Google Drive Android app update to version 1.3, removing some features


Google is updating their Google Drive app for Android this week, but the app will actually remove some functionality from it, likely because of the release of separate apps for documents and spreadsheets.

To edit any documents users will need to install the new Docs and Sheets apps, although these documents can be viewed on the main Drive app. Once the new apps are installed, the features and functions are much the same as the old Drive app. Hit the break for more info, as well as the Play Store download link!

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Jury finds Samsung infringed on two of Apple’s patents, Apple awarded $119.6 million

Apple vs Samsung

The verdict on the latest case between Apple and Samsung is in, and the jury has partially ruled in Apple’s favor. According to their decision, Samsung infringed on just two of Apple’s patents out of the five in the suit. All of the devices in the lawsuit were found to infringe on the quick links patent, and some of the devices infringed on the infamous slide-to-unlock patent. However, Apple did find one device that was found to infringe, but they weren’t awarded damages for it, so the jury will meet again on Monday to make a decision there. In total, Apple was awarded $119.6 million in damages, which could go up slightly after the weekend. Not a bad reward, but it’s pretty small compared to the original $2.2 billion Apple thought they deserved. Read more

Google acquires Rangespan, a company that assists retailers on what products will be hits


Google has acquired a company that provides retailers with information regarding what products they should be selling. Rangespan is joining Google’s Shopping arm and “will continue to work on services for shoppers and retailers at Google.” On Rangespan’s website, everything has already been wiped clean.

No word yet on how much Google paid to absorb Rangespan and it will be interesting to see what path they put the company on. Is Google working on opening their own online store and utilizing Rangespan to do so? Who knows. Stay tuned.

Source: Rangespan

One of Google’s Project Ara suppliers shares a bit about 3D printing advances


3D Systems, a primary vendor tasked with creating the 3D printing processes to be used to produce Project Ara phones from Google, shared some information via their blog this week about advances they are making in order to accommodate the project. Since Google thinks modular smartphones will have a key place in the future market, they are pushing for manufacturing processes that can handle millions, if not billions, of units being 3D printed. This means 3D Systems has had to re-think how 3D printing occurs and figure out how to scale it up for mass production. Read more

New Antitrust lawsuit suggests that Google has a monopoly on internet and mobile search

Google_Now_Launcher_Large_IconAccording to a new antitrust lawsuit that was filed yesterday, Google is said to be violating antitrust laws by maintaining an illegal monopoly  — not only on Internet search but mobile search as well. This has supposedly affected the search market adversely while inflating the cost of devices of competing companies.

The lawsuit was filed in the US District Court for Northern California. It accuses the Mountain View company of using Android as a way to maintain the monopoly through secret agreements with device makers. These agreements require companies to load Google’s suite of apps onto their devices. Known as Mobile Application Distribution Agreements or MADAs, the agreements have been made with mostly all Android vendors.  These agreements essentially help partners facing lawsuits of their own in funding, technical support and other assistance.

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Jury denied additional information about Steve Jobs intentions in Apple v. Samsung case


The jury in the Apple v. Samsung case is set to make a ruling (again) about whether Samsung infringed Apple’s patents and if Samsung really owes Apple 2 billion dollars in damages. To try to get some additional information before deciding, the jurors asked for more information about what Steve Jobs said when he decided to prosecute Samsung, as well as if Google was ever mentioned in his conversations. While Google isn’t directly involved in the case, one of the devices included in this trial (the Galaxy Nexus) ran stock Android software that was claimed to violate one of Apple’s patents, and Google has brought forward some employees to defend Samsung. Read more

Play Music Android app updated to 5.5, share and edit playlists


Google updated the Android Play Music app to 5.5 bringing a couple of new features to playlists. By far the biggest change is that you can now share your playlists with your friends, provided the music is in the cloud, not on your device. As far as editing playlists, you could already create new playlists and edit your music choices in existing playlists, but you can now edit the name and description of your playlists from your device.

This is a staged rollout, but you can download the apk if you’re in a hurry. Download links after the break.

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Google, Intel co-hosting Chrome OS event next week to showcase new devices


Here comes the next wave of Chrome OS devices. On Tuesday, May 6, Google and Intel will be co-hosting a Chrome OS event once again. Google’s vice president of product management Caesar Sengupta will be joined by Intel’s Navin Shenoy, the vice president and general manager of the mobile computing group. A panel will also join the two at Tuesday’s event.

What will be going down aside from the panel’s Q&A session? Brand new Chrome OS devices will be announced. This means we will see new Chromebooks and likely new Chromeboxes. This event is only the start of what should be a fun month of May. Following Tuesday’s event, Motorola has something scheduled for May 13 and LG for May 27.

Any kind of Chrome OS device you are looking forward to in particular?

source: 9to5Google

New Google Glass teardown estimates cost of hardware at under $80


One of the more controversial aspects of Google’s Glass experiment has been the $1500 price tag that Explorers have to pony up to get their hands on the hardware. Most people expect Google to lower the cost by a significant amount when a final version for public sale is finally available. Just how low Google can go on their pricing and still have a profitable product may have been partially answered by a new teardown of Glass completed by TechInsights’ division. They have estimated the costs of the components to be less than $80. Read more

Google releases standalone mobile apps for Docs and Sheets

google-docsSince it was released, Google’s Drive app has been a centralized place to store, edit and share all of your documents. Google has decided they want to split it up, and create individual apps for each Drive feature. Google just released standalone Docs and Sheets apps for Android and iOS, each with offline support built in, with Slides on its way in the near future.

If you don’t update yourself, Google will force you to update if you plan on editing any documents. Find download links past the break.

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