Google improves app review process and adds a new age-based global rating system


Did you know that Google has been reviewing all app submissions? We’re not sure exactly when they started, but the initiative began in order to detect violations to the developer policies. Most developers might not have noticed this because Google reviews apps pretty quickly. In most cases, an app will be approved with hours, but in other stores, like Apple’s App Store, it could take weeks.

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GoogleFeud is a Family Feud-like game that is based on Google Autocomplete


Do you think the creators of Family Feud saw this coming? We all know what Google Autocomplete is by now, but just in case you don’t…..As you type in a search term in Google Search, you will notice that Google starts giving you suggestions bases on everyone’s past searches that you can quickly click on rather then type out the entire search phrase.

With GoogleFeud, you get the first half of the search query, and it’s up to you to fill in the rest. Just like Family Feud, there are several answers, but you get more points (dollars) for picking the most popular ones.

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Google updates the Chromecast to Play and Pause content via your TV Remote


It’s great being able to stream the latest episode of House of Cards on your TV via your Chromecast isn’t it? Although it can be really frustrating having to grab your smartphone when you want to pause the program in a hurry, sometimes it’s just quicker pressing a physical button on the TV remote. Thankfully, Google has updated the Chromecast to allow you to pause and unpause videos with the infra-red remote that came with your TV. Read more

Google I/O 2015 registration opens tomorrow at 12:00PM EDT


What does Google have prepared for the for the future? There is only one event to find that out. At Google I/O, the company unveils its plans for existing and future products. You really never know what to expect there. Registration for this year’s event opens tomorrow, March 17, at 12:00PM EDT. Anyone can register because Google selects the applicants that have the option to purchase one ticket. Applicants selected by Google who purchase tickets are able to attend I/O 2015.

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Google is working on an open API for Google Now that developers can bake in to their apps


So, Google Now is a pretty handy app, isn’t it? With its ability to turn our search and location data into useful facts, bringing us the latest scores from our favourite sports teams (or not), reminding us of appointments and even showing us gas stations on the route you are driving, it’s getting more difficult to imagine life before Google Now. With that, we have news that Google Now is set to become even more useful thanks to the planned release of an open API that any app developer will be able to bake into their apps. More details after the break. Read more

“Add to home screen” banner will soon be coming to websites in Chrome for Android

google_chromeGoogle’s Chrome Android app currently has a feature that lets you create pseudo-app shortcuts to your favorite web sites right on your home screen, but it’s tucked away in the overflow menu of the app. While it’s a useful feature, it’s not used as often as it could be because of that. Google plans on fixing that by adding an “add to home screen” banner to websites in the near future, promoting the feature to users and potentially increasing traffic to those sites. Read more

DIY Chrome App Builder launches on the Chrome Web Store

chrome_browser_material_design_app_iconGoogle has launched a unique little tool on the Chrome Web Store that will allow you to quickly create apps for Chrome OS. That may sound a little simpler than it actually is, which is true; all the tool actually does is package up a web link into an easy set of files that can be uploaded as a Chrome app. You’ll still have to have some kind of web page or web app, and that takes more than a little know-how. Read more