Google Store now selling an ethernet adapter for Chromecast


There are areas in just about every home that experience trouble maintaining a wireless connection. And when the device being used is Chromecast, a steady connection is absolutely necessary for streaming. Today, the Google Store began offering an ethernet adapter for Chromecast that connects directly to a router. Users just have to connect the included USB cable to Chromecast on the other end. From there, it should be a smooth, stutter-free experience with the dongle darling.

Google has priced Chromecast’s ethernet adapter at $15 and shipping is free.

[Google Store]

Android OEMs worried about Google/Oracle copyright lawsuit

Google-vs-OracleLate last month, Google was ordered to pay Oracle 1 billion in damages over its infamous Java copyright lawsuit. This ruling has worried some of Android’s manufacturer partners, especially since some of them are already being forced to pay royalties to Microsoft for patent infringement. Margins for Android phones are already getting thinner and thinner, so having to shell out more money to another party would make that situation even worse for Android OEMs. Read more