Hop on board free Google Wi-Fi in Mumbai Central train station


In the U.S., Google is involved in projects like their Google Fiber and Project Fi to bring high speed Internet access to a wide variety of users and to help push the market to more expansive and cheaper access. In other parts of the world though, Google is working to just implement basic high-speed Internet access. One of those locations is India where it is estimated only 2 to 4 million households in a nation with a population of 1.3 billion people have an Internet connection fast enough to stream an HD movie. To address that, Google identified train stations as a good spot to reach a large number of people. Their first location – Mumbai Central station – went live today with high-speed Wi-Fi access for travelers waiting to make a connection. Read more

Google working hard to stem the flow of bad ads


Google’s senior vice president for Ads & Commerce, Sridhar Ramaswamy, took to the blogosphere to talk about the efforts Google is undertaking to shield users from bad ads. Google has a keen interest in ensuring advertising on the web is legitimate and does not detract from a user’s experience since advertising drives so much of their business. Ramaswamy revealed some interesting stats and discussed some detailed information about the types of bad advertising Google is trying to combat. Read more

Google enhances weather info on Android devices


Continuing their efforts to improve the information provided by the Google Search app on Android devices, Google announced today some enhancements to the results returned when you search for weather information on your Android smartphone or tablet. The upgraded information includes several new data points and the ability to save your favorite locations for quick access later. Read more

New shortcut option appears in Google Photos app


Over the weekend users of the Google Photos app may have noticed they had a new card showing up in the Assistant portion of the app alerting them to a new feature. The card indicates users can add a shortcut to “Jump from Camera to Google Photos” and it does just what it says, which is to provide a quick way for users to jump from their camera app over to the Google Photos app. Read more