Nexus 4 Battery Life Not So Good

by Sean Stewart on
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As we all anxiously await the November 13th arrival of the Nexus 4, I’m sure a lot of you are concerned how the battery life will fare. Well, early results aren’t very good. Based on recent unbiased and fairly scientific test results from AnandTech, the battery life on one of the most anticipated devices this fall will leave something to be desired. AnandTech did admit that they have yet to run through their entire battery life suite, but they did fully test, record, and publish the results of the most important category.

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72% percent of Android apps pose a potential security risk, says study

by Colton Kaiser on
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According to a recent study, 72 percent of all Android applications in the Google Play Store request access to at least one extraneous permission that it doesn’t inherently need to function properly. This number may seem alarming, but let’s break down some of the research firm’s so-called “results.”

According to the published findings:

  • 72 percent of all Android apps (more than 290,000) access at least one high-risk permission.
  • 21 percent (more than 86,000) access five or more.
  • 2 percent (more than 8,000) access 10 or more permissions flagged as potentially dangerous. » Read the rest

LG Rumored To Sell Nexus 4 At A Significantly Higher Cost Than What Is Found In The Play Store

by Roy Alugbue on
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While it’s exciting that Google is selling the Nexus 4 through its Play Store for as little as $299 here in the US and parts of Europe, it looks like those in other parts of the world may not be so lucky to grab the device for such a low price. According to Androidos, there are reports coming in from Europe indicating that LG will be selling the Nexus 4 directly for as much as €599 or $768 USD in countries like Italy. Additional reports indicate similar pricing for other markets including Spain and India, which will likely see the device priced at INR 34K or 35K (roughly $650 USD). The increased pricing is beginning to have a major negative effect as well: LG’s supposed pricing structure seems to have a ripple effect as several retailers such as Phone House will not sell the phone due to the high pricing, which potentially means less availability for many Android fans abroad.

There’s no official word yet from LG and/or Google regarding this, but as soon as we grab further details, we’ll be sure to share it with you all.

source: Androidos

Android 4.2 clock and keyboard apps available for flashing

by Jeff Causey on
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Earlier this week, after Google announced Android 4.2, an update to Jelly Bean, some sources managed to obtain standalone apk files for the 4.2 keyboard. The keyboard from 4.2 is sought after due to the inclusion of “Gesture Typing,” which allows users to glide their finger over the keyboard in a Swype-like fashion. Google asked sources to take down links to the apk files as the software was not yet ready for versions other than 4.2. » Read the rest

Google’s Music Explorer available in the Play Store for some users

by Jared Peters on
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Google recently showed off Android 4.2 and some of the cool features that go with it, including some pretty wild camera effects. One of the features they demoed was a Music Explorer that can be used to discover new artists and music in the Play Store. That feature has existed in the Play Store for a while, but Google’s taken it a step further and really improved the interface. As an avid music listener, I think it’s great to have another tool that makes finding new music this easy.

Well it looks like the new Music Explorer is live for many of you. Unfortunately it isn’t working on my Play Store yet, but I’m definitely going to keep an eye on it over the next few days. Is it live for any of you? Let us know how it works in the comments.

source: Phandroid

It’s time for another Drop and Dunk test: Nexus 7 vs iPad Mini vs iPad 3

by Robert Nazarian on
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Now that the iPad Mini has been announced, it’s time to pit it against the Nexus 7 in a drop and dunk test. The folks at SquareTrade always do a great job with these and this one is no exception. For this test, they created a dropbot to make sure everything is fair and even. They conducted 3 tests. The first is a drop from 4 feet where the tablets land on their corners, the second is face down from 4 feet, and the third is a dunk in a bath of water for 10 seconds. They even threw in an iPad 3 for the ride. So how will the Nexus 7 fare? Hit the break for the complete video to find out.

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Samsung Galaxy Nexus Gets Inductive Charging Mod, Brings Us One Step Closer To Eliminating Wired Futility

by Roy Alugbue on
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One of the great things about Android phones is the ability to well… tinker with them. While most of the mod attention goes to the software side of things (i.e. rooting, ROMs, etc.), Android owners forget there is also the ability to tinker with a device’s hardware as well. With that in mind, a crafty Galaxy Nexus owner named Fenris_Ulf took some time to tinker with his device’s battery charging ability. Like most other devices, the Galaxy Nexus features a micro-USB output— which is susceptible to some wear, rendering charging of the device virtually useless and exactly what happened to Fenris_Ulf’s G-Nex.

Fenris_Ulf loved his Galaxy Nexus so much, that he bought another one— but this time, he took some precautionary measures in order to ensure his new Galaxy Nexus would charge… with or without the micro-USB out. He went ahead and ordered the extended battery and cover, a few Palm Touchstones, and a Palm Pixi touchstone cover. Using some geek wizardry (and some added luck), he managed to successfully mod the extended cover in order to all the device to charge inductively. OK in plain English: he hardwired some cables directly from the G-Nex’s innards onto the special cover, allowing for the full ability for him to simply place the modded G-Nex onto the specialized terminal and allow for inductive charging, (almost) no cables needed to charge the phone. Pretty cool isn’t it?

I’m sure you’re interested in all the deets, so hit the source link for the full details and instructions.

source: Hard Forum

LG Nexus 4 reappears on Carphone Warehouse for pre-order

by Jeff Causey on
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After a false start at taking pre-orders last week for Google’s new LG Nexus 4 smartphone, prompting an apology from Carphone Warehouse, it looks like things are back on track for UK buyers to place their order. The pre-order page has reappeared with an expected delivery date of November 13th, the same date Google indicates the device will be available for purchase at the Google Play Store.

Pricing for the LG Nexus 4 via Carphone Warehouse is listed as free for customers signing up for a new line or upgrade starting at £31 ($50 USD) per month for the 16GB version, although adding data pushes the price up. Carphone Warehouse lists the device as being available for O2 or Vodafone subscribers. The LG Nexus 4 will be available for £239 ($383 USD) via the Google Play Store, so you will need to do your math to figure out whether a subsidized phone is the better deal. Hit the source link for more details or to start your order.

source: Carphone Warehouse

Nexus 7 sales ramping up to 1 million per month

by Sean Stewart on
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It looks as if early sales estimates of the Nexus 7 may not be too far off. Asus’ CFO, David Chang, revealed Nexus 7 sales numbers for the past couple of months. While perception for most may have been that the Nexus 7 was selling like hot cakes, however reality was that it was a bit slow by today’s standards. Chang revealed that sales were in the 600,000 and 700,000 units per month for the first couple of months. However, this past month it jumped to a million units.

Seeing as the holiday shopping season still hasn’t even ramped up yet, early estimates may not be far off. Asus is forecasting modest sales figures however, hoping to move 2.6 million units in the fourth quarter. This would be make initial estimates a bit short of the 8 million initially thrown out there. I’m thinking it’ll fall somewhere in between. Regardless, it’s a pretty sweet piece of hardware.

source:  The Wall Street Journal

Nexus Q disappears from landing page

by Rudy Rivapalacio on
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Google has removed the Nexus Q from the Nexus landing page. Couple that with its Google Play Store listing which notes, ”This device is not for sale at this time,” and it paints a rather bleak future for the media streaming device. Google had originally said it postponed the July launch while it worked on “making it even better” and gave it away for free to those who pre-ordered. A Nexus Q launch in the near future now seems extremely unlikely.

The only word from Google on the matter didn’t shed much light on the subject either. In response to an Engadget inquiry Google said, “We don’t have anything to share at this time.” 

Source: Engadget