Google Now on Tap not working with some Google Apps accounts


As Android Marshmallow starts to roll out to user’s Nexus devices, there are some finding one of the benefits of the updated operating system is not available to them. Users who have older, free versions of Google Apps are not able to turn on Now on Tap. The dialog box where users normally configure their devices to use Now on Tap displays the option, even for users who log in with their legacy Google Apps account. However, the system will turn Now on Tap back off as soon as a user tries to turn it on. At present, the only workaround appears to be signing up for a regular Gmail account, but that means giving up apps that a user may have paid for and trying to coordinate a transfer of all old account data.

Source: Google Product FormsThanks Ed!

Amazon’s cheap Fire tablet supports installing Google’s Play Store without root

Amazon_Fire_$50_Tablet (6)Amazon’s latest 7 inch Kindle Fire tablet is one of the cheapest tablets on the market, coming in at just $50. It’s a pretty decent tablet, if you’re heavily invested in Amazon’s ecosystem, but lots of us like to have access to Google’s services on top of what Amazon offers. That’s almost always been possible on Amazon’s Fire tablets, but only for users that were willing to root their devices. The 2015 Fire Tablet, however, can use Google’s Play Services with absolutely no rooting required.  Read more

Google Drive is experiencing a service disruption


Yep, that’s right. It’s not just you, Google Drive is down! And it has been for the last forty minutes, yet I am incessantly watching Drive “trying to reconnect” without avail. Interestingly, Google Classroom and Google Realtime API went down around the same time, according to the Apps Status Dashboard. There’s no telling if the outages are separate or related, at this point.

Hopefully we’ll have an update or resolution from Google very soon. In the meantime, let’s all stop tapping the refresh button, as it puts an unnecessary extra load on Google’s servers. Tell your boss you’re off to take a nap. Or maybe not–that could backfire!

source: Google Apps