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New studies analyze growing use of sapphire glass in smartphones


Some new studies by RnR Market Research take a look at the global market for sapphire glass and how manufacturers are responding for demands for supply from smartphone manufacturers. According to one analyst, manufacturers are considering the use of sapphire glass for use in high-end smartphone displays and even Corning is considering adding sapphire glass properties to their Gorilla Glass line of screens. Read more

Corning working on even more durable damage-resistant glass

corning-gorilla-glassCorning has announced that they plan on bringing a new type of scratch and damage resistant glass to market later this year, improving on the extremely durable but slightly scratch-prone Gorilla Glass 4. This new glass, called Project Phire, combines the durability of Gorilla Glass with the scratch resistance of sapphire, which should theoretically make for some of the most rugged smartphone displays we’ve seen yet. Read more

Corning announces antimicrobial Gorilla Glass


Smartphone, tablet and other touch device users are in a constant battle to keep their screens clean. This usually involves wiping off the buildup of fingerprints and oils from our fingers, along with assorted liquids that may have splashed on the screen. Corning has been working on some technology to help keep screens clean at a more basic level with the introduction of antimicrobial Gorilla Glass.  Read more

Corning announces antimicrobial Gorilla Glass, can kill bacteria on your smartphone


Smartphone use is as high as ever, with people pulling out their devices at all kinds of moments during the day. Because of that, it makes sense that our screens can get a little…icky. If Corning has anything to say about it, however, this will soon be a thing of the past! At CES today, the company unveiled their new antimicrobial Gorilla Glass, which can actually kill bacteria that happen to find their way onto your device. Hit the break to find out more and see a video about the glass!

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Corning is ready to make 3D Gorilla Glass for wearables

corning-gorilla-glassFor a while now, Corning’s Gorilla Glass has become the standard material for many screens, but it didn’t seem ready for the curved glass of wearables like Google Glass. Corning announced today that they’re ready. The company can now manufacture 3D Gorilla Glass, that will be able to conform to different shapes, without adding bulk or losing strength.

If all goes according to plan, the 3D glass will be available sometime this year. Corning hasn’t yet named customers, but it’s safe to think that many companies will be interested, considering Corning’s success to this point. Check out the full PR from Corning after the break.

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Samsung grabs 7.4% of Corning and secures supply of Gorilla Glass through 2023


Samsung and Corning just made some interesting adjustments to their current 40-year partnership. Samsung and Corning already have a joint venture called Samsung Corning Materials. Ltd. Samsung owned a 43% stake in the company, but they will receive $1.9 billion in convertible preferred Corning shares as well as invest $400 million in new convertible preferred shares. I know it’s confusing, but the end result is that Samsung will have a 7.4% stake in the company on an as-converted basis.

What’s even more important is that Samsung and Corning signed a new long-term supply agreement that lasts until 2023. This is obviously a smart move for Samsung in that they won’t have to worry about other manufacturers jumping ahead of them. It doesn’t mean other manufacturers won’t use Gorilla Glass, it just means they won’t get preferred treatment. For Corning, it’s a win because they will gain more flexibility in serving customers, managing capacity, and minimizing capital spending as they expand production of Gorilla Glass and develop new specialty glass applications.

Full presser after the break.

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Corning Announces Gorilla Glass 3 Ahead Of CES Next Week


Ladies and gentlemen, Corning has formally announced its brand-new Gorilla Glass 3 to the masses. Due to be showcased at CES next week, Corning has touted its newest iteration as having an unparallelled toughness that competitors cannot match, while strengthening its position as an industry leader by having an “evolving role of highly engineered glass technologies in delivering improved product performance and functionality through touch capabilities“. As part of strengthening its position as an industry leader means it will expand its brand outside of the mobile realm, so consumers can expect to see the Gorilla Glass 3 technology on larger devices (such as certain TV sets due to arrive in the near-future perhaps?). We here at Talk Android stand by Corning’s Gorilla Glass line and haven’t been disappointed— so it will certainly be exciting to see how much better Gorilla Glass 3 has gotten compared to Corning’s predecessors.

You’ll find more deets once you hit the break and check out the full presser.

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Lotus Glass Brings New Venture for Samsung and Corning


In a match made in cellphone screen heaven, Samsung and Corning have signed a deal to jointly manufacture Lotus Glass.  Corning is known for its scratch resistant Gorilla Glass, and had recently announced its new Lotus Glass technology.  Samsung has dazzled us with their beautiful Super AMOLED screens.  The technology has been profitable for Samsung as it brought in an excess of $4 billion dollars in 2011.  The Lotus Glass will withstand the higher processing temperatures that are needed for OLED.  It will also consume less power and provide higher resolution.  The Lotus Glass will be found in Samsung’s Super OLED TVs and in their future Galaxy devices.

While it’s still not recommended to throw your phone out of a moving vehicle, it’s comforting to know that Corning and Samsung are making screens ready to withstand daily jostling.  Hit the break for the full presser.  Read more