HTC’s Jeff Gattis picked up by Google-backed Magic Leap


The name Jeffrey Gattis may not sound familiar to you, but the products overseen by him definitely are. RE Camera? Grip? Vive? All projects that Gattis was involved in as HTC’s Executive Director of Global Marketing for Connected Products. Anything involving imaging, wearables, virtual reality, and home automation at HTC received Gattis’ attention. He joined the company in in July 2014 after spending more than three years at TiVo, but now Gattis has left for another virtual reality-focused company backed by Google.

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‘Zooshi’ from Fun Propulsion Labs showcases open source game development


Within the Google organization, there is a group of employees working to build sample games that demonstrate how available technologies can be used by game developers to create easy-to-build, performant, cross-platform games. This group comprises the Fun Propulsion Labs and their most recent creation, which supports Google Cardboard, has been released to the Play Store as Zooshi. Read more

[Deal] Get £20 of Play Store credit when buying the Chromecast v2 from the UK Google Store


The second version of Google’s Chromecast has been out for a couple of months now and has been well received, our very own Jeff Causey reviewed it for us, and said that Chromecast v2 was a ‘more well-rounded streaming device‘. If you live in the UK and have thought about ordering the Chromecast v2, either for yourself or as a gift, then Google will throw in some Play Store credit as an incentive. Read more

YouTube backing content creators by paying fees against copyright takedowns

youtube_live_logoWe’ve all seen cases of YouTube videos getting taken down over copyright claims, and sometimes those claims are a little outlandish and unfair to the content creator. Obviously YouTube doesn’t condone piracy, but sometimes those claims can take down perfectly legitimate, fair use cases of content. That kind of thing hurts YouTube more than it helps, so the site is planning on backing up some of its content creators if they happen to face any legal action over these copyright takedowns. Read more

Google Fit’s update is all about tracking, caring, and motivating


Earlier in the week, word got out that Google Fit would be updated with several new features to enhance the service’s health and fitness experience. Today, Google is pushing that update to the official Google Fit app for phones, tablets, and smartwatches. Google Fit is now better at tracking your activity, providing recommendations, and motivating you to live a healthier life.

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Google Hangouts gets guest access


Google has just made it a lot easier for users to consider using Hangouts for meetings by freeing the service from requirements like having a Google account to join a Hangout. If you have ever had to try to get someone who is not a big Google user onto a Hangout, you know that it can quickly turn into a major chore depending on the technical capability of the user. With the new feature that is being rolled out, all users will have to do now is click on a link to the Hangout, type in their name in a pop-up box, and then “Request to Join.”

Meeting organizers will receive a prompt to accept or deny entry to users who are trying to join a Hangout. They will also have access to tools to mute or eject participants if necessary.

source: Google for Work