Google Street View goes for a camel ride


Google has released a new video highlighting their most recent “experiment” with their Google Maps product. For this latest attempt to bring some fun to Maps users, Google strapped a Street View camera on the back of a camel and set it off wandering through the Liwa Desert in the United Arab Emirates. The location is about 150 km (93 miles) south west of Abu Dhabi near the Persian Gulf coast.
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Android L developer preview emulator image released by Google


Another step has been taken in the march to the release of Android L by Google. A developer preview emulator image has been released for x86 platforms so that developers can get to work in earnest on the 64-bit versions of their apps. By taking advantage of the 64-bit architecture that will be available through Android L, developers will be able to access additional memory space, a larger number of registers, and new instruction sets. For apps built using Java, no changes to code will be needed as they get the benefits automatically.

Android L was announced earlier this year at Google I/O when the inclusion of 64-bit support was noted. Google also released a preview image for developers to start to get a look at the new operating system. Since then, there have been various leaks surrounding the different builds and what may or may not make the final cut. There has also been a lot of conjecture about the new name and the release date.

source: +Android Developers

Tech companies dominate Best Global Brands report, Apple still No. 1


Interbrand released a report for its best global brand rankings for 2014. Over 10 percent, out of the list of 100, were tech companies with Apple taking the top spot. The company is valued at $118.9 billion while Google, that took the second place spot, is valued at $107 billion. Google took fifth last year in Forbes’ own report. Eight out of the 13 tech companies on the list are in the top twenty with Amazon coming in no. 15 but also as the top riser for the year. Coca-Cola is still in third after being dropped out of a 13-year run in the top position.

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Google looking into letting users trial apps without a full app download

Google_Play_Services_LogoSometimes it can be tough to decide if an app is worth spending any time or data on, especially if it’s a bigger app that takes awhile to download and consumes lots of space on your device. Google is apparently looking into technology that would let potential customers test drive an app without having to do any of that, which would save time and could potentially lead to more app sales and downloads.

This idea is really focused more on developing markets where data is more expensive, and that’s been one of Google’s heavy focuses as of late. The tech would very likely be used in countries like the US, but since WiFi networks with untiered data connections are more readily available, it’s not quite as useful. 
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Google to issue fix for Nexus 5 bug that drains battery


Since launching in 2013, the Nexus 5 has faced an issue with its camera subsytem. The processor will run more than required and does not return to a low power state. The camera fails and the battery will be drained rapidly. The bug has been acknowledged by Google, but that was way back in March. It is now October and a fix has yet to be issued.

This fall, it seems like Google’s fix is imminent. On the AOSP Issue Tracker, a Google employee noted that all will be fixed “in the next major update for the N5.” What will that update be? Android L. Nexus 5 owners should see the bug fix to be packaged within the Android L update that is expected to arrive within the next month or so.

Source: AOSP Issue Tracker
Via: Android Police

Google updates stable build of Chrome OS to include Media Transfer Protocol

mtp-chrome manager

Earlier today Google updated their lesser-known operating system Chrome OS to include native support for Media Transfer Protocol, allowing users to hypothetically transfer files between their Chromebook and any relatively modern Android-powered device with just a USB cable. I say hypothetically since for now write operations are not supported, which means you can’t create folders, add media or rename files. The feature has been in beta since earlier this year but has now been rolled into the stable version of Chrome OS.
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Google worked on native multi-window support for Android, but future implementation unclear


One of the features that Samsung has used to try to sell the usefulness of their Touchwiz interface is the ability to open two apps at once, splitting screen real estate between them in a multi-window configuration. Sources have revealed that Google was working on a similar feature in late 2013 and early 2014 for possible inclusion in Android.
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New Google+ lead David Besbris says it’s here to stay


It was automatically assumed that Google+ was doomed once Vic Gundotra announced his departure back in April, but there is a new sheriff in town and he says no way.

Shortly after Vic’s departure, VP of engineering at Google +, David Besbris, was announced as the new lead. He recently sat down with re/code and said that Google intends to continue its investment in the social network. Rumors of the team being scaled back are also unfounded since they opened new offices on the east side of Google’s Mountain View campus. In fact, the staff is bigger than ever.

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Google Fiber’s Achilles’ heel: The cost of doing business with TV studios


Google Fiber just might be the best thing that ever happened to the internet, but it might not grow as fast as we would like. We can talk about cord cutting all we want, but the bottom line is that most Americans like the triple play bundle that cable companies offer. You know, those package deals that consist of TV programming, phone service, and the internet.

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