Android ad uniting rock, paper, and scissors airs during the Oscars


Like Samsung, Google believes there’s no better televised event (outside of the Super Bowl) to air a new advertisement during than the Oscars. The company debuted a new Android ad when the the 88th Academy Awards went to a commercial break following The Weeknd’s performance. It once again proves that we don’t have to be the same to be together in this world.

Three of history’s fiercest rivals are coming together to solidify the “Be together. Not the same.” mantra.

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Google takes to the web to support Louisville in AT&T lawsuit


When Google decided to get into the Internet access business by offering fiber connections, part of their motivation was to disrupt the market for Internet access. Google saw it as stagnant and offering a substandard product. Of course, Google does have a bit of a vested interest in consumers being able to access fast broadband Internet. It should be no surprise when a company like AT&T files a lawsuit like they did this week to slow down Google’s process. Although not the target of the lawsuit, Google has issued their support for Louisville. Read more

Google’s DeepMind unit is developing software to improve, quicken, healthcare


Google’s DeepMind unit was founded to help solve some of societies biggest challenges. Google quickly realized how health, and the problems associated with the healthcare field, was one of the most important challenges facing the human race. With this in mind, the decision was made to focus on healthcare, and great strides have been made in the area. DeepMind has just released its care improving Streams app, and it has just acquired Hark, a system that dramatically improves the quickness of the entire healthcare process.

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Google owes France $1.76 billion for back taxes


According to unnamed sources within France’s finance ministry, the country is demanding 1.6 billion euros ($1.76 billion USD) from Google as payment for back taxes owed. The French ministry has not issued an official statement regarding the matter and Google has not responded with an official comment concerning the claim. However, a spokeswoman for Google France has indicated the company believes they have complied with all relevant tax laws in the countries where it operates, including France. Read more