Motorola Avoids U.S. Import Ban Of Smartphones & Tablets

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Looks like Motorola Mobility has recently been proactive in avoiding a ban of the imports of its various devices. According to reports, there was a recent International Trade Commission ruling that specified certain MOTO devices infringed on technology that makes it possible for MOTO device users to use the devices in order to generate meeting requests and schedule gatherings. The devices named are: the Atrix, Backflip, Bravo, Charm, Cliq, Cliq 2, Cliq XT, Defy, Devour, Droid 2, Droid 2 Global, Droid Pro, Droid X, Droid X2, Flipout, Flipside, Spice and the Xoom tablet. While Apple immediately comes to mind for most Android users, it’s actually Microsoft who believes MOTO infringed on certain patents, as highlighted by spokeswoman Becki Leonard:


“While we can’t share specific details, we have employed a range of proactive measures to ensure there is no continuing infringement under the ITC’s interpretation of this single Microsoft patent”.


For those of you unfamiliar, here’s a quick rundown to help refresh your memory: Microsoft accused Motorola Mobility of infringing nine patents in a complaint filed in October 2010. Both companies ended up in a quiet, but significant legal battle in which MOTO was found not guilty on infringement of all but one of the patents. Fast-forward to May and we find the ITC ruled that Motorola Mobility infringed on the one patent, which leads us to MOTO now trying to avoid a ban of imports for its different devices.

The infringement claim is indeed a serious one, MOTO at least knew there was an easy workaround in order to keep its devices on retailers’ shelves. The main option is simply removing the meeting-scheduling technology from its smartphones and tablets since Microsoft originally believed MOTO should have licensed the technology.

source: Latinos Post



Reports Indicate GSM Nexus S Set To Receive Jelly Bean Update Over The Next Few Days

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Google is on a roll by starting the initial process of updating its developer devices to Jelly Bean in the last week. First we saw the first batches of the GSM flavor of the Galaxy Nexus grab its update and then came the beginning of the initial process of the Motorola Xoom WiFi also getting some attention, now it’s another device that looks to be all set for some of that Project Buttery goodness. In seeing the other developer devices get some Jelly Bean love, the GSM Nexus S didn’t want to wait too late to join the party, so it naturally seems that it too will be among the first to get that Android 4.1 goodness, as indicated by a couple of excited wireless carriers. According to Vodafone Australia, the Jelly Bean rollout is set to begin July 19th (July 18th elsewhere in the world), while SFR France claims the same update is due to arrive by July 18th.

While this is sure to generate some excitement, there’s a few things to keep in mind. First, this only applies to the GSM Nexus S— so Sprint’s version of the Nexus S is not in the same category and there is no indication of when it too will get the update. Second, there has been no confirmation of the Android 4.1 update from Google directly, so while it’s exciting to see the update landing on devices as early as today, owners of the GSM version shouldn’t hold their breaths until something actually happens.

source: Vodafone Australia Blog |


Google kindly updates shipping status for Nexus 7 pre-orders

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It’s safe to say that Google’s new Nexus 7 has been in high demand since its announcement at this years Google IO event. With so many pre-orders, I’m sure it has been quite a challenge for Google to ship these units out on a timely fashion. Thankfully, they’ve given us an update on their current plans for shipment of Nexus 7′s that were ordered on or before July 13th. When your device ships you should receive a notification from Google Play with a shipping tracking number. Here are the specific details by country for devices ordered before or on July 13th:

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Google weather searches get interactive on Android tablets

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A few weeks after updating the way Google handles weather searches on Android, Google announced similar functionality for tablet devices. Users can simply type in “weather” in their browser or on the Google search page. At the top of the results page, an interactive weather “report” will display, strongly influenced by the Google Now service available in Jelly Bean. » Read the rest

8GB Nexus 7 “In Stock” through Google Play, Ships Immediately

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Many of you have already ordered a Nexus 7 and if you have done so recently, you have noticed that ship times were from three to four weeks. Obviously, the 16GB version is they way to go because it doubles the storage for only 50 bucks more but if you are willing to settle for the 8GB version you can have a shiny new N7 in only a matter of a few days. The 8GB device has recently been listed as “in stock” on Google Play and will ship to your house immediately. Knowing how much demand there is for this tablet who knows how long the 8GB unit will remain in stock. If you are looking for some instant gratification I recommend acting quick. Hit up the source link below to place your order.

