Galaxy Note 5 camera lands third spot on DxOMark list


Remember when you had to carry a real camera to make great photos? Yeah, we here at TalkAndroid barely remember those days.

Indeed, why shouldn’t we forget the days of carrying a separate instrument for making photos? Devices like Samsung’s Galaxy Note 5 (review here) are rendering even high end point-and-shoot cameras nearly irrelevant. The Note 5 was just given a score of 86 by image quality rating website DxOMark, which lands it at number three on the site’s list of  top mobile phone cameras. The #1 and #2 spots are occupied by Samsung’s Galaxy S6 Edge Plus and Sony’s Xperia Z5, respectively.

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Google toots own horn with links to apps on homepage


If you have a new smartphone or tablet, whether Android or iOS based, Google hopes you will consider installing and using some of their apps on your device. In case you have not noticed, Google has recently taken to unbundling several of their services and platforms, possibly as part of a strategy to counter arguments they are using their lead position in search in an unfair manner. However, in a bit of an unusual move for Google, the landing page for their primary search service currently includes a couple links to help promote their own apps. Read more

[Deal] Get three months of Google Play Music for $1


Just in time for the New Year, and the inevitable awesome party that precedes it, Google has an incredible deal on all the music you could ever need. A three month subscription to Google Play Music is only $1! Don’t worry, it’s not just you, I also thought I read that wrong when I first saw it.

If you are interested, make like me and hit the link below to claim your three months at this incredible rate.

Source: Google Play Music (Twitter)

More games get Chromecast support, ‘Angry Birds’ and ‘Monopoly’ included


We’re just days away from Christmas and among the most popular gifts nestled under trees will be Google’s Chromecast. The little dongle does it all. Everything that a pricey media player can do is possible with Google’s $35 darling. Gaming is even in Chromecast’s wheelhouse. And Google wants everyone with a Chromecast (as well as soon-to-be owners) to know that a few more games are now Chromecast-enabled for you to play solo and alongside friends and family during the holidays.

There’s nothing quite like playing Angry Birds on your television while staying warm next to the fireplace.

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