Google Search displays most relevant content from a single source


The next time you fire up Google Search on a mobile device, take a good look at the results because there is an interesting addition. In the section at the top where Google houses all of its own aggregated items, a spot for the most relevant content from a single source now appears. So, as seen in the image above, searching “ESPN” will return The Worldwide Leader in Sports’ top stories. It works when searching for sources or topics. The carousel design is used to keep content organized horizontally. Links included are for both articles and videos.

Hit the break to see GIFs of the feature in action.

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Kids will have their own YouTube app starting February 23


There is a ton of content for kids on YouTube, but there is only one problem…..There is also a ton of content that isn’t appropriate for kids. To solve this issue, Google will launch a YouTube Kids app on February 23.

YouTube Kids was designed by in-house engineers with parenting credentials along with other third-party testers such as Common Sense Media. It will offer a simpler interface in that viewer comments will be disabled. Parents can even set a timer that will automatically shut down the app at a specified amount of time.

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Google testing cloud backup for external devices in latest Dev Channel Chrome update

chrome cloud backupGoogle appears to be testing a new feature for Chrome OS that will let you automatically upload files and folders from external media devices to your Drive cloud storage. The feature is only available in the Dev Channel as of right now, but it puts a new cloud backup option in the My Files app when browsing photos on something like an SD card or flash drive.

The option obviously only works with Google Drive, and it’s only going to work on devices that are set up using the standard DCIM folder for photos and videos. That means you won’t be able to sync music or documents this way, but Google does offer several other ways to take care of those.
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Google Voice users having problems sending MMS messages

Google-Voice-LargeGoogle just recently enabled MMS support for North American Google Voice users, but it looks like the service is already seeing its first hiccup. Many users are reporting being unable to send any MMS messages, and Google has acknowledged that its a problem on the official support site. Fortunately, SMS messages seem like they’re okay, so if you’re solely using a GV number, you’re not totally up the creek until this gets fixed.

Hopefully Google will get the problem sorted out sooner rather than later, but if you want to keep up with the progress, you can find the thread below.
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Google could offer a Google+ extension called Tablescape soon, a place for sharing foodographs


I know many of you like taking pictures of your food and sharing them because I see them regularly on Twitter and Google+. If you’re one of those people, you will be happy to know that Google might soon offer something just for you called Tablescape. It’s a place for sharing foodographs.

It appears to be some sort of extension to Google+, similar to the Photos app. What I mean is that it would be a separate app on your mobile device, but it will actually be part of Google+ just like Photos is.

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Google adds 12 additional countries to its list of supported Play Store Merchants


Google has today broadened the international availability of its Play Store Merchant accounts by adding 12 new countries to the mix. Developers in Bahrain, Bulgaria, Bolivia, Cyprus, Dominican Republic, Estonia, Honduras, Jamaica, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta and Panama all now have the ability to apply for a Merchant account.

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Google concerned with Xiaomi’s ability to compete with apps and services


When it comes to apps and services competing with Google and Android, there is not very much. Even historically the same can be said as no hardware manufacturer of Android devices has successfully built a strong user base for its own apps and services. At one point, Samsung was viewed as a threat but nothing ever became truly dangerous for Google. Consumers with Samsung devices turned away from what Samsung put on the table and stuck with what Google has offered. Another company from Asia, however, may hold the key to disrupting Google’s dominance in mobile software.

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Google’s Android One program launches in the Phillippines, brings Android 5.1 goodness


While many of us are still waiting patiently for Android 5.0 to reach our devices, the Philippines is going one better thanks to Google’s Android One program. That’s right, Android One handsets will be launching in the Phillippines in the coming weeks, with Android 5.1 Lollipop running out of the box for under 5,ooo Phillippine Peso (around $113).

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