source: Google Play

Google Begins Shipping Nexus 7 Pre-Orders to U.K. and Canada

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Last week Google began shipping out the Nexus 7 to lucky customers in the U.S. while our friends up north and across the pond had to sit back and wonder when they would get their turn. Well, it looks like your up to bat folks! If you live in the U.K. or Canada and have placed an order for a N7, be on the lookout for a shipping notice from Google. We are getting reports from people who say they had gotten the notice late last night and Google has even added the following message to the Google Play support page:

We’re now shipping Nexus 7 preorders. All US and Australia preorders are scheduled to ship by July 17th. UK and Canada preorders have also begun shipping in waves.

If you consider the two-day shipping for the device, I would expect N7′s to land in the U.K. and Canada on Thursday and Friday of this week. One thing to keep in mind, though. Shipments are being sent out in waves so if you didn’t place your pre-order soon after the announcement I would guess your device hasn’t shipped quite yet. The folks who placed an order on day one and two are probably those who will see the device this week, but I imagine all orders should be on doorsteps by end of next week. I know, the wait is killing you, huh?

Do you live outside the U.S. and have received a shipping notice? Let us know in the comments below!

source: Android Central

Instagram updated with Google Nexus 7 and Flickr support

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If you’re one of the lucky few that own a Google Nexus 7, I’m sure you’ll be pleased to know that the all popular Instagram for Android application has been updated to officially support the tablet. If you attempted to install the application previously, you were greeted with a device incompatibility message. In addition to the Nexus 7 support, the latest update also includes the ability to share photos from Instagram directly to Flickr in the sharing menu after you’ve saved your image.

With its popularity on iOS, Instagram made a huge splash once it became available for Android users. It is safe to say that this is great news for any Nexus 7 owner. Hit up the Google Play Store download link or QR code after the break!  » Read the rest

Eric Schmidt On Google: “We Always Wanted To Be In The Hardware Business”

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Google head honcho Eric Schmidt recently stopped by the Allen & Company conference in Sun Valley, Idaho to share with the fine folks in the audience Google’s new Nexus 7 and Nexus Q. While offering a show-and-tell of both products, Schmidt took some time to also share Google’s vision for the future and what it has intended to do all along when it comes to the hardware business. Schmidt highlights:


“We always wanted to be in the hardware business. Larry and Sergey have always wanted to do hardware in one form or another. This was a way to get into it quickly.”


While there’s no indication Google is trying to be a hardware company (after all— the company’s foundation is on both its search engine and advertising), Google obviously is looking above and beyond. After all, it has special projects in the making such as the famed Project Glass and lest we forget— it did acquire a certain handset maker last year which Schmidt himself promises will bring “a new batch of products” soon-to-be ready for prime time. Now that we know Eric, Sergey and Larry are clearly working on some goodies behind the scenes, one has to wonder what else the world can be treated to.

source: New York Times

Here’s another hilarious Siri vs Google Voice Search video, Is that a scallion or a stallion?

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There has been so many videos lately that pit Siri against Google’s new Voice Search from Jelly Bean. Google seems to win the majority of them and this video is no different, but it’s pretty funny as well. Annie Gaus from App Judgement decided to test them both out with actual questions that she Googled in the last week. Let’s just say Siri didn’t fair to well, and this video will definitely give you a nice chuckle to start off your Monday.


source: androidpolice

Nexus Q Receives CyanogenMOD 9 Port [Video]

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The Google Nexus Q has been quite the ambiguous device. Some just don’t quite know what to make of it and what its true potential could be. I feel the sky is the limit on the Nexus Q’s potential, and yesterday has proven just that with the first port of the much popular CyanogenMOD 9 ROM on the device.

With the Samsung Galaxy Nexus‘ source and repositories, the independent developer with the YouTube name of kornk00 was able to port the ROM right over. While WiFi, Bluetooth, and other things are working, sound is currently not working and the system UI crashes frequently. It is safe to say that this is still a work in progress and far from being ready. Surprisingly, Bluetooth pairing does work without the need of a third party hack and was able to pair speakers, keyboards, and use several remote control apps.

If the bugs and other things can be kinked out, this could be a huge step for the Nexus Q. Running apps and browsing through the internet directly from the Q would completely change the dimensions on what this device is capable of. Check out the video after the break to see CM9 on the Nexus Q.
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