung Galaxy S III Dummy Box Pictured Showing Custom Soft Keys

You know what we need? Yes, that’s right. Another Samsung Galaxy S III leak. This time it’s a series of pictures of a GT-i9300 test device in what is most obviously a “dummy box,” meaning the outer casing is just there to provide a housing for the innards, and to not reveal the final design until Samsung’s announcement on May 3rd in London.

These pictures came from Chinese forum Mobile01 and reveal one new detail about the software on the handset. Samsung has tweaked Android 4.0’s soft keys a bit and added a slightly larger menu button that, when present, actually shifts the other buttons over. Not a huge big deal, but it does give us a peek at how TouchWiz on Ice Cream Sandwich is shaping up.

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Samsung I9300 M, the Eye-Tracking, Auto-Dialing, Face-Recognizing Mid-Range Phone of the Future?

Perhaps the most rumored Samsung device recently is the GT-I9300, which some believed to be the much anticipated Galaxy S III, but now is rumored to be the Samsung Galaxy M. Now, new information from sources of GSM Arena pegs the Galaxy M as a weird hybrid of mid-range specs coupled with stuff straight out of sci-fi.

Apparently, the device is rumored to have an eye-tracking feature that will keep the display turned on if it recognizes you are looking at it. It can also detect if you are lying down and adjust the screen rotation so the screen will stay level with your sight. Pretty cool stuff. I could see technology like this allowing for even more futuristic features, like a floating mouse cursor you control with your eyes… a sort of “visual Kinect” for your phone. Is this the first step toward the Android Brain ImplantTM?

More rumored features after the break.

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New info suggests possible mid-May launch for the Samsung GT-i9300

Okay Android boys and girls, it looks like we have some more leaked info that we’ll tack up on our rumor board. A few days ago we reported that an anonymous user had taken a photo of the supposed GT-i9300, otherwise rumored to be the model number for the highly anticipated Galaxy S III. According to another tipster, the GT-i9300 will be released to the public in mid-May. Unfortunately it won’t be the GS III, but you didn’t expect it was going to be did you? Apparently the name or code-name of the the phone that is scheduled to ship out is listed as the Samsung Galaxy M. Now if you all recall back in August, Samsung had announced a new naming method for their future smartphones and the letter “M” is meant to be for “magical” (mid-tier) devices. So this is not the GS III that fans everywhere are yearning for. One thing is for certain, mid-May is only a month and a half away so we will find out more about the real GS III soon enough.

source: GSM Arena

Samsung GT-i9300 Galaxy S III Receives Wi-Fi Certification?

Last week we told you about the believed Galaxy S III appearing on Samsung’s official UAE site as model number GT-i9300. The device has since been pulled from the sites listings but the model number has recently appeared elsewhere on the interweb in the form of a Wi-Fi certification. Unfortunately there is no additional information to be had from the certification document but I imagine we should start to see more details the closer we get to its announcement. Speaking of announcement, we are still unsure when we will get official word surrounding the GSIII, lets just hope Samsung’s launch “review” yields a MWC unveiling.

source: pocketnow