Initial Android TV hardware ready to be unveiled at I/O, set-top box belongs to another company

by Justin Herrick on
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On Tuesday night, The Wall Street Journal confirmed that Google would indeed unveil some hardware to launch Android TV. This would give the company a set-top box platform to fight against Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Roku, and other devices. The hardware to be unveiled at Google I/O will carry not Google’s name or branding. Instead, another manufacturer is stepping forward to lead the way for Android TV. » Read the rest

Google Glass gets upgraded just before Google I/O

by Robert Nazarian on
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As the Google Glass Explorer Program becomes more widely available, so do the upgrades. With Google I/O kicking off in just a few hours, the Glass team announced some really nice upgrades, on top of the 12 new apps that were just announced.

Performance has been a little lackluster, so all new shipments of Glass will sport 2GB of RAM, as opposed to 1GB. Google Now has been the focal point for Glass, so they have added two more cards. Now you can easily find where you have parked your car and know when that package will be hitting your doorstep. Finally, they have added a viewfinder for pictures. Just say, “OK Glass, show the viewfinder” and you will see white L’s in the four corners. You can then say “OK Glass, take a picture,” with a wink, or by pushing the camera button.

Do these new features make you more likely to cough up $1500 for a pair?

source: +Google Glass

Google+ adds Auto Awesome Effects and the ability to adjust previous edits

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Google+ Photos continues to improve with a couple of new options announced today. First up is Auto Awesome Effects. This will stylize your land and cityscape photos, assuming you upload them to your Google+ account. Look for them to show automatically, just like other Auto Awesome features. You can even refine it by further editing these images if you wish.

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Sundar Pichai responds to Tim Cook’s comments regarding Android’s security and user turnover

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Steve Jobs, Tim Cook, and a ton of other people at Apple have typically never had anything nice to say about Android. That’s not to say Android’s leaders have never fired back, but Apple’s crew does not seem to do actually look at the facts. At WWDC a few weeks ago, Apple CEO Tim Cook decided to talk about Android. He rallied his crowd by bringing up Android’s security flaws and called it a “toxic hell stew.” Android and Chrome’s leader, Sundar Pichai, sat down with Businessweek to make some clarifications and issue a response. » Read the rest

Sundar Pichai confirms Google will preview next version of Android tomorrow with a fall release

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In the past, major versions of Android have come in the fall rather than at other times of the year. Even at Google I/O, the company only introduces much smaller updates compared to the fall. Tomorrow, that changes. Sundar Pichai, Android and Chrome’s leading man, tells Businessweek that he wants “the world to understand what we are doing sooner.” Google is going to show what is has in store with Android ‘L’ tomorrow and launch in later this year. Along with this, Android Wear and presumably Android TV are on the table for showtime tomorrow.

This follows Apple’s pattern of introducing an update months prior to its release. Android and iOS will receive updates and fight for supremacy with consumers this fall with a slew of new features and user interface changes.

Source: Businessweek

Nest announces access to new API for third-party developers

by Jeff Causey on
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Nest has announced a new stage in the development of their home automation platform, a new Nest API that can be used by third-party developers to connect not only apps with Nest hardware and products, but other hardware as well. As an example, Nest indicates LIFX bulbs can be connected to Nest Protect so that they will turn red when smoke or CO is detected. This gives users an additional visual cue to potential problems. The new Nest API is being rolled out as part of a “Works with Nest” certification for partner companies to help develop the ecosystem and in the words of Nest, “anticipate people’s needs and make their lives easier.” » Read the rest

Verizon cuts off free data for Chromebook Pixel (LTE) owners one year early

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Nothing quite like a broken promise. When the Chromebook Pixel with LTE launched, with a mighty $1450 price tag, buyers were given two years data at 100MB per month with Verizon for free. If more data was needed, the buyer could just buy more. But just one year later, Verizon has pulled the plug on this free data. The only option left is to pay for any and all data used. » Read the rest

Google entering the domain registration game, invite-only beta for now

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Is there an industry Google will not get involved with? Say hello to Google Domains. This one makes sense, though, considering Google is a internet and search powerhouse. Right now Google Domains is in invite-only beta; however, you can request an invitation very quickly. As to what nets you an invite, we are not quite sure just yet. The invitation request is a short form that asks for your email and if you have ever purchased a domain. » Read the rest