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Don’t expect to see the HTC Grip in 2015


At the start of 2015, Under Armour formed a strategic partnership with HTC that would task the hardware manufacturer with designing products to work with UA Record. Both companies would be moving into the connected health and fitness sector that’s already crowded with offerings from Fitbit, Nike, Apple, Jawbone, and many more. The original release date for the partnership’s first product, the Grip, was scheduled for February; however, HTC continuously delayed the device and commented in July that a launch was coming “later this year.”

Nine months after the activity tracker debuted, we now know that the HTC Grip will not arrive in 2015.

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HTC’s Under Armour-connected Grip fitness band is experiencing delays


Remember that fitness watch HTC unveiled alongside its HTC One M9 flagship back in March? Let me refresh your memory.

At Mobile World Congress, HTC unveiled a fitness watch with a partnership with Under Armour called “HTC Grip.” The HTC Grip had a design similar to the Nike FuelBand and was to be targeted towards athletes or just anyone who remains active. The device wasn’t going to have a dedicated heart rate sensor, but it did promise built-in GPS.

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Watch HTC’s unveiling of the One M9, Grip and Vive VR anytime anywhere


HTC hosted a little event yesterday. You might have heard that they announced the all new One M9, the Grip wearable, and the Vive VR. Maybe you got to watch or it maybe you were too distracted when trying to watch it. Whatever the reason is, it doesn’t matter, because you can watch it again and again and again if you wish. You can watch it tonight, tomorrow, or next year because it’s on YouTube today and forever. All you have to do is hit the break for the complete show.

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HTC Grip announced as company’s first fitness tracking device


Today, the partnership started between HTC and Under Armour was put on display. The Taiwanese company unveiled the HTC Grip fitness tracker, the first fitness tracking device to ever be released by HTC. This fitness tracker is powered by Under Armour and mimics many features commonly found on a smartwatch while maintaining the size and comfort of a fitness tracker.

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Arkon Mega Grip Review

Smart phones seem to be getting bigger and bigger these days. With phones like the HTC EVO and the Droid X out there sporting 4.3” screens, you can be hard pressed to find a third party mount that fits. Arkon hopes it has the solution. With phone pulling all kinds of duties now such as mp3 player, GPS, and Car Phone, owners are hard pressed not to buy a mount.

Unfortunately, with the luxurious sizes that these large phones offer, these mounts are being bulleted with subsequently luxurious prices. Enter Arkon’s Universal Mega Grip Holder. Bulleted as the Super Phone Solution, this gigantic mount may be what super-users have been waiting for. Let’s find out!

Arkon Mega Grip Review

Arkon Mega Grip Mega Contest

Arkon Mega Grip Mega Giveaway

Now that our review of the Arkon Mega Grip is finished, it’s time to get the ball rolling for the inevitable contest that usually accompanies our reviews. This contest is especially great because not only will we be giving away TEN Arkon Mega Grips, but the winners will have the choice of which Mega Grip they will receive. The choices are:

So what do you have to do to enter this contest? I’m glad you asked.

  1. follow us on twitter: @talkandroid
  2. tweet this: Get a grip with @talkandroid & their Mega Grip Mega Giveaway contest! #android
  3. Wait to see if you’re announced as a winner on 9/11/10.

That’s it! Now there are a few rules, so pay attention:

  1. Just tweet the message ONCE
  2. The winner’s will be contacted via twitter
  3. US Residents only, sorry!

Do you lose reception based on how you hold your phone? An Android Poll

As we all know, the iPhone 4 has issues with how you hold it. Hold it a certain way and *poof* there goes your reception. Steve Jobs said in a press conference yesterday that all modern phones have this issue, including Android phones. I can personally say that I’ve never had an issue with any of my cell phones having an issue with how I hold them, much less my Android devices. What what about you? Does the way you hold your cell phone effect your reception?

We’d like to know. Vote in our poll and if you have noticed that your grip effects your reception, let us know what phone you have in the comments.