Sony Xperia Z released to AOSP


Sony announced today that they have opened the software code for their Sony Xperia Z smartphone to the Android Open Source Project. The software has been uploaded to Sony’s GitHub. Between that and information available at Sony’s Developer World site, external developers should have everything they need to get started. The project will be overseen by the same people who were over the Sony Xperia S AOSP. Sony points out that the software is not intended for everyday use and several apps and services one might expect on a standard smartphone are not present. Hit the break for a short video about the project and some shots of what is included in the code.
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Google Play Store receives very minor update, starts rolling out to users


Just a couple weeks ago Google started pushing out an update to the Google Play Store taking it to version 4.0. The major update brought an overhauled UI that incorporates a Holo-esque, Google Now look. Since then Google has been addressing some bugs and other minor issues and this latest revision, taking the app up to version 4.0.26, is no different. The update has started rolling out to users, but if you are too impatient for that, you can download the apk using the link below.

Google Play Store 4.0.26 Download

source: OMG!Droid

Larry Page confirms that Android does indeed run Google Glass


In a recent interview, Google’s very own Larry Page has finally confirmed that Google Glass does indeed run the Android operating system. While it was widely assumed so, no official confirmation has ever been made until now. While it is a modified version of Android, it is nice to see the flexibility of Google’s operating system and it’s diversity in cross-platform.

What does this mean for Glass’ future? Well, integration  with Glass and your Android powered smartphone or any other device would be easy and probably recommended.

Does this confirmation make you guys any more excited for Google’s Glass’ impending release?

source: Techcrunch

Larry Page talks future Motorola devices in Google’s earnings call, pleased with upcoming phones


Today, Google has it’s Q1 earnings call. And, as everyone expected, Motorola is still a bit of a sore spot as far as finances go with Google, especially considering Motorola hasn’t actually put out any new phones in several months. However, Larry Page took some time to talk about how Google is making a solid effort to turn Motorola around and into a profitable company, and he’s impressed with the future pipeline of products.

He also talked about the need for phones to be more durable and have better battery life, and if there’s one thing Motorola is good at, it’s battery life and durability. Page has talked about phones that simply don’t break . He predicts a move to flexible displays within the decade, but until then, companies should focus on making current technology more durable. While it’s not official, it sounds like a heads up that Motorola is going to continue to focus on those characteristics of their devices. Unfortunately, no references to the X Phone, but we can always hope it’ll be nearly indestructible, too.

source: YouTube

Google Play Service may be working on a full-fledged gaming network behind the scenes



Have you been itching for a unique online gaming center/marketplace that’s similar to say, Microsoft’s Xbox Live? Well it appears that Google may very well be on its way to developing something special in the works. Our friends at Android Police stumbled upon what a unique “Games” folder in the MyGlass app which contains all the essential ingredients for a gaming-based service: full multi-player capabilities, achievements, real-time chats, leaderboards, invitations and lobbies— yeah pretty much the whole nine yards there. Of course this significant leak may just be something for the Android heads to tinker and experiment with… but then again, this could be the start of something really special. Nevertheless, we’ll be keeping our eyes and ears fully open when we hit Google I/O in May.

source: Android Police

Google reserves right to deactivate Explorer Edition Google Glass devices

Google Glass

You may recall yesterday when a developer edition of Google Glass showed up on eBay and started generating bids approaching the $100,000 mark. We suggested the listing may end up getting pulled at Google’s request since the devices are not supposed to be sold or otherwise given away by the developers who have managed to get a pair. It looks like we were right as the auction was canceled yesterday. The appearance and subsequent cancellation of the device on eBay triggered some folks to take a look at the terms and conditions related to owning Google Glass. In there, for the Explorer Edition you will find the following language:
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Google Fiber officially coming to Provo, UT


Provo mayor John Curtis took to the podium this afternoon to officially announce the “epic” news that Google Fiber is coming to Provo, UT. According to the deal that was announced, Google Fiber will offer free Internet service for any of Provo’s 115,000 residents who are currently on the existing iProvo network for a mere $30 activation fee for up to 7 years. Google will upgrade the existing network to Gigabit technology as part of the project and when the upgrade is complete, residents will be able to upgrade their service to Gigabit level.  Google is also offering to provide free Gigabit service to 25 local entities like schools, hospitals and libraries. Provo’s government has been struggling with their iProvo network, going so far as to solicit proposals to sell the network to a private entity. After making a trip to Silicon Valley and being able to meet with Google representatives, Provo officials realized Google Fiber fit in nicely with a 50-year visioning process that was underway for Provo. This announcement makes Provo the third city to have Google Fiber, following in the footsteps of Kansas City and Austin, Texas.


Google Glass Explorer Edition unboxing videos hit YouTube


As the beta versions, aka Explorer Edition, of Google Glass start to get into the hands of individuals, we are now treated to the first unboxing videos that have surfaced. There are actually two versions of the unboxing available. The first is the actual unboxing that was filmed with something running at a really low framerate, giving the video a very choppy look.  The second video then recreates the unboxing, but uses the new Google Glass device to record things. This gives us a look into what an unboxing videos will look like using Google Glass and you can see what kind of record quality is possible with the device. Hit the break to view the videos.
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eBay listing currently shows a developer edition of Google Glass up for sale, for the person who has lots of money to spend that is



Sure us average folk won’t be enjoying a pair of Google Glasses anytime soon, but it appears that certain individuals may get their chance to grab their sweaty mitts on one— that is, if you’re ballin’. A casual seller on online marketplace eBay claims to have in his possession a prized developer model that is now up for sale. As of now, there are a mere 38 bids— but the auction price is currently placed at a whopping $95,000. Sheesh.

Google probably won’t let this particular auction go too far considering the developer versions of the device were not intended for sale. But hey— here’s hoping the lucky winner will end up getting the glasses and being able to be just a little bit cooler than all of his or her friends for the time being.

source: eBay

Google Search on mobile devices gets updated to bring even more functionality, continues to make life a little easier for all in the process



If you happen to regularly use Google’s awesome search functionality on your mobile device, then you will be quite happy to hear this latest bit of news from the Mountain View giant. First off the bat, it has announced that it has added the ability to allow users to more efficiently find top box office movies by bypassing the Rotten Tomatoes homepage and instead allowing users to access a new quick link for “In Theaters” underneath the main Rotten Tomatoes link after you search on your mobile device. This means that users will be able to save an extra step or two and do things even more efficiently than ever before.

Additionally, it has brought the Quick view option to select webpages on mobile devices as well. For example, after doing a search of a particular topic like say poker hands that brings up some results, you would then see the ability to click the blue Quick view badge and see a quick view of the Wikipedia page listing out the poker hands immediately. As of this time, the Quick view function is only available for the English version of the Wikipedia page, though Google is working to bring the function for other sites as well.

You can find more deets when you check out the source link.

source: Inside Search UK