Addition of pressure sensitive touch to Android to be delayed


When Google released developer previews for the Android N update to their operating system, one of the items spotted in there was apparent support for pressure-sensitive touch. This would be similar to what Apple implemented with 3D Touch on the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. With only days left before Google I/O 2016 and the expected official announcement of Android N, sources indicate Google has pulled this pressure-sensitive capability from the release. Read more

Google releases new Gboard, but only for iPhone so far


Yesterday Google unveiled a new way to access Google Translate that did not require constant app switching using a new feature called Tap to Translate. Today they are revealing a new feature that works in a similar manner to super power search inquiries. Instead of a chat head type interface, access is embedded in the new Google keyboard called Gboard. Inexplicably, Google decided to release this only for the iPhone at this time. Read more

Google’s new Tap to Translate takes us a step closer to universal translator


Google rolls out updates to their apps and services on a regular basis, sometimes with great success and sometimes to cries of anguish from users. A new update that is rolling out for Google Translate on Android and iOS devices should fall firmly in the former category as Google is moving to make translation a much easier process, although they are not quite to the level of a universal translator. Read more

Russia delays decision on Google anti-trust violation


Google and parent company Alphabet will wait a bit longer to find out how much of a fine they may have to pay the Russian government after being found to violate Russian anti-trust laws. The Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) was expected to announce a decision today, but instead delayed a ruling until May 31st. This move appears to have come at the request of Alphabet. Read more