Google IO 2016 Coverage

Google announces the winners of the inaugural Play Awards


So far at I/O 2016 we’ve seen Google announce two new messaging apps (Allo and Duo), a competitor to Amazon’s Echo device called Google Home, Google Assistant, Instant apps, Android Wear 2.0, its VR  platform called Daydream, as well as the news that the Play Store is coming to Chrome OS. It’s a whole lot to take in. On a somewhat lighter note, though, the search giant has also announced the inaugural winners of its Play Awards. Join us after the break for more details on the winning games and apps. Read more

Google execs say no plans to kill off Hangouts


One of the big announcements coming out of Google I/O 2016 is the new messaging app Allo. According to Google exec Nick Fox, Allo was built from scratch to be the company’s ideal messaging app. With all of the buzz generated by the announcement of Allo, many are asking what the future might hold for Hangouts. Thus far, sources from Google indicate there are no plans to kill off Hangouts. Read more

Google Expeditions to expand locations with help of new partners


Last year Google launched their Expeditions Pioneer Program that uses virtual reality technology for education purposes. The program is an example of how virtual reality may extend into areas outside of gaming and entertainment. Google’s announcement at Google I/O 2016 indicates the Associated Press and Getty Images will partner with Google to provide new content for the program. Read more