Google Fiber Internet coming to Parkway Properties in Atlanta, Austin and Charlotte after new deal

PARKLOGOGoogle Fiber Inc. signed a deal with Parkway Properties, Inc. today to bring it’s Small Business Gigabit Internet service to Parkway customers. Parkway says they will be bringing Google Fiber to their office buildings in Atlanta, Austin and Charlotte. Potentially, even bringing it to their entire Parkway portfolio if Google Fiber can expand it’s services.

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New Google Sunroof project to help you tap the power of the sun


One of Google’s corporate principals is to allow their employees time to pursue projects they are interested in, even if it is not part of their regular job duties. These 20% projects can generate some unique opportunities for Google users, like the new Project Sunroof. This project, from engineering lead Carl Elkin, aims to help people tap into the power of solar energy as a way to save some money and go green. Read more