Google updates My Maps for Android with new UI

My Maps

If you’re a regular user of Google’s custom mapping platform, My Maps, you may be glad to learn that the application has today received a fairly interesting update in the Play Store. The upgrade injects a new “look and feel” to the service, together with a new imagery feature, which enables you to view all of your map points using Street View — so you can now take a look at your destinations on the ground without having to open up Google Maps.

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X Labs looking for auto manufacturer expertise

Google Self-Driving Car Project

Last year Google’s X Labs hired a former Hyundai and TrueCar executive to take the wheel of Google’s self-driving car project. John Krafcik brings not only automotive industry experience to the mix, he has a background in mechanical engineering for some technical expertise as well. Based on a review of Google’s human resources recruiting efforts, it appears X Labs is working on surrounding Krafcik with more auto industry expertise, which has people wondering whether the company may intend to produce driver-less cars themselves. Read more

Best Nexus 5X cases


It’s possible that your phone is among your most valuable possessions. So you need to protect it from drops, spills, and any other potential damage. The Nexus 5X has a plastic build, meaning it’s not quite as durable as other aluminum-built phones on the market; therefore, purchasing a case is a smart way to ensure the phone remains in good shape for its entire run with you.

The following are the best cases from top brands to keep your Nexus 5X protective while still looking good.

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Google announces People API, moves further away from Google+

samsung_galaxy_s6_edge_plus_contacts_TAGoogle has announced a new People API for Android to help apps gather information from your contacts list, which is meant to eventually replace the current Contacts API and move away from using Google+ to glean connections about a user. This is an interesting move compared to Google’s direction just a few years ago when the company was bent on forcing everything through the social media portion of their services, and really shows that Google has changed focus from Google+ back to multiple services, like Photos and Hangouts. Read more

Adobe’s Flash gets closer to the pan with Google advertising change


The slow death of Adobe’s Flash technology received another nail in the coffin after Google announced they are starting the process of phasing out the use of Flash in display ads. The change will impact advertising provided through Google’s AdWords platform and their DoubleClick Digital Marketing. Google announced both platforms will move to being 100% HTML5 by January 2017. Read more