Verizon is offering up to 2GB of free data for using Android Pay

Android _Pay_App_110315Buckle up, because you’re about to get hit with the most ironic promotion of 2016. Verizon is offering up to 2GB of free data to any customers that use Android Pay for two months. After years of anticompetitive practices blocking Google Wallet, delaying Samsung Pay, and tons of other sketchy behavior, Verizon is finally supporting a mobile payment system that they aren’t paying under the table. Go ahead, check the date. It’s definitely not April 1st. Read more

Winners of $20 million from Google Impact Challenge: Disabilities announced


Almost a year ago Google announced an initiative encourage the building of “transformative technologies” for people with disabilities. Through the Google Impact Challenge: Disabilities, Google offered to provide $20 million to organizations who are pushing innovation for people with disabilities. Today the full list of 30 organizations to be awarded funds was announced by Google. Read more

Google adding more accessibility options to Android, ChromeOS


Google has lots of tools available for users of devices running their operating systems that can help with accessibility issues. Google does this as they are aware that a large majority of users will face some type of disability, almost 20 percent of the U.S. population. Those disabilities can make accessing technology difficult, which is why a technology company like Google takes steps to enable access even for users with significant challenges. Today Google announced some updates for both their Android and ChromeOS platforms. Read more

Google planning new tool to help small businesses survive Mobilegeddon


When Google I/O takes place this May, one of the topics that will likely be covering is the release of a new set of tools from Google intended to help small businesses cope with the challenges of “Mobilegeddon.” Google’s managing director of small-to-medium business sales, Yong Su Kim, revealed the new Test My Site with Google diagnostic tool will roll out in May, which is the same month as Google I/O, so the odds seem pretty good the event will coincide with the launch of the new tool. Read more

Verizon and Google may make a bid for Yahoo next week

Yahoo_Logo_PurpleYahoo has been clinging to life for years now, and it looks like it’s finally starting to see the writing on the wall. It’s planning on selling auctioning off its web business next week to whomever is willing to throw the most money at it. Yahoo has its fingers in many different pies, but nothing has really paid off for it against massive competitors like Google and Microsoft. Read more