Nest’s 3rd Generation Learning Thermostat is Now Available in the UK for £199

Nest_Termostat_3rd_Gen_UK (1)

With the UK heading firmly into winter, it’s fair to say that people will be cranking up the central heating in trying to stay warm over the next couple of months. Keeping on top of energy usage can be irksome at the best of times, which is where something like Alphabet‘s Nest Thermostat can soon prove its value, the third generation of which is now available in the UK for £199. Read more

ASUS and Google launch the Chromebit, bringing the Chrome OS to a monitor or tv for $85


Asus and Google first unveiled the Chromebit, an HDMI dongle with the Chrome OS operating system pre-installed, back in the tail-end of March, and 8 short months later, it’s finally available to order. In the States at least, anyway. While it’s taken a while to come to market, it’s also a little cheaper than originally envisioned, coming in at $85 instead of $99.  Read more

[Deal] UK retailer Argos discounts the white 16GB Wi-Fi model of the Nexus 9 to just £149

nexus 9

With Black Friday fast approaching, it seems many retailers are trying to steal a march on their competitors by cutting prices early on electronic goods. In the UK, it doesn’t get much better than the HTC manufactured Nexus 9 16GB (white), which can be found heavily discounted from Argos for just £149 ($226), which is basically half price.  Read more

Complex questions can be answered by Google Search


Serving basic, straightforward questions to Google Search has always returned solid results. Need scores to that Houston Rockets game? Wondering when Eddie Murphy was born? Easy. Rarely has the search engine faced difficulties answering questions that require simple facts. Complex questions, though, have been troublesome as Google Search wasn’t drawing upon different areas to supply a direct answer. Most of the time, a complex question would return a myriad of generic search results. Google announced today that complex questions are now welcome to Google Search.

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PSA: Avoid OnePlus’ USB Type-C cable


Earlier this month, Google employee Benson Leung embarked on journey to test all USB Type-C cables in order to help consumers know which are safe to use. It makes sense for him to do so considering Google’s Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, and Chromebook Pixel (2015) all use USB Type-C for charging and data transfers.

Over the weekend, Leung told the world — or at least all 7,067 people connected to him on Google+ — that OnePlus’ very own USB Type-C cable is no good.

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Google ready to jump back into China’s mobile market against stiff competition

motorola_moto_x_play_google_play_TAGoogle stepped out of the Chinese mobile market years ago, and since 2010 China has seen a ton of growth for many other manufacturers which puts Google in a sticky situation and six years behind some of its competition. However, the Chinese market is too big to ignore and we’ll likely see Google push its mobile app store back into the country sooner rather than later.

A mobile analytics firm measured how much of the market some of China’s most popular app stores currently hold, and Google’s own Play Store sits at number 10 with barely 3.5% penetration rate. Compare that to Tencent’s 18% penetration rate for its own app store, and even rates from competitors like Oppo, Huawei, and Xiaomi, and Google would have a long road ahead to get things back in full swing. Read more

Vulnerability in Chrome could allow attackers to take control of Android devices


In Tokyo, Japan, at the PacSec conference, security researcher Guang Gong revealed an exploit he developed over the past three months that enables a hacker to take control of an Android phone with no user interaction outside of clinking on a link in the Chrome browser. The exploit targets the JavaScript v8 engine in order to open the device up to delivery and installation of malicious code. Read more