Google reportedly working on major plans to take on Amazon


Although Google is recognized as the giant amongst search engines, much to the delight of advertisers, it is not the “go to” shopping destination for many consumers. That title may be claimed by Amazon which has built an empire on the sales of books which led to a portfolio of just about anything one may want to buy. This means Google is missing out on an opportunity to help advertisers close the deal on the ads they are serving up with search results and it means advertisers may want to focus more resources on Amazon’s platform. To combat this, Google is reportedly amassing a war chest to expand their Google Shopping Express service beyond the limited markets where it is available.
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Larry Page, Sergey Brin talk Google’s product approach compared to Apple’s and more


Google co-founders sat down with venture capitalist Vinod Khosla to talk about a few different topics. One of them was how the company develops new products. While Google and Apple are both giants in the tech industry, they take very different approaches to developing products. Apple chooses to work on a very small number of products at any given time; however, Google typically tries many things and sees what sticks.

Khosla asked how they differ on this subject, and Larry Page had this to say:

I would always have this debate, actually, with Steve Jobs. He’d be like, ‘You guys are doing too much stuff.’ And I’d be like, ‘Yeah that’s true.’ And he was right, in some sense. But I think the answer to that – which I only came to recently, as we were talking about this stuff – is that if you’re doing things that are highly interrelated [...] at some point, they have to get integrated.

Hit the break for more from the fireside chat and the video.
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Google adds ‘Occasionally’ reminder option to Google Now

Google_Now_Launcher_Large_IconSometimes you need to be reminded of things. Usually its something that requires a daily or predestined amount of time. However, that leaves out the reminders that require only the occasional notice. For those frustrated by this lack of notification, Google’s taken notice. At some point, the search giant added the ability for Google Now to occasionally remind us of an event.
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Google preemptively prepares for the Terminator apocalypse with robots.txt Easter egg


20 years ago, the robots.txt file was created as a way to limit what web  crawlers would and would not index. The file disallows certain pages on a web  site from being indexed, and therefore keeping it out of search results. And, like any other anniversary of something related to technology, Google is taking the opportunity to make a clever joke with it.

Google has uploaded a robots.txt file to their servers that can be found at with instructions for the inevitable Terminator-style doomsday scenario. The file lists two user agents, the T-800 and T-1000, and instructs them to “disallow” the deaths of Sergey Brin and Larry Page. If you’re a fan of the Terminator movies, you’ll notice both of those user agents are also Terminator models.
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Prototype of a Nexus 8 tablet passes through Indian shipping site


We know that Google is likely to launch a Nexus tablet this fall alongside the release of Android L. The sizing for Volantis’ display is allegedly 8.9 inches, which would put into question whether or not it would be titled Nexus 8 or Nexus 9. A new entry in the Indian shipping site Zauba may have tipped off what the name will be. On June 30, a “NEXUS8 PROTOTYPE” appeared, claiming it is similar to the Nexus 7.

A Nexus 8 tablet has been rumored for a very long time, and this prototype does not confirm anything. Being that it is indeed a prototype, Google may have scrapped this specific device and is now focusing on something else. Either way, we are expecting a new Nexus device this fall considering the program is not dead.

Source: Zauba
Via: GSM Arena

OnePlus tablet, HTC Volantis leaks determined to be hoaxes


Yesterday Twitter tipster @evleaks had a couple leads on some tablet devices supposedly in the works. Unfortunately, as he says, it “was not a good day” in admitting that the two images and info that surfaced were actually hoaxes. One of the stories had to do with a tablet device that OnePlus was supposedly working on. The “tip” came in the form of a screen capture for the device. OnePlus reached out to @evleaks with an official statement indicating the photo had been photoshopped and there were no plans for a tablet device.

The other hoaxed image was for the HTC Volantis, supposedly the next Nexus device to be released by Google. @evleaks says the source of that image has been revealed as a Google poser.

sources: @evleaks (Twitter), @evleaks (official site)

First 100 beta testers for Project Ara announced


Although 90,000 people signed up to assist with the progress of Project Ara, only the most active Ara scouts were selected as beta testers. That number was capped at 100 and the new beta testers come from various parts of the United States and overseas in other countries. The beta testers will receive a Project Ara phone in return for their hard work as scouts.

For everyone else, a Project Ara device is slated for availability early next year.

Source: dscout
Via: Gigaom

Google Play Services 5.0 rollout now complete, Android Wear apps should start showing soon


It usually takes a couple of weeks for each Play Services update to fully rollout, but Google has announced that Play Services 5.0 has “rolled out to devices worldwide.” One of the biggest features of Play Services 5.0 is Android Wear services. Developers have been asked to hold off releasing Android Wear apps in the Play Store until July 7, but with the rollout completed, hopefully we will see some apps sooner.

Google Play Services 5.0 also provides a dynamic security provider, which is a replacement of the secure networking APIs. This will allow Google to update security patches more rapidly. Also, Google Play Games will get Quests, which will reward players without the need to update the game, and users will also get the ability save game progress.

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