Google buys Green Throttle Games in quest to develop set top box


According to recent reports, Google has acquired Green Throttle Games and aims to use the parts and labor of the company in their quest to develop a set top box. Google has confirmed the reports, but no specifics about the deal have been released.

Green Throttle Games was founded in 2012 with the goal of creating a seamless gaming experience on Android devices. The company soon released an “Atlas” game controller that connects to Android devices via Bluetooth.

Reports of a Google set top box have been making the rounds for a while now, so these reports do make sense. If Google does in fact make gaming a selling point of their set top box, they would definitely have a chance of gaining ground on Apple TV.

Source: 9to5Google

Green Throttle aiming to make your phone a game console

We’re all aware that our devices are little beasts when it comes to processing power. The mobile gaming industry has definitely capitalized on the processing power of devices these days. It’s pretty amazing what we can play on our phones. Green Throttle wants to take it to the next level though. While there are a few ways to achieve what they’re doing currently, they’re looking to streamline the whole experience of using a Bluetooth controller, an HDMI-out cable, and a TV or monitor to play games console-style. Today, the team behind Guitar Hero, have made available a software development kit which will allow game developers to map game controls to their Bluetooth controllers and play the games on a larger TV or monitor.

Once it’s all hooked up and running, you’ll then have a game setup much like a console experience except the source is much smaller – and portable. There will be a few hurdles to jump in order for this to work long-term like developer buy-in, optimizing games for TV, and consumer acceptance but they’ll be releasing a few titles themselves so hopefully they’ll pave the way. Developers can pick up the bundle for $89.99 which includes everything you’ll need for testing your games. What do you think? Will Green Throttle gain some momentum and set the standard going forward? Also, tell us about your current Android device gaming setup.

source:  Green Throttle