Google is about to take over Times Square


Well “take over” might be a little strong, but Google will definitely be making a presence in Times Square. Tomorrow night will mark the birth of the biggest and most expensive digital sign in Times Square. It is almost as big as a football field, and has better resolution than the best TVs with close to 24 million LED pixels.

It appears a number of advertisers will be able to utilize the sign at the same time as long as they cough up $2.5 million for four weeks, but Google will be the exclusive advertiser from November 24 through the New Year.

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Shhhh – Google removes silent mode from phones with Lollipop


When Google first announced Android L last summer with a developer’s preview edition and then in October made the official announcement sans a final version being available, it was clear Google had all hands on deck to try to wrap up all the details that go into a major operating system overhaul. So it should be no surprise that some things may have been overlooked. At least, we hope this one is an oversight and not something intentional on the part of Google. Android Lollipop users have discovered that silent mode has been removed when running on a smartphone and other volume and notification management choices are just not well thought out.
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Google Calendar’s update with Material Design is stunning


Every day brings something new. The newness of today is the redesigned Google Calendar. The app was put under construction and debuts with a new look to reflect the guidelines recommended with Android 5.0 Lollipop. Simply put, Google Calendar will satisfy for Material Design craving for a bit. It is absolutely beautiful and works just as well as ever. Google added a feature in which the app will incorporate events pulled from Gmail. And the new Assists feature will learn about your use patterns and tailor the app appropriately.

The new Google Calendar app works with devices running Android 4.1 and above.

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How to manage which folders are automatically backed up to Google’s Photos app cloud storage

google photo backupOne of the best features of Google+ is the streamlined photo backup service that’s baked right into the social media app. Once it’s turned on, it keeps all of the photos on your device backed up to cloud storage on your Google account so you can easily access the photos and never have to worry about losing them in case something happens to your phone or tablet.

The backup service is great, but sometimes you may not want Google backing up every photo on your device, especially the stuff in your downloads or screenshot folder. Fortunately, there’s a way to control exactly which folders do and don’t get backed up, even if it’s not completely obvious to find. 
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Get a free Google Cardboard thanks to Volvo

cardboardAt Google I/O, Google showed off Google Cardboard or a cheap/poor person’s VR set and while everyone who went to Google I/O was able to get their hands on one, the rest of us were left out in the cold. That was until you could buy your own third-party virtual reality set if you didn’t want to do it yourself. Well for those who didn’t want to use either of those routes, you now have a chance of getting your own free Google Cardboard.

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Google Play launches page for Project Tango Development Kit


The release of the Project Tango tablet is near. A page for the Project Tango tablet is now live on Google Play. It features the 3D sensing device in black and white color options. A price is not attached and it “is not for sale at this time.” What we do know is that the Project Tango Development Kit will not have a warranty attached. Furthermore, Google will not allow returns or refunds after the item is ordered. So what you buy is what you get and that is final. The price is expected to be extremely high and only dedicated developers will be buyers of it.

Here are the specifications according to Google Play:

  • 7.02-inch 1920×1200 IPS display with Corning glass
  • 4 MP 2µm RGB-IR pixel sensor on the rear, 1 MP fixed focus with IR LED on the front
  • NVIDIA Tegra K1 processor with 4GB of RAM
  • 128GGB internal storage
  • Andorid 4.4.2 KitKat
  • Dual stereo speakers

Source: Google Play
Via: 9to5Google

[APK Download] Google Cloud Print gets treated to Material Design


Continue building your Material Design portfolio by installing the new version of Google Cloud Print. The app looks completely different and follows the design guidelines laid out in Android 5.0 Lollipop. Everything is much cleaner and a slideout menu comes in from the left side. The functionality of Google Cloud Print remains the same. Since the app sits behind the scenes, do not expect to see anything appear in the app drawer.

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Hodor has a place in Google search


Fans of Game of Thrones have a new way to get a bit of the HBO hit show into their daily lives thanks to an update to Google search. When using the Google search app on Android or iOS devices, users can say “Hodor” and they will get a “HODOR!” response from the app. Even on desktop search, if voice search has been activated, Google will respond with an info card full of “Hodor.”

Along with the nod to Hodor, Google also added some new functions to search. You can ask Google to “roll a die” (dice will work as well) and the search results will give you the results of the roll. Thus far that function is limited to a single six-sided die. Google can also “flip a coin” in response to the command. Finally, if you need a romantic quote on short notice, you can ask Google for a love quote and get something appropriate.


source: CNET