Google expected to unveil Android for your car at I/O dev conference next week

by Harrison Kaminsky on
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android car

Android coming to your car’s dashboard was inevitable.

The plans have been pretty much laid out already, and the market is definitely clamoring for it. Apple is even releasing CarPlay to rival the upcoming system from Google.

As of now, it’s going by the name of “Auto Link OS,” (possibly a developmental-stage name — we say this because it doesn’t sound as pretty as “CarPlay”) and Google will be unveiling it at its I/O developers conference in San Francisco next week.

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Here are the top functions and apps available on Android that are NOT on iOS

by Harrison Kaminsky on
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android ios

Because there are so many different Android devices (and so many variants of those individual devices), developers tend to begin programming their apps on iOS before putting together the resources (and endless hours) to begin porting their creations to Android.

Developing for Android is an arduous task, and Google knows it. That’s why the company will soon be making a concerted effort to streamline the development process. Google has also pushed manufacturers/carriers to stay as close to stock Android as possible by criticizing bloatware and OEM custom skins. But with different phones running different processors, having different amounts of RAM, different screen sizes/resolutions, etc., it’s tough to make sure an app will work seamlessly across the platform, no matter what Google does to ease the process. Android’s vast device offering can be seen as a major strength (and something that has led the platform to be an industry leader in market share) but it’s also been a weakness from the development side.

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Project Athena clues in Chromium point to touch interface for Chrome OS

by Jeff Causey on
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Some recent forays into the code for Chromium reveal a project called Athena that could be a new touch-optimized interface for Chrome OS. While Google could just be working on a major facelift to their Ash interface that has been used for a couple years now, it does appear Athena could open the door to Chrome OS being deployed on a smartphone or tablet. » Read the rest

Samsung smartwatch passes through FCC, could run Android Wear

by Harrison Kaminsky on
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fcc samsung watch

Android Wear is expected to hit some more devices relatively soon, and we may have our eyes on one here.

The FCC has recently put documents on its website which reveal a Samsung smartwatch (codenamed SM-R382). It’s 10mm smaller than the Gear 2 (top to bottom). We know Samsung has said a Gear-branded Android Wear device would be released soon, so our guess is that this is it.

This is obviously all speculation and rumor, but there’s a pretty good shot that this could be true.

Via: 9to5Google
Source: FCC

Google to jump in fitness data pool

by Jeff Causey on
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Google signage seen at the company's offices in New York

According to sources, Google is planning to announce a new health data service at Google I/O to collect  data from several sources using a set of open APIs. It is not clear whether Google will release this as a standalone app or whether it will become a part of the Android codebase. This new move by Google comes on the heels of Apple’s announcement of a new Healthkit framework to be released with iOS 8 and Samsung’s Sami platform, both of which perform similar functions. » Read the rest

Google interested in buying stake Virgin Galactic

by Jared Peters on
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Google has recently become interested in launching some satellites to broadcast internet to people all over the planet, and it looks like they might be interested in scooping up a stake Virgin Galactic to help launch more satellites for a different purpose. Virgin Galactic is a spaceflight company that’s interested in offering flights for normal people in the future.

The deal between the two companies would have Google invest in a joint venture with Virgin to get the business off the ground, as well as Google purchasing about $30 million worth of stake in the company. Obviously, this deal will probably end up with Google gaining access to some of Virgin Galactic’s satellite tech. These deals could change before anything is finalized, however.

What are your thoughts on Google getting into the satellite industry?

source: Sky News

Did Google subtly tease Android 5.0?

by Justin Herrick on
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Google is the kind of company that does not completely hide things behind the curtain. They throw hints and tricks into the public for everyone to speculate about. Prior to Android 4.4 KitKat’s official announcement, there was so much chatter about what it would entail and when it would actually arrive. It now seems that Google may be doing something very similar with Android 5.0, the next major release of the operating system. » Read the rest

Google releases Hangouts plug-in for Microsoft Outlook users

by Jared Peters on
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Google has released a new plug-in for Microsoft Outlook that will allow Outlook users to jump in and out of Hangouts calls, as long as they have a Google Apps account. They can join existing Hangouts as well as start new Hangouts from a newly added button in Outlook’s menu.

Pretty handy for users that run into cross-platform issues. You can check out the plug-in at the link below.

source: Google