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Granny Smith Apple gets updated to bring leaderboard and achievements through Google Play Game Services



The ever-popular Granny Smith Apple has just gotten a nice little update to make it even better than ever before. In addition to the already standard 57 levels and awesome Granny ups, the latest update brings the addition of leaderboards and achievements through Google Play Game Services. This means that those of you out there will be able to have de facto competitions against friends and family or just see how good you really are (or aren’t) in comparison to the masses out there in the world.

As usual, the game is available for all Gingerbread+ users— so if you’re an owner of an Android 2.3 (or higher) device, hit the Play Store link today in order to get in on all the updated fun.



Play Store Download Link

Granny Smith Gets Updated To Include New Space Levels


The game that encourages gamers to fight Apple thieves has recently been updated to be bigger and better. In the latest update, Granny Smith will not only chase those darn apple thieves through terrestrial surroundings, but she will be taking off to space to try to save the day and save her apples. Game developer Mediocre has found a way to incorporate 12 new levels, which gives the game even more longevity than it already had before.

Granny Smith version 1.1.0 is now available for Android 2.3+ devices now in the Play Store. So if you’re interested in a unique gaming experience, hit the Play Store link below or scan the QR code to get in on the action.



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