Google becomes a wireless carrier with Project Fi


Today, Google announced that it would become a wireless carrier with the introduction of Project Fi. Rather than going through the very expensive and exhausting process of building a network, Google opted to utilize two existing networks. Project Fi takes advantage of service provided by T-Mobile and Sprint whenever a WiFi connection is not available. Project Fi also supports calls and texts over a WiFi connection in the absence of LTE service.

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Google’s doodle for Earth Day 2015 asks ‘which animal are you?’

Earth Day 2015

You probably already know that today is Earth Day, 2015 edition, don’t you? The day that we are supposed to show our support for environmental protection and hopefully become more sensitive to the earth’s problems and needs. In case you forgot, Google’s doodle for the day is naturally Earth Day themed and leads to an interactive quiz that wants to know which animal you are.  Read more

EU Commissioner denies any personal grudge against Google

Google_Logo_Headquarters_01Google is in the middle of an antitrust battle with the European Union, and the lawsuit has the potential to cost the company billions. It’s not a giant leap to assume the EU has a vendetta against Google for some reason, especially when other major government agencies like the FTC in the US have dismissed all of their antitrust investigations against the search engine, but the EU commissioner says that’s simply not the case. Read more

Retirement of old API results in Google TV versions 1 & 2 losing access to YouTube app


YouTube is an app that many of us take for granted, it seems to be available on virtually every electronic device from smartphones and tablets to gaming consoles and smart televisions. According to an updated support document, though, the range of supported devices will shrink a little from the end of April thanks to the retirement of YouTube’s old Data API.

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Google Search history now downloadable


Last year Google started testing an option for users to download their search history instead of just viewing it in their browser. Google appears to have now rolled out this feature to all users. If you surf to your history, accessible at, you can click on the settings icon in the upper right corner and you should see an option to Download. According to a statement from Google, Read more

Chrome team discusses latest Chrome 42 update for Android


Last week Google released an update to Chrome for Android taking it up to version 42. At the time it was noted that a couple new features were added, including support for push notifications and quick home screen icon creation. The Chrome developers have followed up on that release with some more information about how and why they see these additions as a step forward for the browser. Read more

Android Wear gets major update with Wi-Fi support, always-on apps, emojis and more


All Android Wear watches will be receiving a major update over the next few weeks, and there are a lot of goodies.

The first one, which was already expected is the support for Wi-Fi. There are often times when you might forget your phone at home or you walk too far away from it within your own house. Now with Wi-Fi support, your watch will always have a connection so you don’t have to worry about missing any notifications.

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