Google search results are packed with event information including tickets


Need Ariana Grande tickets and need them fast? Google will help you get the job done. Event information is the latest addition to Google search. Now, the search engine will return expanded results for specific events and venues. Whether it is a musician or a comedian, Google will offer a link to quickly purchase tickets. This is just another way that Google is cutting out the need to hit multiple links before finding what a user was on the lookout for.

Source: Official Google Webmaster Central Blog

YouTube Music Key not playing nice with Google Play Music


Subscribers of Google Play Music have access to YouTube Music Key at no additional cost. So it makes sense that users put them to work to see which works better for them in different situations. However, be careful when switching between the two because one user reported on Reddit that Play Music will experience technical difficulties if the YouTube Music Key tab is left open on a web browser. Play Music would not work properly and notified the user that another person was on the account. In the end, the user said “PSA – close that tab.”

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Source: /r/Android

Google Glass promoted from Google[x], Explorer program shutting down


The Google Glass team announced today that they are moving on from Google[x] labs and will become their own business unit. The new Google Glass unit will be assigned to Tony Fadell who currently heads up Nest Labs for Google. The Glass team itself will continue to be run by Ivy Ross who will now report to Fadell. As part of the new direction for Glass, Google will stop selling the Explorer Edition of Google Glass after January 19th, although some units will continue to be made available to developers and companies working on specific applications.
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Ara Configurator: the app for building your Project Ara modular smartphone


Google created quite the news day today with regard to Project Ara.  Talk Android had previously discussed some of the information released today when Google released the Project Ara MDK 0.2 a few days ago. We knew the new prototype would be called the Spiral 2, that there would be an Ara Manager app, the Greybus protocol was mentioned briefly, and we talked about the Ara module marketplace.

Today, Google branded the module marketplace as Ara Configurator, which will be your one-stop shop for customizing and purchasing your Spiral device’s modules. Additionally, this will be the location for customizing the modules’ shells, which are the plastic covering the back of said modules. The shells feature all those pretty designs on the modules’ backside that you see in the Project Ara photos.
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Google partners with automobile suppliers to prepare for self-driving cars

Google self driving carGoogle has reportedly been in talks with several major automobile manufacturers in an effort to get their self-driving cars ready for sale by 2020. Some of these manufacturers and suppliers include major players in the space such as Ford, Toyota, and General Motors.

Chris Urmson, director of the self-driving project, cleverly noted that Google likely wouldn’t be able to manufacturer a vehicle better than automobile makers can, so it makes more sense to work with, rather than against, established companies. GM has gone on record saying they would be open to the idea of working with Google, too. Despite getting these partnerships ready, Google still may decide to just create the automated systems instead of manufacturing the entire vehicle.
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Update to Google Maps Android app allows you to share directions [APK Download]


Google Maps was updated today to version 9.3. You won’t find too many new things, but one notable is the ability to share your directions with others. Just search for a place or address, then select the type of navigation, followed by your route selection. Then hit the three dot menu at the top right, and you will see the Share Directions option.

Tapping on Share Directions will open the normal Android Share Menu, allowing you to share the complete text and Google Maps link to apps such as Gmail, Hangouts, Facebook, or whatever shows up in your Share Menu.

The update won’t hit all devices for several days so we have the APK download link, as well as the Google Play link after the break.

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Project Ara team shares more details about Spiral 2 modular smartphone


During the second developer conference for Project Ara that is underway, we already learned that the team has dubbed the second iteration of the modular smartphone as “Spiral 2″ and plans to use Puerto Rico as a test market later this year. We now know a little bit more about what has changed in the Spiral 2 compared to previous versions of the device.
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Google’s Play Store eclipses Apple’s App Store in number of apps and developers for first time


Given the differing business models being employed by Google and Apple in getting their mobile operating systems into the hands of consumers, it should be no surprise that despite a jump start by Apple, Google is ahead in many measures. Even in areas where Apple has a lead, Google is steadily marching toward dominance. An example of this occurred in 2014 according to app metrics tracking firm AppFigures whose latest numbers show Google’s Play Store has surpassed Apple’s store in terms of both number of apps and developers.
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Top 5 news and RSS apps for Android [January 2015]

newsKeeping up with news articles can be a cluttered process, especially if you use multiple apps or bookmarks on your phone or tablet. Using a news aggregation app or an RSS reader can tidy up your mobile device and make keeping up with things even easier. There are tons of apps that can get the job done, but we’re going to go over the best options in this guide to help you get started on staying on top of the news.
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