Google Fiber sign-ups for southeast Austin open once again


Although Google Fiber announcements initially came with a lot of fanfare and still do at a local level, there are many steps that take place in between that initial announcement and service actually being available for users. One of those steps is the determination of interest on the part of consumers so that Google can verify an investment in laying lines will be worth it. That market data is then combined with other information to guide the decisions on where the service is ultimately deployed. Read more

Google Map Maker to re-open in August with additional community support


Earlier this year Google had to shutdown their Google Map Maker product due to some malicious edits that were submitted and managed to make their way through the review process. When they took action, Google indicated they needed some time to refine the process to help ensure inappropriate edits did not make it into the platform. In an announcement made yesterday on their product forum, Product Manager Pavithra Kanakarajan said they are ready to start re-opening Map Maker in August. Read more

The next Android Wear update brings interactive watch faces, watch to watch messaging and more


The Android Wear platform has been around for over a year now, and although it has come a long way since launching with the LG G Watch and Moto 360, we are looking forward to seeing it evolve even more. The next Android Wear update was originally scheduled to be released on July 28th, but this has now been postponed to an unspecified date in August. This doesn’t mean that we have to wait to find out about some of the alleged new features though.

Read more

Android M Developer Preview 2 fixes snoozing alarm clock bug

google_clock_app_gallery_3The original Android M Developer Preview had an ugly bug with its alarm clock that would sometimes cause the snooze button to delay your alarm by a full 24 hours instead of a few minutes. Needless to say, that’s a pretty serious problem that could screw up someone’s entire day. You probably shouldn’t be trusting beta software to wake you up for your job every day, but somebody has to test these things before they go live for everyone else, right? Read more

Google adds path to send Google Maps directions from desktop to Android device


Google seems to be working on a lot of small refinements to their apps lately to help make their use that much easier. A new update for Google Maps on the desktop works with the latest Google Maps update for Android devices to do that by easing the process of sharing directions you look up on the desktop to your Android device. Read more