Google Seeking $4 Million in Legal Fees from Oracle

by Macky Evangelista on
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Remember when Oracle attempted to sue Google due to “supposed” patent infringements that were coded into Android? Google came out on top in that case when the judge ruled in favor for the search giant. Shortly after, we reported that one of the conditions Judge Williams Alsup set for Oracle for filing the case against Google was that Oracle would have to provide for Google’s legal fees if they were to lose the case. We initially reported that the dollar amount could be as high as $300,000, but now it appears that Google thinks it’s much more than that and are now demanding upwards of a cool $4 million. According to Google, “$2.9 million was spent for organization of copied court-necessary documents, $143,341 for transcript services, and $986,978 for compensation of the court-appointed experts.”

Oracle is expected to contest the supposed $4 million that Google is seeking. Obviously, $4 million is just pocket change for the search giant, but I’m sure it’s the principle of it that Google is after. Perhaps it’s a message Google is sending to anyone else that even thinks about attempting to sue them.

source: Electronista

Galaxy Nexus sales are back in action via Google Play Store

by Tony Rosario on
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Well it looks like Google didn’t waste any time after being granted a temporary stay of ban on their Galaxy Nexussmartphones. The GSM G-Nex is once again up for grabs directly from Google themselves with an updated ship out time frame of 1-2 weeks.

So if anyone out there was bummed about not being able to pick up one of these awesome smartphones sans contract, now is the time to get on it, and I would certainly do it soon as possible given that the stay of ban is only guaranteed through July 12.
source: google

Google Nexus 7 Tablet Could Ship as Early as Next Week

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Google’s already famous Nexus 7 tablet has been barraged by plenty of pre-orders. I’m sure customers would love to get their hands on it as soon as possible, and there’s been a couple of indications that the device could ship as soon as next week. According to Staple’s official website, the Nexus 7 “will ship between July 12th and July 17th” and that “expected delivery is 1-3 business days, arriving no earlier than July 13th 2012.” Staples has been a reputable company for years, thus we have every reason to believe them.

Also, an XDA user by the name of adiliyo claims he attempted to cancel one of his Nexus 7 pre-orders through Google and received the following e-mail:

At this point it is no longer possible to cancel this pre-order. The pre-order shipment processing on your order has begun, which means that our shipping provider is moving forward with delivery preparation.

There it is folks, if you’ve pre-ordered your Nexus 7, you may just see it land in your hands fairly soon!

source: Android Authority

Google to release software update next week to work around Galaxy Nexus ban

by Jeff Causey on
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As previously reported, Google and Samsung are preparing a solution to work around the recent ban on sales of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus imposed by U.S. District Court Judge Lucy Koh. The halt on sales of the device is a result of a preliminary injunction granted as part of a lawsuit filed by Apple against Samsung. Apple alleges Samsung has violated a patent for a “universal interface for retrieval of information in a computer system.”

According to reports, Google has prepared an OTA update to roll out to current Nexus owners. Google indicates they plan to resume sales of the Nexus smartphones next week loaded with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. According to spokespersons, the Jelly Bean implementation will include the workaround so the devices will not be in violation of the preliminary injunction.

We will continue to monitor the situation for reports of users receiving the OTA update and the restoration of the Galaxy Nexus to the Play Store. Hopefully the wait will be a short one.

source: ABC News

Google’s New Voice Search Survives a 47 Question Barrage

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Google’s new Voice Search and Google Now has gone through numerous tests by various users ever since Google announced them. Thus far, no one has given Google Voice Search such a long and informative test like this YouTube user by the name of JLishere on his Samsung Galaxy Nexus. He goes through various types of questions and I felt like Google’s Voice Search was really up for the challenge and performed very well. Take a look at the video yourself and let us know what you think about the tests that he ran.

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There’s Only 5 Days Left to get in on Kickstarter Project Pocket TV

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Wouldn’t it be awesome to be able to turn any high-definition TV into an Android running Smart-TV?  That’s exactly what Project Pocket TV does and they need your help to get their project started. We have written about Pocket TV and during that time there was 31 days left for consumers to “pledge” money to the program. Now there’s just 5 days left and even though the company has already surpassed their goal of $100,000 with a total of $409,111 in pledges, you are still welcome to pledge. Of course, if you get in now, you can save up to $50 rather than waiting until it’s released. Hit the break for all the details.  » Read the rest

Samsung Galaxy Nexus No Longer Available from the Google Play Store

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There it is folks, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is no longer available via the Google Play Store and is now deemed as “Coming Soon.” One can only guess the reasons why Google has pulled their iconic device temporarily off the shelves, although I’m sure we all can assume it’s due to a certain injunction that recently passed. Either way, the Nexus is now currently unavailable and Google didn’t give a time table as to when it will be available for purchase once again. I would expect this to be available once Google finishes a software “work-around” to comply with Apple’s complaint on a patent infringement on the Nexus.

This certainly is a frustrating time for customers that were looking to purchase the Nexus, especially after Google just dropped the price on the device to $349.99. If you would like to be notified by Google as soon as the Nexus is once again available in the Play Store, you can enter your email so that you can be notified. Of course, we will also have your back and inform our readers as soon as the Nexus is back.

source: Google Play Store

Samsung Denied Request to Lift Galaxy Nexus Ban; Software Update From Google Could be a Workaround

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Despite Samsung’s best efforts, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus will, at least for now, remain banned from any future sales. The Galaxy Nexus is already unavailable in the Google Play Store and is listed as “Coming Soon.” Judge Lucy Koh denied the Korean company’s motion to have the preliminary injunction overturned, which Apple was granted last week. All Apple needs to do now is post the $96 million bond and the injunction will be all set. Google and Samsung will now most likely go the same route that HTC did when Apple went after their One X and Evo4G LTE. A software update for the Galaxy Nexus will likely be made as a “work-around” to the patent that Apple claims Google and Samsung are infringing upon with the Galaxy Nexus.

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Google Jelly Bean Statue Suffers from Over-Heating Issues, One Jelly Bean Stolen So Far

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Remember the famous Jelly Bean Android statue out on Google HQ’s front lawn? The statue seems to be suffering from over-heating issues which is causing the top part of the head to easily pop off. This is creating easy opportunities for bandits to nab some jelly bean souvenirs. Apparently, once the heat gets in the translucent head, it creates a green-house effect which then causes some of its parts to melt due to the high temperatures inside the statue. The statue’s artist is already working on fixing the issue and Google’s own Dan Morrill politely asks the public, “Please don’t steal our jelly beans.”

The Jelly Bean statue has been coned off to further help prevent looters and keep Google’s proud statue safe. Head over to the source link for Dan Morill’s official statement regarding the issue.

source: Dan Morill’s Google+