Details regarding LG’s upcoming Nexus phone’s camera surface


The camera was one of the weak spots for the Nexus 5. The flagship Nexus device manufactured by LG in 2013 had an inconsistent camera that never seemed to deliver quality shots. Now, in 2015, the company allegedly has plans to produce one of two Nexus phones. A media outlet from South Korea claims to have knowledge of LG’s plans for its upcoming Nexus phone’s camera.

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Google Maps will let you know if a place will be closed by the time you arrive


Showing up somewhere late is bad and showing up somewhere that is closed is even worse. You could have saved yourself a trip having known the hours. Now, Google Maps will help prevent any of that from happening. Google Maps will alert you when a place you are plan to head to will be closed by the time of your arrival.

In addition to this, Google Maps added car rental reservations to search results of personal events.

Hit the break for the changelog and download links.

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Google changes architect for new London headquarters


According to recent reports, Google has made a change in the architect working on designs for a new European headquarters to be located in London. Sources indicate Google has retained British designer Thomas Heatherwick to start working on the project, replacing AHMM. Heatherwick is one of two firms that has been working with Google on a new headquarters facility in Mountain View. Read more

Google Web Light strips down pages when slow connections appear


There is nothing worse then trying to load anything on a slow connection. For years, many of us have benefited from 4G LTE, 3G, and WiFi connections. Tasks are completed much quicker when a solid connection is present. Frustratingly, the entire world does not have this luxury. Google plans to fix the problem for those with slow connections with the introduction of Web Light. This approach loads pages four times as fast and consumes 80% less data. It strips down everything to just text and images (which are in a lowered resolution). While some are noticing that advertisements vanish when using Web Light, I found the majority of sites to keep them alive.

You can go to this page on a mobile device with Chrome to test it out.

Hit the break to see what Google Web Light does to pages.

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Despite slow start, Google plans to stick with Android One


India is one of the largest emerging markets for smartphones on the planet and the potential there is a big reason so many manufacturers have specific strategies for India. One of those companies is Google which introduced the Android One standard as a way to help manufacturers get devices into the market quickly and at a price point that will be successful. However, the lofty goals of the program have not yet lived up to the promise with less than a million units sold. In a recent interview, Google’s Ceasar Sengupta says the company is not planning to back out on the project and is actually looking for ways to enhance it for future success. Read more

Google discusses privacy and permissions within Android apps

talk android app permissionsPrivacy and security are big issues for consumers lately, especially when it comes to technology. It’s such an important topic that during Apple’s keynote last week, they used privacy as a selling point for their products. Staying in control of your data and information is invaluable to customers now, and companies are striving to make sure their users stay in control of those things.

With Apple making such a huge push in the direction of privacy, that puts eyes on Google to see what they’re planning on doing to help out on the security front. A Google executive recently sat down to discuss some of what goes into managing user info, especially when it comes to apps on a smartphone, and why it took the company so long to get things to where they are now. Read more