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Corning Inc. Gorilla glass protects Galaxy S phones

Samsung has made quite an impact over the past month with the launch of their Galaxy S line. They’ve managed to release a Galaxy phone on every major network, all to favorable reviews. And with the official introduction of the Galaxy tablet just over a week away, Samsung shows no signs of slowing down. One feature that separates Samsung’s phones from the competition is the Super AMOLED displays. What many may not realize is that offering this display has been made possible due to Corning Inc. and their Gorilla® glass. This alkali-aluminosilicate glass is thin, scratch-resistant, durable, and environmentally friendly. Without such a durable piece of glass protecting the AMOLED display, Samsung may not have been able to incorporate it in their phones. Here is what BJ Kang, senior manager of Samsung Electronics, had to say:

Advanced display technology plays a crucial role in meeting consumers’ growing expectations on high-end mobile devices, especially smartphones. Corning’s Gorilla glass has helped maximize Galaxy S’s unique smartphone features by enabling a high-quality touch display.

This glass was actually invented in 1962 but had been looking for a practical application ever since. Now with the need for a durable yet thin protective glass for handheld electronics, it seems Corning Inc. may have struck gold with this one.

[via Business Wire]