Google updates Play Movies & TV with support for Marshmallow


Google has updated its official Play Movies & TV application for Android via the Play Store. In terms of added functionality, the upgrade carries compatibility for Marshmallow, an easier setup process for Roku boxes and makes it significantly easier to binge watch TV shows as the service now automatically plays the next episode of a series.

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Russia demands Google to loosen up on their preinstalled app policies

Nexus_5_Android_L_Developer_Preview_Home_Screen_01_TARussia is demanding that Google loosen their grip on some of Android’s policies that keep Google’s own apps and services front and center on new devices. Currently, Google requires their own apps to be displayed on a device’s home screen, but Russia considers that anti-competitive. Google will have to lax up on bundled apps on Android devices by November 18th, or they’ll have to pay up to 15% of its Russian revenue from 2014. Read more

Google might be releasing Windows 10 apps at Microsoft’s upcoming event

Windows_Android_01Google currently offers its own selection of apps on both Android and iOS, but Microsoft’s Windows platform has been mostly absent from that list over the past few years. There are a handful of unofficial apps, some mobile websites, and plenty of alternatives on Microsoft’s store, but Google hasn’t made a serious effort to compete on Microsoft’s platform. It’s looking like that will change this year. Read more

Chromecast (2015) review: A more well-rounded streaming device from Google


Google introduced the second version of their Chromecast streaming device earlier this week alongside a Chromecast Audio device for speakers, and immediately made them available for sale through the Play Store and Best Buy. With expedited shipping, early orders are already arriving in the hands of buyers, including a couple that I ordered and received this week. Aside from changing the shape to a round form factor, did Google make enough changes to make the device a worthy successor? Read more

[Infographic] From the HTC Dream to Marshmallow, Android continues its path to world domination


Back when Android.Inc was founded in 2003 by Andy Rubin, Rich Milner, Nicks Sears, and Chris White, I wonder if they had an inkling of how popular the Android operating system would become. Google acquired the company in 2005, and thanks to the influx of resources from the search giant, the first Android smartphone (HTC Dream) would soon be released to an unsuspecting world. It’s been an interesting ride, as documented in the great little infographic below.

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What could have improved the Nexus 6P?


This year’s Nexus 6P is a whole new ballgame for the Nexus line. Last year’s Nexus 6, which was made by Motorola, had a large bulky body that felt massive in the hand for many. The Nexus 6P changes that by featuring a slightly smaller display and a better screen-to-body ratio. It actually feels compact in the hand. And perhaps more importantly, the device comes with specifications that best or match other flagships while being packed within an all-metal design.

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Google adds replies to Chrome Web Store reviews


In an effort to encourage better communication between developers and the users of applications developed for the Chrome web browser, Google has added the ability for developers and users to post replies to feedback left on the Reviews tab. Ideally, users should leave bug reports and feature suggestions on the Support Tab. However, Google has noted that many users continue to use the Reviews tab for that purpose. Without a mechanism to respond to this feedback, users may get the impression their issues are never addressed. Read more

Alphabet will start operations at the close of business today


The restructuring of Google that leads to new parent company Alphabet will be completed by the close of business today. On Google’s investor relations site, the soon-to-be subsidiary company announced that shares of Google Class C and Class A Common Stock will begin trading under Alphabet’s name on Monday, October 5. The stock, though, will still use GOOG and GOOGL ticker symbols.

Hit the break for Google’s statement to investors.

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